Wildlife at Custom Home Construction Site

watch grass grow logo
My friend Andrew installed a webcam at his custom home construction site.
So my kids (and a friend) went out there one evening to check it out.
Be sure to scroll down for some cool wildlife pictures!

There is a big mountain of dirt out there - note photographer's shadow

mountain of dirt

Sharp-eyed lookouts spotted a rabbit down below - sorry, no picture of that

boys looking

The Hulk does his Mr. Fantastic "stretch" imitation

boys looking 2

Mr. Grass's convertible at the construction site


Kids and the infamous Caterpeg from watching grass grow

kids caterpeg

Actual image from the webcam - West sun darkens exposure

kids caterpeg 2

Picture of the webcam take a picture of the house!

house webcam

We drove a couple hundred yards away and saw TWO sets of antlers

two deer

Handheld shot from car at 1/50 second exposure at 200mm

deer 2

Motion blur since I couldn't shoot any faster than 1/50 second in the fading light


Another couple hundred yards were some grazing cows - this is typical


And further on, we even saw a Coyote in the distance - rare again!