27 people watching grass grow - YIKES!

Outside Weather at 01:32:35 Mountain Time - Metric
Temperature: 57.2°F - Humidity: 20% - Pressure: 30.34" Hg (corrected)
Wind from 239° at 10.5 MPH gusting to 24.9 - No rain/snow so far today

Time-Lapse Videos & Pictures - LOTS MORE

An entire year of grass growing!
House Finches nested in my front door
Mowing the Lawn - Washing the Cars - Shoveling Snow
Cool story about how the Trash Man is a fan of WGG!
Mr. Grass asked to send a SURPRISE wedding message
Nine page spread about WGG in Southwest Airlines magazine
"Crazy old subruban dad" featured on 9News TV

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now i now to mow da lawn. tanks!!!! for being my lolipopy guy on the hobo thing!! i now have to go to the hous on xmas. it be haunted yo yo yo? stuf is what i do best peep
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