Colorado Lightning Storm caught on webcam

Colorado has some pretty good lightning storms, and while the webcam is looking down at the
growing grass, it caught some decent flashes the night of July 10th, 2006 - one is shown below.
This storm was mostly lightning/thunder with very little rain - notice the driveway isn't totally wet.
You can also watching a lightning storm video that shows over a dozen flashes that lit up the grass.

Even with the windows closed, I woke up to the sound of thunder just after Midnight on August 24th, 2007.
A few (really bright) pictures below ... and here's some video from that one!

That SAME night, Jeff Neima shot this picture less than 10 miles from the WGG webcam

colorado lightning

Grass is pretty darn dark at 21:42:27

colorado lightning storm 0

Lit up like daytime at 21:42:32

colorado lightning storm 1

Grass is back to being dark at 21:42:38

colorado lightning storm 2

Here's another storm on August 24th, 2007 - "normal" dark view

colorado lightning 1

3 Second later - this one woke me up

colorado lightning 2

This bolt wasn't as close, but looks like daytime as rain/hail came down

colorado lightning 3

Another darn close one - D'OH!

colorado lightning 4