Watching Grass Grow House Construction Pictures & Videos

watch grass grow logo
My friend Andrew found out I had a webcam watching grass grow.
He's building a house and so I loaned him an extra webcam to watch that.
He's also keeping a very detailed Boulder Custom Home Construction Blog.

Here are a few snapshots from the custom home construction cam along with some time-lapse videos:

Working on the metal beams - watch your step!

lawn mowing

Construction Crane make an appearance

construction crane

Active Satellite Dish nearby monitors custom home construction

satellite dish

A fly (?) checks out the webcam

fly on webcam

A wasp flys by also

wasp on webcam

Looks like a beetle this time

beetle on webcam

Hulk, Kids, and Caterpeg come out in the fading light

house rightup

Gravity gone awry - House Upside Down!

house upside down

Gravity reset itself - hold on to your pants!

house rightup

Heavy equipment used - don't dump the dirt on the front-end loader

front end loader 1

Where's the Caterpeg to complete this picture

front end loader 2

Crane put the plywood up on the house - be careful!

house wood

Construction Ghost?


Pouring the concrete garage floor - concrete video


Crane installs a steel beam floor - crane video


Giant Wasp checks it out


Something (!) being blown by the wind? - 3 seconds before and after


Contractors get stuck in mud - watch video

stuck in mud

Holy Kitchen Cabinet Work Batman - before/after in one day!

cabinet 1
cabinet 2

Chief Kitchen Cabinet Inspector and her assistant ... ;-)