Ordering Prints of House Finch Baby Birds

While I don't claim to be a professional photographer, I've gotten an increasing number of requests from folks who want to buy prints of the house finches. I just enjoy taking pictures ... and there are plenty of professional photographers who would be happy to take your money for their pictures. But if you really want one of mine, I'll sell them at the marketplace rates for prints which seems to be about:
    $50 - 8x10     $100 - 12x18     $200 - 20x30       (printed glossy borderless and includes US shipping - no framing)
Yep, that's not cheap ... but I don't want to undercut those folks who try to making a living with their pictures and I'm not really interested in dealing with the hassles of selling prints! Plus the equipment isn't cheap and I spend a ton of time taking the pictures and then processing 'em with Photoshop, etc. Please contact me if you want one-time publication rights in traditional and/or online media. Some people have asked for the high-res originals, but photographers rarely release these unless it's major $$$. Email "Mr.Grass" @ domainname.

For those interested, these pictures were taken with a Canon 40D DSLR. I mostly used a 10-22 lens because it was quite a challenge taking pictures with the overhanging roof eve. I also have a number of other lens and phtography tools/gadgets that only gear-heads like myself would be interested in - in summary, it's pretty decent equipment and I've fiddled enough with it than I can usually get some good pictures. These will look darn good (even for very large enlargements) and you'll have super-size Finch Chicks! ;-)

In case you are wondering, I would typically only take pictures once/day. I would first check via the live birdcam that the parents weren't around - BTW, those webcam images are barely printable at 4x6. I would then quickly grab a ladder, climb up, shoot the pictures, and then leave. Given that this nest is next to our garage and saw us coming and going all the time, I think they were pretty used to us.

First baby finch hatched on May 25th, 2008 - four more to go (one egg didn't hatch)

finch nest

May 30th - Baby Finch Chicks are less than a week old

baby finches

Sunset pictures with a gentle flash - first time I've seen the eyes opened

finch night

Some people say they are sooo cute ... some people say yikes! ;-)

finch sleeping

Four Sleeping Baby Finches all snuggled together

finch sleeping

Baby Finch after "first flight" from Nest

finch on rocks