Backyard Grass Growing

Colorado had a fairly serious draught the summer/2002, which led to water rationing. This, of course, had rather dramatic consequences for those of us who live in suburbia, as instead of being able to watch our backyard grass grow, our normally green lush lawns turned brown ... and there were even a lotta bare spots! :-(

Fortunately, 2003 was quite a bit wetter, and if you add enough water to grass, it will grow back as can be seen in these pictures of my back yard. I did shoot more picture of the front yard, so watch grass grow.

Back Yard on July 19th, 2022 - compare the trees to 20 years ago below!

2022_07_19 backyard

June 25th, 2002
backyard 1
A Year Later
backyard 1

September 15th, 2002
backyard trees grow 1
A Year Later - note old deck design
backyard trees grow 2

Local fox checks out the lawn
backyard fox 1
Here's a closeup of our visitor
backyard fox 2

Neighbor had baby foxes in winter/2005
backyard fox 3
Pretty cute little guy, eh?!? ;-)
backyard fox snow

Front Yard Growing Grass