Toro Lawn Mower

After the grass has been growing for a while, it's time to ... welll duhhhhh ... cut it! Fortunately, as seen below, I have a Red Toro Lawn Mower that does a fine cutting job. I got my first one in 1999 ... and it lasted 12 years before I replaced it in 2011 with basically the same one. It has a pull start with self-propelled front wheels ... so you can pop a wheelie on turns.

A highlight at WGG is the first lawn mowing of the season which (since 2011) has been on 5/17, 4/11, 5/16, 4/25, 4/30, 5/4, 4/26 (covered by local news), 4/25, 5/3, 5/5 (2020), 5/7, and 5/9

Mr. Grass mowing the lawn with the Toro

toro lawn mower mr. grass 1

toro lawn mower mr. grass 1

The Toro sometimes starts with a bit of smoke if it hasn't been run for a while ...

toro lawn mower 1x

1st Generation Webcam: Front lawn ready to be cut with mower - Zoom x1

toro lawn mower 1x

My nifty red Toro Lawn Mower at Zoom x5

toro lawn mower 5x

Note the weed next to the Toro Lawn Mower at Zoom x10

toro lawn mower 10x

Mr. Grass waves hi to the Webcam while pushing the Toro

toro lawn mower hi

Caterpeg Front-end Loader

front end loader

Caterpeg Front-end Loader and Lawn Mower

toro lawn mower and caterpeg

Start of Watching Water Evaporate - watch the movie!

toro lawn mower and caterpeg

Commercial Lawn Mowing service doing the neighbor's lawn

mower dude

Animated GIF of some dude walking by with his mower

mower dude

Back when my kids used to help me mow! ;-) [Click here for high-res original]

boys mowing lawn

boys mowing lawn closeup

Lawn Mower Cursor - faster and shinier!

new cursor

Older Lawn Mower Cursor

old cursor