Trash Man is a huge Fan of Watching Grass Grow!

I've been in the same house for almost 20 years, and the trash/recycle guys do a GREAT job, coming by every Wednesday for pick up. So on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016, I didn't think too much of it when I heard the trash truck coming down the road and stop in front of my house. But I could hear it stopped there for a while and then the doorbell rang ... and there's a big friendly dude in a green vest. I'm wondering did I do something wrong with the trash?

I open the door and the trash man says "Are you Mr. Grass?"
I'm respond "yeeessssss ..." and he replies "I'm a big fan of yours!"

Needless to say, I'm a bit surprised so he explains, introducing himself as Connor. He saw Watching Grass Grow featured on Good Mythical Morning and he said "HEY, those are our trash cans - I wonder where that house is?" Connor has been doing our route for 2 years, so he asked his boss Joe (who has been doing it the previous decade) and he says "oh yeah, that the Halloween & Christmas house"

So Connor says I'm going to go knock on his door - we end up having a delightful conversation. I actually remember last winter trying to help the mail lady who was stuck in some ice, and he graciously jumped out of his trash truck and with a big He-Man push, got her unstuck. Turns out his daughter Tatum also saw Watching Grass Grow ... and her birthday is in two months, so here's a big Happy Birthday to her from WGG! ;-)

Connor the Trash Man gives a big thumbs up to the Watching Grass Grow Webcam!

WGG Trash Man wide-angle

WGG Trash Man wide-angle

Trash Man taking care of business with a big thumbs up for WGG!

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Trash Man taking care of business

Connor the Trash Man visiting Mr. Grass - waving to the webcam while watching himself on it! ;-)