Weed Eater

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Being a suburbanite, I enjoy watching grass grow, but weeds seem to pop up everywhere. So my father-in-law Larry comes out to visit and claims he has the greatest weed puller around - says it is an awesome weed killer. I happen to have some big weeds in my backyard (see my deck designs) so we wonder out there along with the Incredible Hulk and his recent new friend Tony the Tiger (who I picked up last weekend at a garage sale for $1.50). Larry thought his weed eater was pretty good ... although the Hulk feels he is a better weed killer by simply SMASHING them with his feet - anyone want to argue with the Big Green Guy?!? ;-)

That's one Hulkin' Weed!

Larry wonders if a weed puller could take this out

weed weed 2

Larry pulls out his trusted weed eater

Closeup of the weed killer

weed killer 1 weed killer 2

Larry "going in" with the weed puller

Weed puller jammed into root

weed puller 1 weed puller 2

It was a strong weed, but Larry (and Hulk) stronger!

Dispose of weeds properly ...

weed killer 3 weed killer 4

Yet another type of Weed Eater ...

Argueably the king of the weed eaters?!? ;-)

weed eater dino weed eater trex

Also see Tony the Tiger's weed whacker - index page for weeds - and even a drawing in the grass. Sorry, you can't buy this grass, not even on eBay, but you can watch it grow for free along with my christmas lights and halloween decorations!