Webcam Footage of the Amazing Growing Pengiun! ;-)

My wife works at an adventure travel company which runs trips all over the world - even Antarctica. One of her clients has kids about the same ages as ours and sent us a "Growing Penguin" - thank you Steve, Angela, Matthew, and Daniel!

You dunk it in water and it "grows 600% in 72 hours" - my sons first thought it was 600 times which would have been wild! I have a webcam watching my grass grow and others for my crazy halloween decorations and christmas lights ... so I figured it would be fun to set the penguin up front of a webcam to watch it grow. Here's some time-lapse video so you can relive the excitement: dunk in water - 4 hours - 12 hours - 24 hours - 48 hours - 72 hours

I measured the penguin beforehand at 3 3/8" tall before I dunked him in the water at Noon on Nov 17th, 2008. One problem was he floated ... so he kept falling over ... even after lowering the water level. Next time, I'll use a glass rather than a bowl.

Penguin Cam setup in my basement crawlspace with R2-D2 and Buzz Lightyear for company - another pic

penguin start

Penguin is dunked in the bowl of water - watch movie

penguin dunk

Penguin would stand up after draining some water ... at least for a while - note size!

penguin start

Here's a webcam image 72 hours later

penguin start

Measuring the Penguin after 72 hours - grew from 3 3/8" to just over 5"

penguin end
Time Lapse Movies: dunk in water - 4 hours - 12 hours - 24 hours - 48 hours - 72 hours