Found Shoe Under the Snow!

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On December 20th, 2006, one monster Colorado Snow Storm dumped over two feet of snow. Almost every single week after that, more snow came down - needless to say, instead of watching grass grow, it was watching snow fall! In late January (with tons of snow still around), my wife came home with a SuperSled from Costco. Needless to say, the boys wanted to take it for a spin on the front yard. Rather than tell them to put their boots on, we said go ahead with their shoes.

I kept unloading the car when, about 5 minutes later, I noticed Dirk walking out of the snow ... without his shoes on! I asked what happened, and he said his shoes came off. Knowing that yet another round of snow was forecast the next day, we started looking around ... and I even pulled out a shovel to dig. We found one shoe, but despite our best efforts, could not find the other. As predicted, more snow fell the next day; there was no hope to find that shoe! ;-)

Finally, almost a month later, we had a warm spell, and the snow melted. So we went on another rescue mission for the shoe ... and finally found it starting to poke through the melting snow.

Finally found the shoe!

found shoe

Late afternoon bike ride on Feb 19th, 2007

bike ride

Come back and start looking for the missing shoe

looking for shoe

Webcam zooms in as the shoe is found!

found shoe webcam

Closeup of found shoe

found shoe closeup

Plenty of snow still piled on driveway