2021: Raccoons again go after my peach trees!

In 2018, we had yet another MONSTER peach harvest - way over a thousand peaches from our two trees ... but about a week before prime picking time, some raccoons stopped by for a nibble. They are actually very destructive since they climb the tree, and while taking a bite, knock a bunch of peaches off - it's very wasteful. Click here to read more (with images/video) about the 2018 battle with the raccoons! ;-)

For 2019, our peach harvest was under 500 peaches ... but that was plenty to attract the raccoons and even foxes - Click here for that saga. In 2020 we had hardly any peaches ... and no raccoons. But 2021 is a similar harvest to 2019 and guess who showed up again! I thought "Old Lady" tree is on her last legs - only two main branches left, so I'm going to cut her down and replant a new one after the harvest. However, she will still give us some GREAT peaches ... whereas the ones on the other tree are much smaller. We had a very cool Spring, so presumably that makes the peaches come in later, so while I was picking them in mid-August in 2018, at that time in 2019, there were still a few weeks to go before peak peach ripeness.

We were out of town for a week as the peaches were ripening ... and when we got back on August 22nd, there was evidence of critters - peaches on the trees with bites in 'em, knocked down peaches on the ground, and even several piles of animal poop!

In many of the real-time video, I "chase" the critters away ... so skip near the end to see yours truly make a LOUD appearance.

Critter-Cam now has 1,000 Watts of flood lights to deter the raccoons ... and provide better footage

August 24

August 25

August 26

August 27

August 28

August 29

August 30

August 31

September 2nd

September 3rd

September 4th

September 6th

September 8th

Here's a video (and some pictures) taken from a Canon camera

peach tree 2021 harvest hulk

peach tree 2021 harvest squirrel

peach tree 2021 harvest peaches

Daily snapshots of the Peach Trees

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Daily Peach Tree