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bored Since 2005, millions of web surfers have ... uhhh ... watched the grass grow, plus an occasional car drive-by and other exciting things, on this live webcam - here's a Real-Time Satellite View! For the techies out there, the video feed is rebroadcast via a GigaBit web server (rather than a direct connection to my house), so it can support a lot of viewers.

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Colorado had a fairly serious draught the summer/2002, which led to water rationing. This, of course, had rather dire consequences for those of us who live in suburbia, as instead of being able to watch our grass grow, our normally green lush lawns turned brown ... and there were even a lotta bare spots! :-(

Fortunately, 2003 was quite a bit wetter, and if you add enough water to grass (and optionally some lawn fertilizer), it will grow back as can be seen in these pictures of my front lawn. Rest assured that along with the grass came a weed or two ... or bazillion. Fortunately I have a Hulkin' weed eater and/or weed killer along with Tony the Tiger's weed whacker! ;-) It's unfortunate that I don't have any pictures from earlier; since it was REALLY brown with a lot more holes - i.e. by the time of the first picture on April 30th, 2003, it had actually recovered quite a bit. I also came across a picture of my backyard that was shot in June of 2002 and the comparison to June/2003 is startling.

My friend Dan, bet me a round of golf that all the bare grass spots would not be filled in by July ... but as you see, the grass came pretty close to growing back; even without applying lawn fertlizer ... although look at Mr. Grass's idea of fertilizing in the Father's Day, 2004 picture. There have been other "exciting" things associated with this grass, such as mentioning "Dirk is 2" for my first son, "It's a Boy" for my second son, and my father-in-law points out a weed that he wanted to sell on eBay. It has also been the site of lotsa Halloween decorations and Christmas lights ... which were also used for a giant Martini Glass (1,000+ gallons> when we hosted the drinks/appetizers for a neighborhood progressive dinner in 2006 ... and again in 2006. Some people really enjoy watching grass grow - Liz even wrote a poem about it and God Himself Emailed His thoughts. For more of this type of excitement, check out watching paint dry, watch corn grow, plus Andie and Mike's Bubble Cam. Finally, special thanx to Rob at Rob's Plants who was nice enough to let me use his favicon (the 16x16 graphic that shows in the URL box in Firefox and IE Favorites) and as you can imagine, he does some serious gardening. And oh yeah, can you actually see growing grass?

Apr 30, 2003 May 12, 2003
watching grass grow 1 watching grass grow 2

May 31, 2003 Jun 8, 2003
watching grass grow 3 watching grass grow 4

Jun 23, 2003 (bushes have been trimmed) Jul 11, 2003 - Hulk like Green Grass
watching grass grow 5 watching grass grow 6

Jul 28, 2003 Aug 18, 2003 - were outa town for 2 weeks
watching grass grow 7 watching grass grow 8

Sep 2, 2003 - greening back up! Sep 29, 2003
watching grass grow 9 watching grass grow 11

Christmas 2002 Christmas 2003
xmas 2002 xmas 2003

Jun 20, 2004 - Father's Day The Google Doodle from that day (and the boys)

The Green strip/patch is because Mr. Grass applied lawn fertilizer with a "dumper" rather than a "spreader" ... and 75% of it was gone by time he made the first lap - OOPS!

Google Father's Day 2004
Boys mowing lawn

Google Doodles are very creative twists of the Google Logo that appear on their main page on various holidays (and other special events) and were first done by Dennis Hwang.

Sep 11, 2004 Sprinkler Geyser in the front yard - lotta water!
watching grass grow 13 watching grass grow 14

Jul 10, 2006 - Hulk'in Lemonade Stand Jul 24, 2006 - Hulk Hummer
limade stand hulk hummer

May 17, 2007 - Hulk'in Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible! Aug 8, 2007 - Clearing out the garage to pressure wash
hulk convertible clean spray garage

Sep 8, 2007 - Hulk'in Colorado Rockies Baseballs! Nov 6, 2007 - replacing the carpet in the house
rockies baseballs new carpet

Jun 6, 2008 - Hulk'in air compressor pumps up the Hulk Jul 4, 2008 - Double Hulk power for parade
pumping up hulk double hulk power

Aug 22, 2008 - Mr. Grass cuts his own lawn! Feb 14, 2009 - Kids make a valentine heart in a dusting of snow
neighbors lawn service valentine's day heart

Mar 16, 2009 - Junipers need cutting too Jun 23, 2009 - Mr. Grass chats about weeds with TruGreen
Juniper cleanup tru green

Apr 11, 2010 - Washing the family cars Apr 15, 2011 - FedEx delivers an iPad - WOOT!
washing cars fed ex delivery

Jun 10, 2011 - Many "creatures" show up on the webcam! Sep/2011 - Mr. Grass had Cataract Surgery
moth on webcam cataract surgery

Halloween/2011 - Yep, it really looks like this every Halloween! Mr. Grass w/warewolf all viewable via halloween webcam! ;-)
Halloween Halloween Closeup

Christmas/2011 - Halloween is the warmup for Christmas Decorations! Mr. Grass taking everything down via the christmas webcam! ;-)
christmas Christmas Cleanup

Mar 17, 2012 - Neighbors bring by their new car Apr 12, 2012 - Mr. Grass gets a new trash can!
new car new trash can

May 9, 2012 - Giant asphalt machine - bad for grass! Apr 13 & Aug 28, 2012 - Tru Green in action
giant asphalt machine Tru Green stops by

May 22, 2013 - Super exciting closeup of Garabage pickup Mr. Grass turns 50 - how many grass years is that?!? ;-)
Garbage truck most interesting man

Jul 15, 2013 - Friend brings his Alfa Romeo by Jul 16, 2013 - UPS makes a delivery to Mr. Grass
Alfa Romeo UPS brings package

Christmas/2013 at night and during the day
christmas 2013 christmas trash

Apr 5, 2014 - Mr. Grass laying down some fertillizer May 31, 2014 - Composite image of skateboard dude
fertilizer Alfa Romeo

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