TT's Weed Whacker

While the Hulk is a pretty strong weed killer. Tony the Tiger does pretty darn good with his weed whacker as can be seen in these pictures below along with 4-year old Kyle ... and yes, it was a fun photo shoot! ;-)

Tony and Kyle is ready to whack some weeds

Tony says weed whackin' is GRREEAATT!!

tony the weed whacker 1 tony the weed whacker 2

Tony takes a break while Kyle goes to work

Weed Whacker is a bit heavy

weed whacker 5 weed whacker 6

This is better than using a weed eater

Weed Whacked - flash adds some blue

weed whacker 7 weed whacker 8

Weed Whacker does the job!

Tony says stepping on 'em works too!

weed whacked weed whacker tony

More weed stuff and back to growing grass