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1,389 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_12_29_15:44:41.232:
Another major Colorado snow storm hit with an additional foot of white stuff on top of the two feet that fell last week ... so while the bubble lights are melting their way out, it will be a while before you see the grass ... ;-)

1,388 - "POOPMASTER POOPY POOP" from (c-67-182-24-42.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_19:01:55.465:

1,387 - "poopmaster poopy poop" from (c-67-182-24-42.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_18:58:04.594:
pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop IM BACK! LOOK FOR ME IN THE BLOG, IM RIGHT UNDER HALLOWEEN.

1,386 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-37-23.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_27_17:27:08.437:
Sure wish he'd take down those darn Christmas lights so everybody would come back to good ole WGG. It's mighty lonely around here.

1,385 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:58:33.335:
ahh peace and quiet here.

1,384 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_16:45:05.632:
you still look her in the middle of summer.

1,383 - "isaacjoe" from (71-214-73-58.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_15:33:19.184:
Wow that is alot of snow! I want snow. And you should update your music with the rocky theme in honor of his latest cinematic achievement
Mr. Grass replies at 15:36 - Yea, it's a LOT of snow ... and here's the Rocky theme for 'ya! ;-)

1,382 - "Anonymous" from (vbschools.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:59:11.955:
there are people! i love this site!

1,381 - "Anonymous" from (190.Red-83-50-194.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:03:17.361:
sorry, where is the grass i mean.

1,380 - "Anonymous" from (190.Red-83-50-194.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:01:16.636:
mmm, where is the snow?

1,379 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_18:24:56.337:
hey alek does the watching-grass-grow webcam stay online through summer-time.
Mr. Grass replies at 16:19 - YEP - needless to say, the grass grows a bit more in the summer ... and it's not under two feet of snow either! ;-)

1,378 - "ecn" from (adsl-215-248-20.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_15:32:29.596:
Heavy snow fall detected! :P
Mr. Grass replies at 23:53 - Yea, a bit of snow came down today ... ;-)

1,377 - "santa" from (dsl-66-59-120-184.dsl0.crls.pa.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_12:45:19.027:
No you don't I'm here now!!!

1,376 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-75-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_17:01:01.982:
AHHHHHH! Peace and quiet. Got the place almost all to myself.

1,375 - "Caroline Edwards" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_13:46:41.635:
well its a couple of months since ive been on here cant believe we have music to listen to now and snow . can it get any better. uk

1,374 - "Sparks" from (ip68-98-252-43.lu.dl.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_11:36:57.868:
Aren't you afraid your neighbors will stalk you using your indoor webcam? They can seeee you, but you can't see them!

1,373 - "Natedogg" from (152-20-172-251.rev.uncw.edu) wrote at 2006_12_09_15:04:47.897:
I love watching grass grow dog

1,372 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-67-37-182-141.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_09:11:17.359:
Did you see that jogger go by! How exciting.

1,371 - "Anonymous" from (dsl-66-59-120-184.dsl0.crls.pa.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_09:54:00.226:
snagglet00th WOW a fedx truck!!!!

1,370 - "Anonymous" from (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_12_06_00:27:51.394:
Snow !!! We never get snow in Holland either ... maybe this winter ... i hope so.

1,369 - "Duncan" from (rdbck-7280.palmer.mtaonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_17:02:35.605:
...i just saw the snowman fall over now its back up again...wow

1,368 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_12_03_11:47:11.054:
The Home Construction Cam is finished, so it has been retired - see footage from that.

1,367 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-71-129-49-143.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_10:46:04.882:
The snow is so beautiful. We never get snow here in LA.

1,366 - "Duncan" from (rdbck-2950.wasilla.mtaonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_00:56:11.891:
wow the frist time i saw snow on the grass cam...and the constuction cam is taking a brake for a while now...

1,365 - "RockZ - to "Anonymous"" from (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_10:42:23.771:
Blasphemy! Blasphemy to the highest order! Begone, meer mortal. You're not welcome on here. (Says me :___ )

1,364 - "Anonymous" from (152-20-174-154.rev.uncw.edu) wrote at 2006_11_30_22:42:38.710:
well i'd rather watch an ass grow actually.

1,363 - "Corile_484" from (vbschools.com) wrote at 2006_11_30_10:20:31.872:
This is really fun... I check this every day. Yesterday and today I saw cars. They were the first two cars I ever saw on here.

1,362 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_28_16:19:04.499:
Snow is predicted tonight ...

1,361 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_14:19:12.959:
keep the shades up tonight if i see in your room i will believe this is all real

1,360 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-91-77.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:38:04.319:
Wow, there are way too many people over there at the Christmas site. Real chaos. Ahhhhh! Peace and quiet over here.

1,359 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-38-241.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_10:58:39.418:
Same to you Mr KY!

1,358 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_10:16:16.814:
Happy Thanksgiving!

1,357 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_19:46:22.704:
you got peanut butter and grass on MY chocolate!!!! NO, you got chocolate and grass on my peanut butter!!!!!........mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

1,356 - "Anonymous" from (dynamic-154-189.dorm.natpool.uc.edu) wrote at 2006_11_21_13:57:09.712:
Christmas Lights and Growing Grass - this is better than Peanut Butter and Chocolate - LOL!

1,355 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-52-187.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_19_12:31:59.317:
I don't know Mr G. After reading all the media stuff about you, I'm not sure. Is the grass really growing or is this a hoax too?
Mr. Grass replies at 16:56 - Yea, the great Christmas Lights Hoax of 2004 is entertaining reading. That was a 100% real from 2005 on. The grass webcam is also a 100% real, and per the lawn mower footage, it did grow quite a bit in the summer. But truthfully, the grass is not growing much this time of the year ... ;-)

1,354 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_16_10:44:09.730:
Meanwhile, back at the Home Construction Cam, I count at least three workers in this picture.

1,353 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_15_20:06:31.068:
ahhhh cant wait til Christmas!

1,352 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_13_16:32:45.304:
I hope you do have a white christmas Alek.Got lots of new christmas lights for my dad to put up,I think he might start putting them up this weekend.Luke.

1,351 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_12_21:39:27.873:
Luke: Here's a picture of the snow for 'ya - maybe we'll have a white christmas.
#1350: Glad you like the web site - yea, who would have thought watching grass grow would be so awesome! ;-)


1,350 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-70-236-24-228.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_11_12_15:57:02.715:
This is the most awesome web site I have ever seen and have spent an hour or so.... watching grass.... grow?

1,349 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_12_14:04:58.767:
I am really jealous that you have snow falling,wish we could have some here in uk.Luke.

1,348 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-45-136-146.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_11_13:34:19.685:
Red Lawn Mower on far right side - will Mr. Grass be mowing the lawn in November?
Mr. Grass replies at 15:10 - YEP - I may do a final touchup in the next few days, but otherwise, that's it for grass mowing until the Spring! ;-)
mow lawn

1,347 - "zack" from (cache3.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_10_09:14:00.239:
i agree keep it how it is

1,346 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_16:43:15.322:
original is the way to go! that way u never miss the action in the lawn!

1,345 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-45-26.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_15:30:41.207:
I agree Mr G, keep it original. Most of us are already dizzy enough without adding a spinning camera to the mix.

1,344 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_09_13:02:23.204:
Interesting idea on the rotating webcam, but I don't have a good location to physically put it in ... plus the webcam actually doesn't do a full 360 degree rotation. And yea, just keeping it fixed on the front yard ... watching ... the ... grass ... grow ... kinda fits with the site theme too! ;-)

1,343 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_09_05:36:20.037:
no dont get a rotaing cam. keep it original.

1,342 - "ecn" from (adsl-215-248-20.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_11_08_16:44:37.164:
:O Rotating cam so we can watch also neighbours grass grow!

1,341 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_08_14:54:09.421:
Yeah!rotating camera,good idea,kool!!! What do you think Alek? can it be done???? Luke:-)Oh! and im feeling much better now.

1,340 - "Anonymous" from (67-41-78-236.clsp.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_11_08_12:50:28.655:
Put the camera on the roof and slowly rotate the camera 360 degrees so we can look around.

1,339 - "Dave" from (host86-136-85-59.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_08_10:19:09.653:
Hello people!!! I'm english and I was incredibly excited when i came home from school and found th trash had gone! wow!

1,338 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_07_20:25:59.043:
Republican here

1,337 - "ecn" from (adsl-215-248-20.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_11_06_15:35:51.947:
#1336, so Democrats or Republicans? That's the question.

1,336 - "zack" from (cache1.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_06_09:53:47.175:
man killing time. cant wait to see the x-mas lights. i vote for the first time tomorrow.

1,335 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_22:12:43.663:
I know, it is an election year. sorry if I CAN't spell.

1,334 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_20:48:11.815:

1,333 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_20:45:08.634:
doogy houser is gay. is that grassy or weedy???

1,332 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-171.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_16:57:21.620:
Ahhhh. Finally I've got some company over here. Welcome back everyone. The decorations are down and it looks like it might be time to rake some leaves.

1,331 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_03_15:22:11.336:
Allright Grass Fans, if you enjoyed the halloween decorations on the front lawn, now it's time to start setting up the christmas lights ... so commenting is now enabled on the Christmas Blog.

1,330 - "Anonymous" from (AC8E60ED.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_03_11:59:02.549:
zack we dont care u gay

1,329 - "zack" from (cache1.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_11:25:58.062:
Some of us need to grow up

1,328 - "Anonymous" from (cache1.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_11:16:11.407:
Zach has no p**** hahah

1,327 - "Zack" from (cache1.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_11:09:44.379:
i watch grass grow everyday. its better than class. you should get Lowrider by War as some grass growing music

1,326 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_08:12:57.524:
ok!I will keep you company watching grass grow.I'm hoping we will see Alek putting the Christmas decorations up. :-)Luke.

1,325 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_11_02_23:28:26.149:
Not sure if those are grassy or weedy comments #1324 ... BTW, here's a scary shot of the front yard from last night! ;-)

1,324 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_20:13:27.858:
HELLO.....hellow.........hellow...........hellow.................hellow.................nobody home....................................................................................

1,323 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-104-110.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_16:35:35.211:
Halloween's over. It was a blast! Come back here and watch the grass for awhile. I'm lonely.

1,322 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_10_30_14:24:58.460:
Expect some MAJOR action tomorrow night - Halloween!

1,321 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_29_21:57:39.449:
ahhh..how lovely

1,320 - "namebuvaau" from (jjelectronics.com) wrote at 2006_10_29_09:40:45.012:
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1,319 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:24:53.866:
Awesome, now we can watch snow melt!!!

1,318 - "Gnome" from (pool-70-109-169-55.cncdnh.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_02:43:53.846:
There should be like a grass chat channel on the page, that would be kickin

1,317 - "Ashton Kutcher" from (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_17:36:21.441:
hey all you people out there this is my favorite webcast

1,316 - "poopmaster poopy poop" from (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_17:30:11.443:
poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

1,315 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-81.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_16:33:21.312:
I'm so lonely!

1,314 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_10_21_10:42:07.483:
A big grassy THANKS to Alvar and Albert from Catalunya, Spain who put together a nifty Google Gadget for Watching Grass Grow - click on this image to add to your personalized Google Page Add to Google
Perfect for the "Snow Edition" of Watching Grass Grow!

WGG snow

1,313 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_16:24:25.193:
Sure is quiet and lonely over here.

1,312 - "Sam" from (cache-dtc-ae04.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_10_17_18:39:31.274:
I am glad there is no snow here in NYC

1,311 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_14:52:02.570:
H1000. Where ya been? Long time no chat, cmon over to the Halloween blog for a bit, huh?

1,310 - "igrsnmgvifngsf" from (adsl-144-99-180.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_17:11:34.964:
watching-grass-grow is the most amazing website i've ever come across
Mr. Grass replies at 19:26 - Rock on Dude - thanks!

1,309 - "poop head mc sean sean( SEAN)" from (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_16:00:10.993:

1,308 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_15:56:17.121:
sean: me like pie, i made that blog last night

1,307 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_21:24:39.592:
me like pie

1,306 - "LINK DELETED" from (c-24-21-63-30.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_21:02:44.476:
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1,305 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-133.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:37:45.068:
Wow, no comments here for two days. Guess everyone is too mezmorized by the halloween lights and have forgotten all about the poor grass.

1,304 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_10_11_23:53:56.769:
With the Halloween Decorations up on the webcam, I sometimes disable the low-lux mode, since it overexposes the lights. So when they are off, it looks really, really dark out there. Rest assured that the grass is still growing though! ;-)

1,303 - "Gnomeolio" from (pool-71-255-153-222.cncdnh.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_21:10:50.076:
power outage?

1,302 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_10_11_08:57:35.923:
Here's some video of the construction dudes stuck in the mud.
stuck in mud

1,301 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_20:05:41.936:
awesome construction stuff, LOVING THE CAMS AND DECORATIONS MR. GRASS!

1,300 - "Mr. CHCD" from (70-56-57-203.hlrn.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_08:36:44.951:
Watch the construction cam today for lots of muddy, backhoe digging action.

1,299 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_07:07:31.604:
not a bunch here. ready for school to get out...or halloween at Mr. Grass's!

1,298 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_08_13:28:49.762:
Hello, Havent spoken for a while. Nice to see some Halloween decs out,can't wait to see the rest of them.Luke :)

1,297 - "Anonymous" from (modemcable002.223-56-74.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_10_07_14:23:32.562:
You should have something more scary than that.But its ok for younger kids.

1,296 - "ecn" from (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_10_07_14:22:38.727:
Well, decorations has liberated the grass. Looks great!

1,295 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-133-221-51.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_07_12:38:31.349:
Greetings from Los Angeles...it's great to see you all working on the decorations. Do they always face away from the street?

1,294 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-107-79.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_05_16:54:47.879:
OK Mr G, time to get off of your grass and get those docorations up!

1,293 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_10_05_16:50:07.852:
The Halloween decorations webcams are up and running ...

1,292 - "H1000" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_04_17:16:55.326:
I'm doin great Mr KY, thanks for asking. Just excited and anticipating the Halloween decorations going up. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I'm pumped! Get to decorate the house and scare all the neighborhood kids and eat lots of candy!! Sup with you?

1,291 - "caroline" from (host213-120-106-67.in-addr.btopenworld.com) wrote at 2006_10_04_11:20:09.123:
Lawn Service truck out in front with cute guy.

1,290 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_03_16:59:05.269:
heeyyyyy alright! im liking this. hows it going H1000?

1,289 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_10_03_08:59:35.299:
I added the ability to optionally specify your name in the blog comments if you want to identify yourself. The halloween decorations should be going up in the next few days - check out the halloween webcam and I've started a halloween blog if you want to chime in over there.

1,288 - "Ad" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_03_08:59:01.175:
Hey there, how are the halloween things coming along?

1,287 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_02_13:38:37.115:
I, Mopey, say Hi to your grass. :3 It reminds me of this toy I found in my closet a week or so ago - fun for hours. Pwn on, grass!

1,286 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_02_09:49:10.089:
dang. i miss all the action because of school...whens the next big thingy gonna happen, mr. grass? - Kynitekia

1,285 - (pool-70-17-104-242.res.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_02_00:50:15.564:
You can't see it because it is dark outside!

1,284 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_01_13:27:36.570:
Mr. Grass replies at 15:19 - Rebooted the webcam and we're back to ... watching grass grow!

1,283 - (ppp-71-136-78-29.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_30_12:03:00.916:
Looks like the Hulk is a back seat driver. And he parks on the wrong side of the street. Guess if you are as big as he is you can park wherever you want!...H
Mr. Grass replies at 13:02 - The Hulk has never gotten a parking ticket! ;-)
hulk car

1,282 - (65-103-22-200.mpls.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_30_12:02:11.490:
(crooked) Hulk Car out in front now.

1,281 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_09_30_08:01:53.086:
This makes me wish I had a lawn and a webcam too.

1,280 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_09_30_07:59:09.154:
Good Morning Grass!

1,279 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_29_16:46:05.328:
Awesome!! There's some action going on! Carwash, oldsmobile, kids playing... :D -ecn
Mr. Grass replies at 12:58 - I had borrowed a friend's pressure washer, so figured it was as good as time as any to wash all the cars. In the picture below, I'm driving the Subaru back into the garage while 5-year old Kyle hoses me down.
hulk car wash

1,278 - (proxy-07.swgfl.ifl.net) wrote at 2006_09_29_07:14:19.553:
this is soooooo cool! i love it, make more videos please!

1,277 - (cpe-65-29-220-163.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_26_15:58:49.221:
Can we see some more of that Cadillac ragtop that is poking into the webcam picture.
Mr. Grass replies at 17:53 - That's a 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible!
hulk car

1,276 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_09_25_14:11:21.683:
Hi,Just seen you Mr Grass,walking on your drive. Can't wait to see the Halloween decorations. Hope your all ok.Luke.

1,275 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_25_07:33:02.518:
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1,274 - (203-206-3-119.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_09_24_22:47:45.271:
"Construction Cam taking a break" By the way, when is he putting in new lights?! Us in Australia always get on at night, and it'd be nice to see it for once!

1,273 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_09_24_18:16:40.230:
Omg Cool School Bus... OMG IM MISSING THE GRASS!

1,272 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_24_12:03:00.683:
good come back mr grass! - Kynitekia

1,271 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_23_12:50:24.011:
my name is ashton kutcher im famous
Mr. Grass replies at 19:34 - Yea, well so is my grass!

1,270 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_23_10:12:49.490:
my grass is muddy right now. - Kynitekia

1,269 - (71-136-216-130.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_22_09:27:56.214:
Damn I wish my grass was as green as yours!

1,268 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_20_17:48:53.845:
Its been little quite lately, any upcoming theme days like lemonade stand or hulk humwees or stuff like that mr.G? -ecn
Mr. Grass replies at 22:53 - Grass can be a bit quiet when it is growing ... but yea, we're winding down the summer season and I've been gearing up for my halloween decorations which will include three halloween webcams. Expect a big BOO on the front lawn! ;-)

1,267 - (2416411hfc216.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_20_08:44:48.494:
Looks like trash day - must be Wednesday!

1,266 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_18_18:24:35.938:
Assuming #1265 you are referring to our work in the front yard. Had a couple of flat tires in the boy's bikes from some darn goatheads. Used some green bike slime to patch 'em and the air compressor to pump 'em up!

1,265 - (ip70-178-213-88.ks.ks.cox.net) wrote at 2006_09_18_16:00:29.462:
OMG....just what do you think you're doing!

1,264 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_09_17_14:45:14.640:
Ok, somebody had to say something. Hi Mr. G. Grass lookin mighty fine these days!!

1,263 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_15_16:22:08.472:
well i agree partially Mr. Grass, its fantastic, unles your in school, then you just get in trouble and sent out in the hall. - Kynitekia

1,262 - (70-41-205-217.cust.wildblue.net) wrote at 2006_09_15_11:13:43.661:
Agree with others - nice zoom tracking Mr. Grass - but looks like show over.

1,261 - (ti121210a080-2127.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_09_15_10:57:15.426:
Genius music, what is the name of the song? link? Nice zooming btw ___) Grass___3

1,260 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_09_15_10:50:14.059:
Double post, but wth. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Nice looking street.
Mr. Grass replies at 10:51 - Nice spot - yea, neighbors have a lawn service - it's hard to track 'em with the webcam, but thought you'd appreciate the zoom in.

1,259 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_09_15_10:46:37.312:
Looks like Mr.Grass has some mowing competition at the moment. At least I think that's a lawnmower he has across the road.

1,258 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_15_08:22:06.160:
Ummmm ... I kinda like have the tunes pop up when you first load the page ... and there are controls to the right of the main viewing window where you can stop/pause it - doesn't that work for 'ya?

1,257 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_14_20:31:15.059:
hey mr grass, just wanted to let u know something, and to ask another. as for the first part, if your listening to iTunes then get on WGG, it screws up the player to suddenly fast foward, the only remedy is exiting out of WGG. secondly, think you could add a button to play the music vs automatically having it on when u log on? thanks! - Kynitekia

1,256 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_14_15:34:58.013:
Happy birthday H!!!! - Kynitekia

1,255 - (fl-71-52-18-21.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_09_14_12:52:45.105:
You need to take a blower or a broom to your driveway Mr. Grass.

1,254 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_14_12:20:49.867:
El colo se entusiasmo con un proyecto gracias a vos! :))

1,253 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_14_12:20:05.624:
Groso chabon!

1,252 - (pool-151-205-127-227.nycmny.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_22:51:24.868:
That "mighty green looking grass" looks mighty dark now - put some lights on it.

1,251 - (ppp-71-136-64-181.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_18:40:02.227:
Tomorrow's my birthday!!! I'm going to Disneyland!! It's a small world afterall, Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me, Grim Grinning Ghosts, Zipadeedooda! Yippeee!!!...H1000

1,250 - (24-177-53-235.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com) wrote at 2006_09_13_17:23:20.981:
That's mighty green looking grass

1,249 - (0-2pool34-110.nas6.new-orleans1.la.us.da.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_15:03:59.986:
The pumper truck backed up - did it leave?
Mr. Grass replies at 15:12 - The pumper backed up around the corner and the webcam can't look that far around. Still no sign of the concrete truck itself, but I'll keep an eye out for it. So I've put the webcam back on ... Watching Grass Grow!

1,248 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_13_14:53:39.382:
That's a concrete pumper truck for my neighbor's patio. Remember the jack-hammers doing the demolition yesterday? Today they are doing the pour - they said concrete should show up around 3'ish.

1,247 - (pr-13-new.emea.daimlerchrysler.com) wrote at 2006_09_13_14:09:56.248:
Strange truck parked in front of grass.

1,246 - ( wrote at 2006_09_13_12:16:49.380:
He missed a spot on the right side, halfway up.

1,245 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_13_12:05:52.283:
It looks like the lawn boy has arrived. He's pretty quick so he must not work by the hour

1,244 - (63-138-61-66.customer.static.ip.paetec.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_11:57:17.933:
Gentlemen, start your lawn mower engines.

1,243 - (blk-137-67-28.eastlink.ca) wrote at 2006_09_13_11:54:28.680:
Black truck just drove by

1,242 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_13_11:35:48.430:
I do have a TORO mower as correctly identified. I was NOT watering the grass - just cleaning out the garbage cans - now you can watch the water evaporate! ;-)

1,241 - (adsl-19-55-156.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_11:27:59.021:
Are you watering the grass?

1,240 - (70-96-125-21.dsl1-pixley.roc.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_11:10:51.518:
Yep - that's a TORO - I have the same model - front wheel self-propelled.

1,239 - (pool-71-120-149-118.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_11:00:58.172:
Nice Mower Mr. Grass - is that a Toro?

1,238 - (70-96-125-21.dsl1-pixley.roc.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_10:53:09.654:
"Vertical up-down" with your anti-gravity mower.

1,237 - (adsl-69-231-40-34.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_10:45:54.229:
Cut the grass diagonally

1,236 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_13_10:38:22.974:
Any special request from Grass Watchers for the lawn mowing today? I'm planning on doing a horizonal left-right cut since I did vertical up-down last time.

1,235 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_09:49:45.234:
pretty interesting stuff there Mr. Grass - Kynitekia

1,234 - (ppp-69-237-175-104.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_13_09:28:00.485:
Garbage truck did pickup. Lawn Mowing in 2.5 hours - can't wait - LOL!

1,233 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_12_17:11:23.522:
Thank you #1231 for the compliment about my lawn mowing - as mentioned on the main page, check out the live action at 2:00 NOON MDT tomorrow - Wednesday - I had to move the time up two hours.
mowing lawn

1,232 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_12_17:04:57.441:
#1128: Yes, the Jack-Hammer was a bit annoying (watch the time-lapse video of the concrete workers), but I doubt the grass was bothered by it! ;-)
#1230: A LOT of data is transmitted via the webcam and then out to Internet Surfers - per the about page almost 4 million images and 600,000+ MBytes of total bandwidth to over 300,000 unique IP's as of the end of August/2006.

1,231 - (CPE-67-48-125-13.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:43:54.210:
Interesting, but not near as entertaining as when Mr. Grass is mowing the lawn - you still doing it tomorrow afternoon?

1,230 - (203-206-3-119.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:33:31.991:
Sorry for double post Mr. Grass, but are you taking an archive of all these pictures, and if so, how much storage is it taking since the wgg site started?

1,229 - (203-206-3-119.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:27:18.470:
Little do they know, they're being spied on by the world...

1,228 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:27:04.157:
Must be really annoying indeed. :D -ecn

1,227 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_12_15:22:05.901:
The neighbors next door are having a new concrete entrance put in ... so the (really noisy!) jack-hammers have been busting out the old one. So what you are seeing is the workers tossing chunks of concrete (does kinda look like rocks) to be hauled away.

1,226 - (adsl-145-38-254.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:15:43.170:
Rocks on webcam now.

1,225 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_12_15:15:03.827:
What is going on?? -ecn

1,224 - (lutn-cache-8.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_09_12_14:40:36.056:
i just saw 5 cars go past!!!!!

1,223 - (mcfarland-66.mcfarland.k12.wi.us) wrote at 2006_09_12_12:46:50.852:
dude! i saw a fly on the camera lens! BIZARRRRRRRRE.

1,222 - (139bus176.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_11_19:18:55.298:
Raining hard on webcam - grass will grow good.

1,221 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_10_11:34:23.669:
haha bugs. - Kynitekia

1,220 - (ppp-71-136-97-24.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_09_17:02:14.854:
Never mind. Now I'm thinking it's a bug on the lense cuz it's back again...H1000

1,219 - (ppp-71-136-97-24.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_09_16:55:47.025:
A lizard or something just walked up the driveway. Wierd...H1000

1,218 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_08_22:20:21.938:
Remember those webcam pictures from a lightning storm in Colorado on July 10th. That same night, Jeff Neima shot this amazing picture less than 10 miles from the WGG webcam - WOW!!!
colorado lightning storm

1,217 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_18:38:50.271:
there ya go, yeah he was probably one of the best Bonds ever. Oh btw serious WGG fans, automatic lawn mower machines at friendlyrobotics dot com! check it out! - Kynitekia

1,216 - (ppp-71-136-74-232.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_18:16:16.367:
Good one. Mine is Diamonds are Forever. I met Sean Connery once and he was really nice to me, so I'm kinda partial to his movies...H1000

1,215 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_18:06:42.326:
ive always been a big fan of GoldenEye. - Kynitekia

1,214 - (ppp-71-136-74-232.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_18:04:55.216:
Mr KY, it's not sad, 007 is cool. I'm curious, in your opinion, which Bond movie is the best?...H1000

1,213 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_16:40:38.243:
just go watch Live and Let Die. Theres nothing like a good Bond movie...speaking of which, i did ace the trivia stuff...sad i know. - Kynitekia

1,212 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_08_12:25:23.463:
Rainy day, good for grass. -ecn

1,211 - (ppp-71-136-99-83.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_07_18:21:54.321:
Now I can't get that "Live and Let Die" song out of my head. It's driving me crazy!! Thanks a lot Mr G!...H1000

1,210 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_09_07_14:35:11.559:
Ohh, he wasn't too careful with Mr.Grass' recycling bins there.. Tut tut.

1,209 - (dohspxy2.doh.state.fl.us) wrote at 2006_09_07_14:01:18.462:
You should have t-shirt.

1,208 - (dohspxy1.doh.state.fl.us) wrote at 2006_09_07_13:53:46.648:
wow. this makes for an exciting day at the office.

1,207 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_20:35:07.927:
that leaves a pleasent mental picture....-Kynitekia

1,206 - (ppp-71-136-67-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_17:55:58.002:
Welcome back Mr CHCD. So happy you could finally afford to pay that power bill! The house is lookin good. And take a lesson from Mr G, as soon as you get moved in, put up some curtains cuz we really don't want to see you naked!!...H1000

1,205 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_17:23:10.391:
LIVE AND LET DIE!!!!!! - Kynitekia

1,204 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_09_06_17:20:31.165:
Power restored at the contruction site and that webcam is back up. Nice music Mr. Grass!

1,203 - (ppp-71-136-67-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_16:39:15.202:
The music is a nice touch Mr G. Might I suggest "Watching the Grass Grow" by the Shams on the "Quilt" album...H1000

1,202 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_16:28:32.518:
thats pretty slick music. I got some other good stuff i made too. Might have to show ya soon Mr. G - Kynitekia

1,201 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_14:53:14.306:
Ohhh man I'm digging the intense music. I bet your lawn will grow twice as fast. I'm so pumped now

1,200 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_14:25:48.696:
1200 comment! Woo. Personally, the Rocky theme tune would be better.

1,199 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_14:13:50.095:
I already have my own playlist including Europe - Final Countdown. :) Cool add anyway. -ecn

1,198 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_06_13:52:31.891:
I've added some music to help inspire you and the grass to grow - you should see the controls to the right of the bottom of the webcam image. Listen to grass music and let me know what you think.

1,197 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_13:43:19.568:
WTF is this?! Final Countdown?? Now you've done it! :D

1,196 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_12:46:53.526:
Welcome to club then! ___) -ecn

1,195 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_06_11:09:02.953:
thats so amazing i have never watched grass grow befor in my life

1,194 - (cpe-72-178-42-166.elp.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_06_10:52:17.278:
Is that real grass or AstroTurf?

1,193 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_10:45:57.058:
YES!! THe 1193rd comment. Mr H1000 will be jelous

1,192 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_06_10:41:15.369:

1,191 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_06_09:58:39.044:
GRASS!!!! it grows

1,190 - (adsl-11-231-15.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_09_06_07:50:46.031:
Lawn looks greener this morning - did you water it last night Mr. Grass?

1,189 - (24-176-96-173.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_09_05_21:13:11.611:
Curtains are closed tonight - darn!

1,188 - (ppp-71-136-67-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_05_17:03:23.680:
Wow, good thing you weren't running around in your skivies or feeling frisky last night. You would have been em-bare-assed! Don't forget to close the curtains tonight...H1000

1,187 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_05_13:02:03.829:
Still no custom home contruction cam, still that crack in the street. You should call the city and tell them to fix it with all your tax dollars mr G

1,186 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_09_05_11:32:57.480:
Good thing Alek is married or WGG could have become a lot less boring. Alek's wife is hot so WGG would have quickly gotten a whole new audience.

1,185 - (ppp-71-136-89-194.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_20:28:35.918:
What the heck is going on here Mr G? Looks like the camera is inside the house aimed at your bed! You're not making a dirty movie are you? OMG, I can't watch, time to shut down!!...H1000
Mr. Grass replies at 21:18 - WOW - I haven't seen that good of reflection before! The webcam *is* pointing outside, but if the curtains are all the way up, it picks up a reflection from the master bedroom at night. Note the sign at the lower left along with the driveway lights on the right side in the first picture - pretty wild! Second picture is after I closed the curtains and includes the neighbor backing up his car.
I've told my wife to be sure that the curtains are shut to insure that WGG remains safe for work and family friendly! ;-)

car lights

1,184 - (ppp-71-136-77-99.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_19:00:47.344:
Ahhhh! Home sweet home after a looong Labor Day weekend in crazy SoCal. The beach, bikinis, hot dogs, sun and surf. Did I miss anything? Flying mattresses amd bike rides. Looks like it was all repeats at WGG this weekend...H1000

1,183 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_15:40:30.950:
nuts, missed all the action again... - Kynitekia

1,182 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_14:40:16.759:
:D Another family bike trip? n1! -ecn

1,181 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_13:10:01.193:
That's one messed up looking mattress. Ours have two sides in crazy England. I want the power back up, god damnit.

1,180 - (ppp-71-136-189-138.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_11:22:42.846:
Sunny day for grass growing!

1,179 - (h-68-164-90-216.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net) wrote at 2006_09_04_07:48:13.220:
You got your newspapers early this morning.

1,178 - (203-206-3-119.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_09_04_03:44:12.080:
I was wondering why it's so dark whenever I try watch the HCS!

1,177 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_03_08:46:17.878:
While the flying mattress theory is more exciting, yea, I agree this is probably mostly an image artifact - my guess is some sort of centipede. BTW, there is no IR illumination - just a floodlight. And speaking of that, power is DOWN at the Home Construction site - hope to have back up on Tuesday.

1,176 - (nc2.akl.callplus.net.nz) wrote at 2006_09_03_05:31:10.275:
236 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_08_21_04:45:16.633: OMFG WHAT WAS THAT? SKIP TO TIMEFRAME 04:43:20 2006/08/21... Mr. Grass replies at 11:45 - WOW - not sure what the heck that is - maybe a flying mattress being blown by the wind. This is what people call 'RODS' and say it is aliens. It as actually an insect flying into the IR light (or whatever you have) and the slow 'shutter speed' picks it up as a jagged line/blur. Google 'rods' or something liek that and you will see what i mean. -Tristan from NZ

1,175 - (c-71-232-145-90.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_02_22:34:18.441:
I can't see the grass - where is it?

1,174 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_09_02_20:48:07.038:
where are H amd Kentucky, they are suspiciously missing from the grass blog

1,173 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_02_20:20:03.652:
Applesauce is good, try some you'll love it!

1,172 - (cpe-66-24-77-118.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_09_02_14:39:20.069:
You left a newspaper on your driveway

1,171 - (c-67-169-11-39.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_12:14:00.034:
Nice cutting, but you missed a spot in the lower left - LOL!

1,170 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_01_12:00:31.030:
OK-Dokey ... we'll cut it up-n-down ... which is North-South ... heading outside in just a minute.

1,169 - (ip72-199-8-248.sd.sd.cox.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_11:56:19.367:
I like that too

1,168 - (c-67-169-11-39.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_11:50:46.680:
Up and down pleaze ...

1,167 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_09_01_11:45:32.852:
Heading out to mow the lawn in about 15 minutes - would you guys like a horizonal (back-n-forth sideways) or vertical (up-n-down) cut today?

1,166 - (ca12-ch01-bl04.mo-stlouis0.sa.earthlink.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_11:09:46.914:
Caterpeg is back - long live Caterpeg.

1,165 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_10:31:51.396:
not in my time

1,164 - (201-41-13-77.paebv700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br) wrote at 2006_09_01_10:14:11.552:
Mower Lawn at Noon MDT - 2 HOURS - 1 hour, 46 minutes exact.

1,163 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_10:08:22.602:
im pretty sure its rather T-2 minutes and counting - Kynitekia

1,162 - (201-41-13-77.paebv700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br) wrote at 2006_09_01_10:01:28.155:
Mower is deployed visible. T-2 hours and counting.

1,161 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_09:54:06.125:
hey i wont be missing the action today___ - Kynitekia

1,160 - (c-68-43-149-142.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_08:27:19.828:
I told my boss I had to take a late lunch today so I can watch the lawn mowing - can't wait!

1,159 - (ppp-71-134-51-10.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_09_01_07:25:16.472:
Just saw School Bus go by
Mr. Grass replies at 08:21 - Yea, that comes by every weekday morning at pretty much the same time - nice spot!

1,158 - (cdm-75-108-77-223.asbnva.dhcp.suddenlink.net) wrote at 2006_08_31_15:19:53.913:
Hunny the kids are home!!!
Mr. Grass replies at 16:34 - Yep - we carpool with a neighbor who brought 'em home from school today.

1,157 - (82-38-237-40.cable.ubr06.shef.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_08_31_15:18:35.822:
Hot chick in workout gear in blue minivan just dropped off kids.

1,156 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_31_14:57:28.759:
if you look closely the brown spots are in the same pattern as Mr. Grass's previous fertalizing excursion... - Kynitekia

1,155 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_08_31_13:26:26.479:
Fall is coming? Grass is turning brown.

1,154 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_08_31_07:20:50.333:
Papers in the drive are building up.

1,153 - (ppp-71-136-110-137.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_18:11:25.960:
Mr CHCD, the time lapse videos are mean!...H1000

1,152 - (ppp-71-136-110-137.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_17:20:12.244:
Dang, another idea shot down. You're gonna give me a complex Mr G. Oh well, at least my good buddy Mr KY liked it, but I'm thinkin' it was the Cougar part he liked...H1000

1,151 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_16:25:11.350:
#1140 hey now thats a GREAT idea! - Kynitekia

1,150 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_15:39:44.531:
Hello Mr grass,it's Luke again.Grass not looking too bad,may have a blade or two missing!Hope your getting the Halloween decorations ready.Back to school next Wednesday.Luke.

1,149 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_30_14:45:24.105:
Looks like the stairs are being delivered. And here are some time-lapse video of the construction so far - at Noon and around the clock.

1,148 - (cpe-74-72-50-84.nyc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_08_30_14:04:01.591:
Love the HULK - but does he prevent the grass from growing?

1,147 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_30_10:47:16.583:
I figured the Spreeblick surfers from Germany might enjoy a look at my Big Green Buddy ... plus I need to fix a leak in his arm, so that's why the air compressor is out there. No plans to make WGG T-shirts ... sorry guys ... but appreciate the creativity.

1,146 - (hv.sbgnet.com) wrote at 2006_08_30_10:36:16.896:
120 people now! wow! luv the hulk! whats up with the construction site? are they tired of being watched and now we get to see what they drive instead? hee

1,145 - (p54B123A8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) wrote at 2006_08_30_10:13:49.722:
Ooooooooops a grass Hulk? That's cool, but think about your neighbourhood...

1,144 - (dsl1391.ctcinet.com) wrote at 2006_08_30_09:52:49.944:
Just wanted to say i think you have the coolest website ever! and i was wondering what your family thinks of the webcam on all the time?

1,143 - (pool-70-111-126-252.nwrk.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_09:48:15.585:
Saw the garbage truck drive up and thank you Mr. Grass for the nice close-in shot of the garage cans - I can go back to work now.

1,142 - (71-210-63-191.hlna.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_30_08:11:15.146:
Garbage cans are out - must be Wednesday - Trash day!

1,141 - (218-101-75-22.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_29_22:14:46.653:
What, like: "Mr Grass gets a mint as lawn and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"? Hell, yeah, I'd buy one! ---NZ

1,140 - (ppp-71-136-51-96.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_29_20:56:18.549:
Ok Mr G, since my bike cam idea didn't fly, here's my latest idea. You need to sell t-shirts and hats with your WGG logo on them. You could donate your profits to the U of M. The kids would benefit and you would get some free advertising. Or if you don't want to donate the cash, you could save it up and when your oldest turns 16 you could buy him a Cougar. I'd buy a t-shirt. Any one else want one?...H1000

1,139 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_29_14:40:45.805:
as for the bike cam, you could strap a conventional recorder on and then after the ride upload it, it wouldnt be live but hey. - Kynitekia

1,138 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_29_10:01:45.943:
#1134: Interesting idea to mount the webcam while on a bike ride, but the 802.11 wireless only has a range of a couple of hundred feet, so wouldn't work.
#1135: I have yet to see a nudist run by - you making that up?!? ;-)
#1137/Kynitekia: Bump-up in traffic is mostly coming from a couple of German Web Sites who are "aufpassendes Gras wachsen" (via Google and Babelfish)
Philipp says a better translation of "Watching Grass Grow" is "Gras beim wachsen zuschauen"

1,137 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_29_09:46:39.077:
wow! 75 people, we havent been that high in awhile! Whats all the commotion about? -Kynitekia

1,136 - (cache-dtc-ae04.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_29_08:59:53.540:
so calm....where I live there was a car crash in the middle of the night. (my friend said so because I slept through it)!

1,135 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_08_29_00:02:51.551:
that nudist keeps running by!!!!

1,134 - (ppp-71-136-93-79.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_18:58:04.036:
Hey Mr.G, next time you're on a family cruise on the bikes, how 'bout strappin on that helmet cam so we can check out your hood...H1000

1,133 - (ppp-71-136-93-79.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_18:48:17.422:
AWWWWW! Out for a family bike ride. Nice...H1000

1,132 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_17:47:34.550:

1,131 - (c-71-230-199-29.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_15:42:00.781:
Shiny Blue Minivan in driveway

1,130 - (83-70-163-245.b-ras1.prp.dublin.eircom.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_10:06:36.414:
Wow. How did you get the idea ?

1,129 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_28_09:48:01.824:
hey mr grass, anything new in the works? - Kynitekia
Mr. Grass replies at 10:05 - Not much beyond watching grass grow ... but stay tuned for some halloween decorations and christmas lights in the next few months on the front lawn ... ;-)

1,128 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_27_18:46:54.729:
Does it snow lot where you live MR Grass?
Mr. Grass replies at 05:35 - Take a look at this video of my shoveling snow and let me know what you think! ;-)

1,127 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_27_18:43:26.122:
I know that's a great shot right there. We on the west coast are jealous

1,126 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_08_27_18:42:17.240:
ugh yet another instance of why i hte living in california.. i see this lovely shot of it raining while im sweating in 95 degree heat

1,125 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_27_16:38:05.889:
haha nice. - Kynitekia

1,124 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_08_27_15:52:26.346:
:O What did you do to that camera?! I saw your hand there! -ecn
Mr. Grass replies at 16:12 - Kyle, my 5-year old son, told me he was messing around with the webcam - that was his hand obscuring the view.

1,123 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_26_19:51:21.289:
Getting dark, everyone gather around to watch light leave

1,122 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_26_08:39:14.654:
Looks like there's about three of them laying there

1,121 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_26_07:15:57.038:
Pickup the paper mr. Grass !!

1,120 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_21:33:34.579:
all the text is brown down there! mr grass you got sloppy and didn't close your color tag... shame on you!
Mr. Grass replies at 21:38 - Right you are - the only thing worse than brown text is brown grass - fixed - thanks!

1,119 - (ppp-71-136-75-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_16:31:27.341:
Oh yeah, and don't forget, you're gonna need an Arcade for Mr KY...H1000

1,118 - (ppp-71-136-75-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_16:16:35.055:
WOW!!! Rec Room, Play Room, Exercise Room, Powder Room. I'm thinking that once you get moved into that big ol'place, you might never see Kaly and the little one again!!! Which floor is the Bowling Alley on?...H1000

1,117 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_25_15:45:51.061:
I've updated the Boulder Custom Home Blog with links to the (pdf) floorplans, elevations and both camera angles (yes there are two). You can click on the small camera pics to see the full size.

1,116 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_15:43:38.445:
hey ive done landscaping before! or was that lawn mowing? - Kynitekia

1,115 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_25_15:34:14.517:
We've got some room for guests but we'll put you to work on landscaping. It looks like the framing crew is gone for the weekend. You can always check out the alternate camera view of the driveway to see if people are working. Go to the Boulder Custom Home Blog to see the other camera.

1,114 - (ppp-71-136-75-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_15:16:12.335:
Dang Mr CHCD, 7400 S/F, that's not a house, it's a hotel!! You got guest rooms for all us groupies? And tell that crew of yours to stay out of Izzy's this weekend. You want them there bright and early Monday morning. Let's get this job done so we can get on with the landscaping. We wanna watch YOUR grass grow too!!...H1000

1,113 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_25_13:33:10.937:
I'm planning on moving the house cam sometime soon to another location so you can have a better view of things. Plus it is watching the back side of the house right now, and the west side is much nicer looking.

1,112 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_25_13:30:56.521:
H1000 and KY- Thanks for the compliments. We're looking forward to it. We've got a big yard (1.25 acres) so I'll need Mr. Grass to come give me some advice, but by the looks of it he's not above getting outside help of his own. H1000- it's 4600 sqft above ground. 2800 sqft in the basement (about half of that is finished).

1,111 - (adsl-68-126-4-246.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_12:28:29.254:
Mail Truck!!!!!!

1,110 - (adsl-68-126-4-246.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_25_12:06:49.185:
Lawn Doctor??????
Mr. Grass replies at 13:26 - I have some nasty weeds and my wife called 'em in.
And yes #1111, the mail typically comes in the early afternoon.

lawn doctor

1,109 - ( wrote at 2006_08_25_11:32:01.402:
Not one, but TWO lawn service trucks!
Mr. Grass replies at 11:38 - My neighbors have a lawn service - I mow my own lawn!
lawn trucks

1,108 - (tias-gw7.treas.gov) wrote at 2006_08_25_11:18:56.305:
Yikes! Wish my yard looked this good!

1,107 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_08_25_05:37:18.643:
#1078 - Could have been a centipede... -Gecko

1,106 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_24_20:54:55.152:
i already did my homework! Oh, yeah Mr. Grass, Ill be resuming my podcasting this winter and I can advertise WGG if youd like. - Kynitekia

1,105 - (ppp-71-136-88-239.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_24_17:16:38.880:
I agree with Mr KY, that house is gonna be awesome Mr CHCD. About how many square feet you going to have?...H1000

1,104 - (ppp-71-136-88-239.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_24_16:31:12.113:
Do your homework!...H1000

1,103 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_24_15:39:30.910:
thats a really awesome house Mr. CHCD! - Kynitekia

1,102 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_20:30:56.672:
Welcome back grass. Soooo nice to see you!!

1,101 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_20:13:22.216:
hey it was study hall...in a computer room. dont get much easier than that. - Kynitekia

1,100 - (ppp-71-136-66-246.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_17:23:06.403:
AHHHHHHH!!! Grass!!! How sweet it is!! Ya don't know what ya got 'til it's gone. And Mr KY, you're supposed to be paying attention in class, or at least checking out the new chicks, not checking up on us. Remember, 4.0, don't let us down...H1000

1,099 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_12:50:03.711:
WOW! Grass Cam online again. Thank you Mr.Grass! :D -ecn

1,098 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_23_12:05:11.671:
Mr. Grass: Would it be an option to put the camera in that position, we can see more of the whole street? That would be nice for us people living across the planet. So we can see more of the people/houses over there ... as you know what i mean. Or is that a problem (law of privacy). Thanx anyway. Greetz Martijn (The Netherlands).

1,097 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_09:35:16.132:
oh sweet the grass cam is back up, thatll give me something to do during school! - Kynitekia

1,096 - (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_09:25:06.618:
hey gang im not supposed to be on during school! - Kynitekia

1,095 - (c-69-137-229-113.hsd1.dc.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_08:48:43.333:
What time is the garbage pickup?
Mr. Grass replies at 08:53 - It varies - see more garbage pictures here. Update - came by at 09:36 today.

1,094 - (c-67-161-46-79.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_23_07:40:41.617:
Grass Webcam is back up - long live Grass!!!!!!
Mr. Grass replies at 08:23 - Yep - even running newer version of firmware.

1,093 - (218-101-64-184.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_23_02:45:25.485:
Well, yeah, Kynitekia, I could do the morning forecast, but it wouldn't exactly be morning for the majority of the users of this website, owing to the fact that the live as near to the other side of the world to me as makes any difference. Besides, I haven't really posted that many comments on this site, and I'm not on it particularly often, so I'm not exactly a core member or anything. It's just that I tag my posts. I reckon there's be more people here that could do it. Maybe, Mr. Grass, you could advertise it on the main page. And I reckon what that wanker guy said was sort of right as well. A community would be cool, and it would solve issues like this. One like the one at redvsblue.com, especially, would create alot more interest in this site. Meh. Just a thought. ---NZ

1,092 - (71-214-79-1.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_19:42:49.202:
unresolvable!! quick someone resolve that person!!

1,091 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_08_22_16:02:04.184:
#1087- Probablly the wireless antenna fell over. I'll check it out. -CHCD.

1,090 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_15:35:38.777:
Maybe NZ wants to take over. - Kynitekia

1,089 - (ppp-71-136-103-55.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_15:33:10.220:
Thanks for the job offer as weatherman Mr KY, I feel honored, but I'm at work at that time of the morning. Maybe you need to do an evening forecast for the next day or nominate another member of the WGG Crew. Thanks for the vote of confidence though, and good luck back at school. We're all expecting a 4.0 average from you this year!...H1000

1,088 - (ppp-71-136-103-55.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_15:25:07.744:
Sorry if I haven't been myself lately fellas. Having problems with the wife. We had a big battle recently. I asked her "How can you be so beautiful and yet so stupid?". She said "God made me beautiful so you'd fall in love with me, he made me stupid so I'd fall in love with you!" Women!!!...H1000

1,087 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_12:50:02.391:
Ok, so, what the heck is the thing in the middle of the screen? Looks like the end of a pencil

1,086 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_22_09:05:11.499:
Good Morning Grass Watchers! On my final morning before I return to the deep dark sanctions of what is commonly referred to as school, I will give you a weather report! Its just about 70 degrees and low and behold the framers are working! Look like Mr. CHCD really gave them a lecture about partying, farewell my morning grass crew, Mr.1000 should take over for me (hint hint). I shall still be on in the afternoons. - Kynitekia

1,085 - (218-101-69-39.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_21_22:22:13.005:
Whoops, forgot to tag that last one. It's NZ. And how come we, the people of this fair website, have asterisks, yet Mr Grass can? Equal rights for all that come under this beautiful community. I Have A Dream, that one day, on the green background of WGG, the sons of former bloggers and the sons of former site owners will be to sit down together at the table of asterisks. ---NZ

1,084 - (218-101-69-39.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_21_22:13:17.029:
What is so difficult about making a smiley face with an equals sign? =). I don't understand. And I think that thing in the picture isn't a flying mattress. Sorry, Mr Grass, but if the wind was that strong, wouldn't that piece of wood there been blown over as well? I'm thinking something much smaller, but I don't think it's an over sized egg carton either. They have different shaped holder bits. I reckon... ___drum roll___... ___symbol clash___ it's a leaf! Crazy, I know, but if you look at the picture as if the object was directly in front of the camera, it DOES sorta look like one of those hedge leaves. And if it was just being blown along in the wind, it wouldn't stay in front of the camera for 3 seconds now, would it? I dunno, but it keeps me up at night.

1,083 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_21_20:38:31.975:
that "thing" appears to be an oversized egg carton. - Kynitekia

1,082 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_08_21_19:35:01.065:
You know I really really miss that real Grass-Grow web cam. :( I hope it will be fixed soon. -ecn

1,081 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_21_12:03:14.338:
The framers partied too hard last night so the construction site is fairly quiet today.

1,080 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_21_09:11:52.051:
What a fantastic morning over at the construction site! Boy is it sunny! Looks like its going to be a warm one today, its already 67 degrees! Invite some friends and get a case or two of Miracle Grow because this is one great day! G-R-A-S Radio, Where The Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

1,079 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_08_21_05:45:02.085:
What appeared on that frame, 203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au?

1,078 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_08_21_04:45:16.633:
OMFG WHAT WAS THAT? SKIP TO TIMEFRAME 04:43:20 2006/08/21...
Mr. Grass replies at 11:45 - WOW - not sure what the heck that is - maybe a flying mattress being blown by the wind. You don't see that "thing" in the upper left of the image from 3 seconds earlier or 3 seconds later.

1,077 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_21_00:34:44.537:
once again there are five grass watchers watching light come (slowly very slowly) =)

1,076 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_22:45:01.711:
try making a smily face using the equal sign. - Kynitekia

1,075 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_22:29:18.447:
___b___NO HTML!___/b___ My theory is that all the special characters I used in trying to make my first two words bold with html will appear as underscores.

1,074 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_20:29:44.631:
"You are limited to 1000 characters (no HTML) and pls keep it relevant and family friendly. Thank you in advance for your grassy and/or weedy comments" even more proof. sorry couldnt resist. Oh btw, we need more people to sign their posts. Makes conversations more interesting! - Kynitekia
Mr. Grass replies at 00:57 - I don't mind *some* off-topic chit-chat ... as long as it doesn't get too outa hand.

1,073 - (ppp-71-136-104-40.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_19:21:54.290:
Oh but it IS written. It says "Leave your grassy and/or weedy comments". Ya gotta follow the Code of Conduct if ya wanna be one of the WGG Boyz...H1000

1,072 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_18:58:11.454:
err that would be implied___

1,071 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_18:53:51.095:
What?? Since when do we have to discuss grass on the grass blog... it's implpied, not written

1,070 - (ppp-71-136-104-40.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_18:26:12.125:
Thenks for keeping everyone in line around here Mr KY. Random is right. From poop to pie to huge bugs. He's trippin'! I'm thinking he's grass oriented, but not the kind we're used to around here!!...H1000

1,069 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_14:49:56.195:
c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net....lets try to keep it family friendly, grass oriented, and a tad bit less random. thanks! - Kynitekia

1,068 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_13:58:00.360:

1,067 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_13:55:43.411:

1,066 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_13:53:11.542:

1,065 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_13:50:20.355:
Hi I like Pie A LOT

1,064 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_13:46:30.330:
Poop Major Poop

1,063 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_20_02:06:00.641:
good middle of the night citizens. there are 8 people watching the dark house wait for morning, fascinating. fascinating.

1,062 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_19_08:44:57.974:
Good Morning Custom Home Construction Watchers! Boy, I tell ya, every morning it looks as though that house just builds itself! Wow is it going up fast! Well, I hate to break it to the workers, but it looks like mother nature will once again sprinkle us with the essance of life....for grass anyway. But other than that its only about 60 degrees! Maybe it will get up to at least 75 later today. G-R-A-S Radio, Where The Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

1,061 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_21:19:20.751:
yeah hes got that on me, course i could take a wheel off and replace it with blades, then they would spin faster than his lawn mower! 230 horses vs 5 hehe. - Kynitekia

1,060 - (ppp-71-136-111-35.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_18:34:41.779:
We all know your car can burn rubber, but can it cut grass? I think Mr G has one up'd ya!...H1000

1,059 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_18:12:11.965:
yeah yeah yeah.... my hood actually isnt a dragontail one, its a ViS Invader style carbon fiber hood...similar to mr grass' mower......-Kynitekia

1,058 - (ppp-71-136-111-35.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_17:59:01.246:
And DragonTail Carbon Fiber hood. Mean Mowing Machine!!!...H1000

1,057 - (ppp-71-136-111-35.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_17:54:51.035:
And the DUAL Touchscreen DVD/CD/MP3/AV/iPod 7'' screen...H1000

1,056 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_17:48:50.118:
oh yea, the other toro with the chrome rims and underbody neon. - Kynitekia

1,055 - (ppp-71-136-111-35.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_17:48:06.652:
ATX. Automatic Transaxle. Right, now I remember. I knew I'd see that somewhere before. Mr G has that on his show lawnmower...H1000

1,054 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_09:02:16.411:
hey, I was close. see i always know what the weather will be like here in SD by watching your webcam, because we frequently get the same weather you get, only a couple of days later. - Kynitekia

1,053 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_18_08:49:32.621:
Good weather report Kynitekia - as you can see, quite a few clouds already, so I think the chance of rain today will be higher than 30 percent.

1,052 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_18_07:57:15.879:
Nice spoken Kynitekia !!

1,051 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_18_07:27:40.922:
GOOOOOOOD MORNING CHC WATCHERS! It looks like another fine day in beautiful Colorado. Temperatures right now are at 64 and should rise to around 78 today. Thirty percent chance of showers for today, so bring an umbrella to the construction site! G-R-A-S Radio, Where The Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

1,050 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_21:06:38.993:
advanced technology extended, the most common type of computer motherboard

1,049 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_19:00:13.500:
hehe. it stands for "automatic trans-axle". My car is a show car, therefore i have no use for a stick shift. - Kynitekia

1,048 - (ppp-71-136-80-123.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_18:47:52.456:
BUSTED!! And I owe you 10 blades...H1000

1,047 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_18:31:53.169:
aha! i know where u got the info now! you googled Kynitekia and one of the results was my nickname from Cougardb dot com. From there you accessed my profile and then broadcasted it across the WGG network. Good work, Mr.1000 that was quite the detective work! I suppose that my far previous statement encouraged you to persue this source of information known only as the world wide web. I just might do the same to you. hehe. - Kyniteka P.S. 10 grass blades says you dont know what ATX means.

1,046 - (ppp-71-136-80-123.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_17:21:10.840:
Now that Mr G has that satellite dish working for us, it's easy to find out anything about anyone around here Mr KY. I just aimed it at Sioux Falls. It's a 1999 ATX 2.5L V6 Rio Red. I told you, the WGG Crew got no secrets from each other...H1000

1,045 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_17_11:22:37.836:
naw its a 99, im only 16 =). But since everyone found out about it, maybe ill take some pictures with it on my lawn and send it in to mr grass.

1,044 - (218-101-75-197.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_17_03:47:37.459:
Chuck E Cheese? What is Chuck E Cheese? We don't have that in NZ. It sounds like some kind of edible projectile. You know, like, FINALLY THE FOOD THAT YOU CAN REALLY PLAY WITH! CHUCK E CHEESE! BUY IT TODAY! I really hope it isn't. Because that would be disgusting. Happy Birthday for 2 days ago, anyway, Kynitekia! I don't go on here often because internet connections are really slow and rediculously expensive in NZ, so I'm in silent protest by remaining with dial-up. K, then. Heard you got a Cougar as well. Mean. Is it a '71? They're cool ---NZ

1,043 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_17_02:08:05.114:
I Miss the Grass Cam so much !!!! When is it repaired?
Mr. Grass replies at 08:49 - Replacement is due to arrive early next week ...

1,042 - (host-130-12-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_16_21:18:10.650:
lol, how in the heck did you know that I own a Cougar? - Kynitekia

1,041 - (ppp-71-136-45-70.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_16_17:40:44.749:
Mr G, it's cool watching the house go up. The mountains and clouds are beautiful over there. But I gotta tell ya, I'm missing the grass cam bad!! If it's a money problem, let us know. I'm sure we could all kick in some bucks. All except for Mr KY, he spent all his on that darn car!!...H1000

1,040 - (ppp-71-136-45-70.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_16_17:33:36.183:
Mr Ky, ya gotta stop spending all your money on that Cougar. I hear tell it's already the sweetest car in town. And you're NEVER too old for Chuck E Cheese! Brings out the kid in ya...H1000

1,039 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_16_16:14:03.167:
Keep an eye on the house cam. Roof trusses are going up!
Update: House Framing pictures and nifty framing video.

1,038 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_16_08:34:50.217:
Gooooooood Morning Grass Watchers! It looks like another exciting day at the Custom Home Construction Set, but when Isn't it? So far we have temperature's at a nice 66.7 degrees and winds gusting up to 4.4 MPH. Keep those eyes peeled for the time when the grass cam will be back online, its coming soon! G-R-A-S Radio, Where the Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

1,037 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_22:11:11.789:
I got money....which I already put into my car lol. Chuck E Cheese....hehe little older than that ___) but thanks! - Kynitekia

1,036 - (ppp-71-136-87-242.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_20:16:20.775:
Mr KY, you're home!!! How was your B'day? Did you get to go to Chuck E Cheese? What'd ya get? What'd ya get? Happy Birthday Bro...H

1,035 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_19:57:07.508:
a year, and a day. two for the price of one! - Kynitekia

1,034 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_18:43:22.534:
okay here is the real question KY, are you a year older, or a day?

1,033 - (ppp-71-136-87-242.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_18:33:11.075:
So Mr G, how was the Sod Convention in Vegas? And you can spy on me all you want. The WGG Crew keep no secrets from each other...H

1,032 - (ppp-71-136-87-242.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_15_18:26:18.387:
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Mr KY... Happy Birthday to you. Remember, the more candles on your birthday cake, the brighter your life becomes. Hope your birthday is great and somebody spoils you rotten...H

1,031 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_15_08:11:14.974:
Happy birthday Kynitekia - here's your morning grass report. Currently 60F° with high today in the mid-80's with some clouds and slight chance of rain. Grass webcam still down, but lots of action on the home construction cam as workers are walking along the steel beams.

1,030 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_14_22:43:10.146:
just wanted to let you all know that I wont be doin a morning announcement tomorrow, (its my birthday) MR. 1000 can do that one if he wants. - Kynitekia

1,029 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_14_20:16:32.803:
lol THEORY CONTEST!!! WOOT! - Kynitekia

1,028 - (ppp-71-136-88-94.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_14_19:20:21.315:
I'm thinking Mr. G is maybe fibbing to us a little bit about grass cam problems. Y'all remember last weekend he was claiming "camera problems", but was really camping. Now this weekend it's "technical difficulties", and no comments from him since late Friday night. Bet he's in Las Vegas or somewhere having a grand old time and didn't invite us. You can trust us to keep an eye on your place for you Mr G. The WGG crew is tight and trustworthy...H
Mr. Grass replies at 20:06 - Rest assured Mr. Grass is doing just fine and around - Kynitekia's has the right idea - "crack open a can of Miracle Grow and watch that home being built!" Still having technical problems with the grass webcam - sometimes stuff happens - sorry grass lovers. I enjoy reading the various "theories" - maybe I'll have that satellite dish keep an eye on your IP address?!? ;-)

1,027 - (modemcable037.223-56-74.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_08_14_16:06:18.872:
I need grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1,026 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_14_10:51:24.833:
Good Morning CHC Watchers! It looks like another fantastic morning over on the site with a high of 65 right now! But oh no! The grass cam is still down! Well have no fear my fellow enthusiasts, Mr. Grass always delivers, so In the mean time, crack open a can of Miracle Grow and watch that home being built! G-R-A-S Radio, Where The Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

1,025 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_14_09:30:41.990:
Does everybody miss the Grass Cam?

1,024 - (hv.sbgnet.com) wrote at 2006_08_14_08:02:16.753:
deja voodoo is available in the US, but there is a band called gov'g mule that has an album called deja voodoo - its a big circle!! haha

1,023 - (218-101-64-62.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_13_22:48:13.001:
You should see if they sell Deja Voodoo in America. It is very funny. But I'd doubt they sell it ther. It's very controversial, too. Did I mention that? I'm going to shut up now

1,022 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_13_22:41:41.932:
just a little bit. - Kynitekia

1,021 - (218-101-64-62.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_13_22:30:35.331:
The Sabbath Day is also partially on friday. But meh. Black Sabbath is cooler. And Brown Sabbath is even cooler still. Brown Sabbath is an album made by Deja Voodoo, a highly controversial NZ rock band. And they've got a new album out called Back in Brown. Oh, the awful puns. I DO go on a bit, don't I? meh. ---NZ

1,020 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_13_20:54:14.995:
ahhh back from the car show, thats was fun. now back to grass watching. - Kynitekia

1,019 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_13_16:34:24.759:
the sabbath is saturday, not sunday...

1,018 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_08_13_15:38:02.351:
Remember The Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy

1,017 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_13_06:56:33.871:
Miss the Grass webcam to ...!!

1,016 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_19:43:35.508:
Well that house is pretty intense, what with the walls, cement and radar array to watch. Who is spying on who, radar dish??? Huh????

1,015 - (ppp-71-136-52-255.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_19:37:04.651:
Mighty quiet around here today. You all missing the grass as much as I am?...H

1,014 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_12:30:48.620:
its a weekend. i do weekdays. - Kynitekia

1,013 - (ppp-71-136-52-255.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_11:36:01.290:
You're a true gentleman and sportsman Mr KY. I don't deserve to have a friend like you. By the way, what happened to the News, Weather and Traffic this morning? You have a wild night last night and oversleep?..."Mr 1000"..."Wanker"..."H"...You're right, I AM having an identidty crisis!

1,012 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_11:09:11.513:
=). Thanks for the kind gesture, but I couldnt except the fact that you relinquished your title as Mr. 1000 just so I could have it. I already have a title, Mr. KY. I now proclaim that you will be called from this time on, Mr. 1000 instead of H. - Kynitekia

1,011 - (ppp-71-136-52-255.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_12_10:12:00.643:
OK. I'm feeling kinda bad. I don't want to be labeled as a cheater. If you check the times you will see that I did that over a period of 40 minutes and was trying to give you all a chance to join in. Be that as it may, to do away with any controversy, I hereby relinquish my title of "Mr 1000". And, as awesome as a prize as it is, in the spirit of fair play and as a peace offering, I would like to give my lifetime subscription to WGG to Mr KY...H

1,010 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_11_23:53:20.998:
First, no problem on the back-n-forth in the grass blog, but please be sure to keep it friendly. Congrats on post #1000 ... although I have to agree you kinda "cheated" with 9 posts in a row. Regardless, yes, you and all of your friends (plus anyone else that posts a non-weedy comment) win a free lifetime subscription to ... uhhhh ... Watching Grass Grow! ;-)

1,009 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_22:43:36.638:
asssssssss (was finishing K's sentence)

1,008 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_21:07:52.956:
grrrrrr - Kynitekia

1,007 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_19:45:52.523:
Mr KY, say something. Please don't be mad at me!!...H

1,006 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_18:45:03.751:
So, you're saying you're all P'd out, sunburned people driving your cars off a cliff? WOW!! Never knew all that...H

1,005 - (218-101-69-103.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_11_18:30:09.448:
Actually, NZ isn't that beautiful. It's just that there's crap all of us. For instance, if everyone in the world had the same size ecological footprint (standard unit of environmental effect) as a New Zealander, we would need another two Earth's to live in, and we'd STILL be struggling for resources. As for the friendliness of people, we have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world, we are THE highest intakers of metham phetamine (called P here) per capita in the world. We also own more cars per person than anyone else in the world, so we aren't exactly doing wonders for the ozone layer. That's probably why there's a great big hole in it directly above us. I don't think I'd make a very good travel agent, would I? Ah, well, you deserve to know the truth. ---NZ

1,004 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_18:20:40.950:
And thank you Mr Real NZ. You're a real mean dude. We all know that New Zealand is a beautiful country with friendly people. There's always one wanker in the bunch...H

1,003 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_18:14:54.266:
So sorry Mr KY, but I figured it was gonna be you or me. As Jesse Ventura used to say, "Win if you can, loose if you must, but always cheat". You're the one who told me you gotta pay attention around here. Guess I caught you napping. We still buds?...H ("Mr 1000")

1,002 - (218-101-80-183.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_11_18:01:41.393:
Hey, I'm from New Zealand to, and I was just writing in to say that we're not all like that other guy. I think they just read that "blue pills" comment. I mean, if you didn't think it was a joke, it does rather seem like the guy who wrote it was a wanker. I'm sure you're not, though, ...H. He was right about this site being mean, though. mean as a good sense. It's funny, that. Mean can mean awesome, average or bad. hmm. Oh, well. I've kind of said more than 2 cents now. Your friend, the real NZ

1,001 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:50:52.428:
psssshhh. You cheated, i was hoping for the 1k post the REAL way. Oh well. - Kynitekia

1,000 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:19:17.495:
ONE THOUSAND!!! Yippeeee!! It's me!! This a real milestone on WGG! Do I win a prize? Maybe a bag of grass seed or a box of Miracle Grow? How about a years free subscription to WGG? Congrats Mr G. You're a hit!...H

999 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:14:24.773:
....999!!! And here it comes.....

998 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:10:52.530:
....998...real close now. I'm getting excited!!

997 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:07:54.321:
....997...where's everybody at?

996 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:04:43.888:
....996...who's it gonna be?

995 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_17:01:23.227:
....995...countdown is on

994 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_16:58:00.180:

993 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_16:52:00.716:

992 - (ppp-71-136-70-20.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_16:37:40.995:

991 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_11:54:00.753:
excellent! - Kynitekia

990 - (pool-70-110-85-223.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_10:58:09.265:
Construction Cam is back online - YEA!

989 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_11_08:02:28.579:
Buenos Dias Grass Watchers! Im reporting live from the accident site of the CHC cam where it has apparently been disconnected from the internet. Local Grass and CHC authorities say that the culprit might have been the giant wasp out to seek his revenge for being cought on cam. In other news, the weather for right now looks a bit cold at only 67 degrees with winds gusting up to 5.7 miles per hour. Stay tuned to G-R-A-S Radio for the latest in weather and grass! G-R-A-S Radio, Where the Excitement Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

988 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_21:10:44.178:
CHC cam is down....unless the sun is stuck. - Kynitekia
Mr. Grass replies at 11:13 - Yea, problems with the Internet connection at the construction site - hopefully it will be fixed on Friday. And rest assured that even though the grass webcam is down (hardware issue there), the grass is still growing! ;-)

987 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_19:25:33.083:
hehe but of course. - Kynitekia

986 - (ppp-71-136-73-246.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_19:00:28.558:
Sorry. TMI I know. Didn't mean to gross you out and put that picture in your head. I'll try and be more discret in the future. I know that you're a very sensitive guy...H

985 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_18:41:47.107:
The last part kinda scared me...and I cant get it off my mind because there is no grass to watch. -Kynitekia

984 - (ppp-71-136-73-246.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_18:15:57.432:
Please Mr DJ KY, don't wake us all up too early. And I gotta tell ya in advance, I'm kinda grumpy before my cup of coffee and morning dump...H

983 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_17:58:08.257:
lol H that would be funny. Not too hard to do but we'll see. Oh yeah, ive decided to do a "radio" like announcment each morning....that is if I wake up early enough. - Kynitekia

982 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_10_17:51:15.434:
Hilarious suggestion about Frogger - that's a classic game.
Bad News Grass Fans: Technical difficulties with that webcam again - I hope to have fixed by the weekend - in the mean time, you still have the Construction Cam, although it's having some Internet issues.

981 - (ppp-71-136-73-246.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_17:32:32.145:
Hey Mr G, now that we know who Mr KY is, maybe you could have him put some games here on WGG to make it even more exciting than it already is. Keep it simple. Maybe Frogger on your street and Rampage at the CHC. Think you can hook us up?...H

980 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_16:09:14.264:
#977. Pretty sure those are real. - Kynitekia

979 - (cache-mtc-ab07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_10_15:56:00.613:
the sun came out right after the car left....hmmmm

978 - (cache-mtc-ab07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_10_15:53:45.692:
car in drive!

977 - (cache-mtc-ab07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_10_15:48:28.604:
are those mountains real or is it another one of your...props???

976 - (c-67-182-97-172.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_15:36:14.735:
Huge wasp was at constuction site!

975 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_10_10:25:14.634:
Yea, a giant wasp is checking out the construction site.

974 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_10:15:43.766:
10:12:25, sorry. - Kynitekia

973 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_10:13:01.179:
12:12:25 WASP ON SCREEN!!! - Kynitekia

972 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_09:52:07.261:
grass grass rah rah rah

971 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_10_07:28:32.170:
Good Morning Grass Watchers! It looks like another exciting day at the custom home construction site! Weather for today will be partly cloudy with a 20___ chance of rain. That's all I have for you right now, but be sure to stay tuned to G-R-A-S Radio, Where The Excitment Never Stops Growing! - Kynitekia

970 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_10_07:27:45.754:
The House is going up fast pertty soon we will not be able to see the Pertty Moutain's in the background

969 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_09_17:58:56.639:
#949: Yep Kynitekia "another exiciting and fun filled day of grass growing and home building!"
#953: Yea, I own an old ragtop - but don't drive it every day.
Nice steel beams and crane video Mr. CHCD! ;-)


968 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_17:05:03.340:
hey Mr. Grass, you should throw some random props in the yard. I've never seen Hulk on the live cam. - Kynitekia

967 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_16:58:02.737:
lol thats horrible! - kynitekia

966 - (ppp-71-136-83-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_16:07:42.170:
Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, you'll never guess who I ran into at my WGG rehab meeting...Mel Gibson!!!...H

965 - (ppp-71-136-83-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_16:01:34.964:
We wanna watch...H

964 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_15:15:54.102:
I feel like a demolition crew. We are adding on to our garage, so i had to destory my deck. it was fun. but now i have to dig up a bunch of grass....welcome back H. - Kynitekia

963 - (ppp-71-136-83-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_14:50:34.607:
And dang, I've only been away for a short while and check out that house!! That CHC crew ain't messin' around!!...H

962 - (ppp-71-136-83-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_14:47:10.637:
Thank you for the kind words Mr KY my friend. It's good to know that I have a support group to help me through this tough time. And you're right, to heck with Mr NZ, to heck with Wanker. H it is!!! Ahhh, I feel better already!...H

961 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_09_13:02:43.762:
Steel beams are onsite. Watch for crane action any minute.

960 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_11:25:46.760:
hey there uh H. i simply refuse to accept the New Zealanders name for you. Weve decided to start a rehabilitation program featuring grass and construction that should help you H. I realize that you are going through an identity crisis but grass cures all - Kynitekia

959 - (ppp-71-136-83-163.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_10:07:21.102:
Hello Mr G, Mr CHCD, Mr KY, everyone. Just checking in. I've missed you all. I'm doing well. I've checked myself into a twelve step rehab program to help with my WGG withdrawals. Believe me, it's really hard to quit! ...H is no more, I've decided to embrace my new name...Wanker

958 - (adsl-248-176.kymp.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:44:15.581:
Noo! I missed that garbage truck. :D -ecn

957 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:33:15.851:
Yeah i made a screenshot

956 - (d51534A16.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:31:43.168:
they just picked up the garbage:p

955 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:27:58.264:
Ok kewl :) thanks for the update

954 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_09_09:27:08.325:
Keep your eyes out today for some large steel beams to be placed via crane on the second floor.

953 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:24:18.900:
Yeah i saw that but doesnt mr grass have a convertable?

952 - (d51534A16.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:20:51.563:
a few hours ago mr or mrs grass has left the house. probably to his work.

951 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:17:14.980:
Yo when does mr grass leave the house?

950 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_09:03:52.832:
Yeah i know lol its fun to watch

949 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_09_08:45:22.805:
Doing well here, all ready for another exiciting and fun filled day of grass growing and home building. - Kynitekia

948 - (d54C2537C.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_08_09_08:21:29.965:
Hey everyone How we all doing?

947 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_09_06:18:09.361:
Good Morning everyone. I hope we all have a good day! :-)

946 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_08_08_18:16:50.573:
how cool there are some birs playing in the lawn

945 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_08_12:14:48.858:
now that, would be pretty slick! - Kynitekia

944 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_08_11:47:47.800:
I may be relocating the camera. The trick is having it enclosed, but my daughter's playhouse has already been moved to the jobsite and I may locate it in the playhouse. I also plan to put a second camera inside the house so you can watch the work indoors, too.

943 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_08_10:52:29.899:
hey Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude, would it be possible to move the camera back now that the house is framed? We'd probably get a wider prospect of the whole construction. But you don't have to, just a suggestion. - Kynitekia

942 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_08_10:31:44.890:
how exactly is that sick? - Kynitekia

941 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_08_08_09:52:22.124:
thats sick loooooooool

940 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_08_09:49:42.051:
This is going to sound funny but I was watching the sholving sonw video and I notice that in that video in the background I see what appears to be a dog walking by him self just wondering if the dog was walking by himself or was somone walking him or her?? Time stamp is 03/13/06 Around 07:04 to 06

939 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_07_20:35:28.544:
A lot of framing was done today - more at the house framing page including full day movie of house framing.
framing 1
framing 2

938 - (c-24-18-123-114.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_14:49:01.936:
Grass has brown spots - needs watering.

937 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_07_11:47:30.607:
#935: WGG has a full money-back guarantee if you aren't satisified with watching the grass grow and/or get cut.
#936: I'm a happy married family man so no thanks.
BTW, for those that didn't notice, I usually cut the grass vertically (N-S), but today I did it horizonally (E-W) - gotta mix it up to keep it interesting! ;-)

936 - (i-195-137-87-130.freedom2surf.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_11:17:04.687:
Woooo! This. Is. The. Best. Site. Ever. Mr.Grass, want my babies? I may be a guy, but anythings possible ___D

935 - (chtwpe01bba-142177187174.pei.aliant.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_11:16:03.415:
Big f***ing Deal - I want that 10 minutes of my life back.

934 - (69-175-94-228.frdrmd.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_11:03:28.702:
Lawn Mower closeup - thank you Mr. G - must be getting close to mow time.

933 - (chtwpe01bba-142177187174.pei.aliant.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_10:59:53.989:
What is the big deal about some dude cutting his grass?

932 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_10:43:05.812:
i want to see a caterpeg vs toro drag race - Kynitekia

931 - (p4130-ipbfp04kyoto.kyoto.ocn.ne.jp) wrote at 2006_08_07_10:40:29.961:
Number of viewers going up - this lawn mowing must be exciting stuff!

930 - (cache-mtc-ab07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_07_10:12:31.790:
the lawnmower...it appears!

929 - (dsl-52.grp16.tnmmrl.infoave.net) wrote at 2006_08_07_08:38:56.185:
Can't wait to see the grass cut in a couple of hours!

928 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_18:31:51.017:
amen to that

927 - (modemcable078.190-56-74.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_08_06_18:10:02.298:
welcome back grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

926 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_17:28:41.792:
wow! i leave for three days and the CHC cam does alot of cool stuff! - Kynitekia

925 - (pool-70-20-38-14.man.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_15:32:42.965:
Goin Campin?

924 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_15:27:46.702:
come back H!!!!!!! - Kynitekia p.s. WGG wont be the same without your comments!

923 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_15:16:34.298:
Dangit NZ you scared ...H off. Jerk.

922 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_15:00:37.555:
ahhh back from vacation! - Kynitekia

921 - (c-68-39-102-106.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_14:09:13.998:
Yard Sale on the Grass Cam.

920 - (Mix-Orleans-105-2-121.w193-248.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_08_06_13:26:49.714:

919 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_06_12:36:07.191:
Grass Cam is back online!

918 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_08_06_11:56:37.609:

917 - (ppp-71-136-32-119.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_10:45:21.295:
One more thing before I delete myself Mr NZ. In the USA we are more respectful, diverse and polite. We don't introduce ourselves by calling other members of the group names. This was a friendly bunch at WGG and I'll miss y'all...H...DETETE

916 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_09:04:31.564:
No! Don't go H! NZ is crazy. Don't listen to him. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

915 - (ppp-71-136-32-119.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_06_08:18:33.560:
Mean is right Mr New Zealand. Mean is what you are. Sorry everyone, I didn't realize that you all thought I was a "wanker". I was just trying to have some fun and be entertalining. I'll go elsewhere from now on. Bye Mr G, Mr CHCD, Mr KY. Thanks for everything...H

914 - (218-101-69-28.dialup.clear.net.nz) wrote at 2006_08_05_23:19:20.648:
Mean site, Mr Grass! That's New Zealandian for awesome, btw. It'd be cooler if that ...H wanker (that's New Zealandian for idiot) would go voice his fantasies on some other site. You should set up an actual community with accounts, even if it's just so you can delete his one

913 - (dsl-hkigw8-fe02f800-144.dhcp.inet.fi) wrote at 2006_08_05_10:59:29.826:
This is a cool site i never thought it whould be this fun to look when "grass grows"/or to see how theyr doing when they build a house.

912 - (ppp-71-136-72-243.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_05_10:20:56.578:
Welcome to WGG Mrs Reno. I'm so happy that you are here. Seems WGG is fast becoming THE clebrity place to be. Now that I have your attention, I gotta confess, I think you are HOT, and I've always had a terrible crush on you!...H

911 - (dsl-hkigw8-fe02f800-144.dhcp.inet.fi) wrote at 2006_08_05_09:51:12.774:
It's fun to see how fast they build a house

910 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_08_05_08:21:52.396:
Wow this is a crazy website. I wonder why people are addicted to it?

909 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_04_22:37:53.513:
Hi everyone this is Janet Reno errr oops I used my real name, now I will get spam!! Argh!!

908 - (ppp-71-136-46-169.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_04_16:55:16.456:
By the way Mr. G, Mr KY gave you a nice plug over at, well, best not say where, don't want to add to his spam problems. But come on Mr KY, only slightly addictive? You know that we're full on WGG junkies!!...H

907 - (ppp-71-136-46-169.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_04_16:05:25.846:
Sorry to hear about your spam problems Mr KY. That's why I only used my initial...H. Yes, I am the real HH. My problem isn't spam, it's living in this old mansion with a bunch of demanding, half naked bunnies, always 5 or 6 of em PMS'n. And those darn triplets never let me get any sleep. Thank goodness for those little blue pills!..H

906 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_04_14:44:07.086:
Rest assured that if anyone can get it fixed, it's Mr. Grass. Here's a video of the concrete pour of the garage floor.

905 - (host-212-158-235-174.bulldogdsl.com) wrote at 2006_08_04_14:27:42.677:
"Grass Webcam Down" - CODE RED - STAT! You must get that working again Mr. Grass.

904 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_04_13:17:37.384:
Having some misc. technical issues with the grass webcam, so it's offline right now - fortunately, the construction concrete cam is providing quite a view! ;-)

903 - (cpe-24-94-72-100.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_08_04_12:27:57.471:
2nd truck just showed up - saves the day!

902 - (cpe-24-94-72-100.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_08_04_12:25:18.590:
They ran out of concrete!

901 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_04_11:56:05.150:
this is intense theyre pouring cement

900 - (cpe-24-94-72-100.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_08_04_11:46:22.596:

899 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_04_10:17:29.089:
oh, very nice. - Kynitekia

898 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_04_08:51:31.103:
Keep an eye on the construction cam today. They're framing walls that will go up soon and the concrete pumper will arrive later this morning to pour the garage slab. K-BTW, it as 2 car attached, and a 2 car detached. We kept part of the old house as a 2 car "barn" and office, that's where the webcam is, but of course you can't see it.

897 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_22:18:25.887:
wow those bugs flying around on the cunstructo cam looks cool there like these lines.

896 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_19:51:57.032:
H....being the "resident expert" takes just a little knowledge of whats going on and attention to detail. Plus the fact that watching the webcam is so darn addicting. - Kynitekia

895 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_19:33:25.998:
wow! huge house and only a two car garage? or perhaps im missing something... - Kynitekia

894 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_03_18:23:38.240:
Kynitekia - Don't know what to say about those Emails - as noted on the blog, I'd like to send Email spammers weeds for life. Yea, webcam is located above the garage inside the house. Mr. CHCD does have a great location - check out the wildlife near his place last week - here's one picture of a deer that was a couple of hundred yards away.

893 - (ppp-71-136-83-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_17:36:28.576:
I'm not sure, Mr Ky is the resident expert around here, but it appears to be actually located on top of Mr G's garage...H

892 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_17:27:51.054:
where is the webcam actually located?

891 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_17:13:25.990:
Oh by the way all you frequent grass watchers, I know this really isnt relevant but I think this blog is the cause of it. I've gotten alot of emails lately from random people. Most emails are spam, others are well, spam. As any person who uses the same screen name for everything would know, its easy to track down, especially on google, and so to answer some questions, yes I am the real Kynitekia, No im not Japanese or of their descent. Yes i did have a podcast called Generally Electronics and am now a retired podcaster. I hope this will end the pointless emails, sorry to mr grass about this, but they started when i started tagging my posts. Thanks and keep a good eye on the grass! - Kynitekia

890 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_17:08:58.287:
hehe hey at least its usually warm there! - Kynitekia

889 - (ppp-71-136-83-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_17:04:19.750:
Thanks for the video of the rain and water evaporating from yesterday Mr G. You're akways so accomadating. And hello to Mr CHCD and Mr KY from boring old SoCal where nothing as exciting as that ever happens...H

888 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_14:12:27.982:
wow! that house has an awesome view of the mountains! here in SD its all flat...unless you live in the Mt. Rushmore area....but I live on the opposite side of the state, but thats beautiful! - Kynitekia

887 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_03_13:58:28.173:
Sorry guys, the tree is already down.

886 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_03_13:25:19.219:
Keep an eye on the tree on the far right of the screen. The tractor may be knocking it down today (blocks my view of the mountains).

885 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_03_13:21:52.093:
The mysterious sattelite dish is a new hi-tech radar that can pinpoint exactly where thunderstorms will occur hours before it starts to rain. It's an experimental test through August - here's a video of it in action.
satellite dish

884 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_03_13:19:51.922:
#881- That's the opening for the staircase going down to the basement. Sorry, no elevator in this house, we're still young.

883 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_12:54:32.095:
yes, look at the Hulkin' Hummer page, that is Mr.Grass's neighbor's RX-8. - Kynitekia

882 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_03_12:48:18.223:
On the Grass cam 12:47PM 08/03/06 Is that a Car parked on the upper left hand corner of the cam window???

881 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_03_12:44:07.181:
Hey does anybody know what that thing is in the middle of the floow is an elevator shaft or somthin. This is in the construction cam

880 - (213-78-51-154.ppp.onetel.net.uk) wrote at 2006_08_03_12:15:51.443:
cool, will use it when i cant sleep!

879 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:50:11.929:
cool i seen a bobcat on the grass cam then now i can see it on the construction cam :P

878 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:47:38.182:
so what is happening in construction cam? they building a floor or a roof?

877 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:45:21.767:
watch the two cams, alternate is best. the construction cam is really good right now, lots of action. Usually the construction cam is good during the morning and mid afternoon. then the grass cam picks up, but it varies from day to day. - Kynitekia

876 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:42:02.203:
so what is so exciting about this grass?

875 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:41:02.953:
uh thats nice... - Kynitekia

874 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:39:12.521:
i have this earth buddy that is basiclly growing grass out of his head but it takes like a week before it grows :(

873 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:38:46.394:
actually, now it looks more like a fly. - Kynitekia

872 - (px1ht.ok.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_10:35:57.810:
Watching the grass grow is so awsome! i can see cars driving by and everything! were is the webcam located anyways? this house looks fimiliar.

871 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_03_08:32:27.765:
8:31:46 an awesome beetle appears on top right corner of home cam -Kynitekia
Mr. Grass replies at 09:31 - So what KIND of beetle was it?!? ;-)

870 - (h113n2fls305o1043.telia.com) wrote at 2006_08_03_01:15:45.871:
Aww god I missed the action! It's great you make videos though Mr.G so I can enjoy myself :) my own lawn isn't growing to good due to heat :(

869 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_02_22:43:35.841:
The Web traffic/interest in ... uhhh ... Watching Grass Grow ebbs and flows. Perhaps July will be the peak month as interest decreases with the Fall season - who knows - someone send CNN a note about it! On a lighter note, here's a nifty picture of that recent rain - the sun came out and lit it up real nice - how often do you see shadows while it's raining? There's also a video.
rain sun

868 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_19:52:48.828:
Well the hit counter has settled down again... only us faithful grass watchers left...

867 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_19:03:21.996:
of course, I have plenty of ideas. im talkin with Mr. G about one right now. - Kynitekia

866 - (ppp-71-136-102-243.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_18:45:06.598:
OOOOH! And it rained on the CHC site, so we can also watch plywood warp!!! Things are getting exciting again!...H

865 - (ppp-71-136-102-243.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_18:22:25.285:
Do you believe in miracles?!! Now the sun is coming out so we get to watch water evaporate!!! I should have never doubted you Mr G. Ask and ye shall receive...H

864 - (ppp-71-136-102-243.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_18:03:40.216:
Wow!! A few minutes after I submitted that last comment, God spiced it up for you and made it rain!! And the viewership shot up to 20!! A 100___ increase. Someone is watching out for you Mr G...H

863 - (ppp-71-136-102-243.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_17:47:03.282:
Your ratings appear to be down a little Mr G. Only 10 people watching with me right now. Time to spice things up a bit. Maybe an occasional streaker or something. Any ideas Mr KY?...H

862 - (oh-71-2-98-10.dyn.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_13:28:37.317:
Don't put the construction on there. Nobody talks about the grass anymore. I like the grass. Graaaaaaaaaaaaaass.

861 - (oh-71-2-98-10.dyn.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_13:19:18.298:
Who's gonna put away the toy truck?

860 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_02_12:03:33.649:
it looks darker out there most be cloudy

859 - (hv.sbgnet.com) wrote at 2006_08_02_08:45:50.928:
id like to see them take a dance break - all at the same time!! :)

858 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_02_08:40:44.252:
Plenty of work going on at the custom home construction site. - Kynitekia

857 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_08_02_08:20:16.664:
oh oh The recycle Bin is out the truck will be by soon.

856 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_08_01_23:18:06.761:
Read more details on the Boulder custom home construction blog, but yes, there was a lot of action today. Also, the webcam did get a picture of that ghost as can be seen below in the recently added floodlights. Finally, several new time-lapse movies added to the construction cam summary page.


855 - (80-195-52-90.cable.ubr08.uddi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_08_01_20:51:32.363:
Someone/something (ghost?) is at the construction site - was light there before?

854 - (ppp-71-136-71-245.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_19:14:18.644:
JOD: A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, "What is this, some kinda joke?"...H

853 - (222-153-3-155.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) wrote at 2006_08_01_17:17:28.843:
Spoke too soon!

852 - (222-153-3-155.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) wrote at 2006_08_01_17:12:03.825:
Rain on the construction site but none at grass grow?

851 - (adsl-69-209-208-154.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_15:40:35.851:
Don't Drop the Wood on the Dudes.
Mr. Grass replies at 15:53 - Hopefully, it's just the webcam perspective making this look a bit more ... interesting.

850 - (D-128-95-49-220.dhcp4.washington.edu) wrote at 2006_08_01_14:58:55.053:
Now a bunch of guys are just sitting around looking at dirt - bet they wish they had some grass growing there - LOL!

849 - (ip70-160-225-82.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_14:17:25.869:
Double action - bulldozer is dumping dirt now.

848 - (ip70-160-225-82.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_14:02:57.590:
WOW - that's cool - dig baby, dig!

847 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_13:53:24.735:
ooooh backhoe working! - Kynitekia

846 - (h113n2fls305o1043.telia.com) wrote at 2006_08_01_12:39:55.615:
Mr. Grass you are my idol! If it weren't for the fact I live in sweden, I would get your autograph for sure! - Pierre

845 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_08_01_11:07:03.470:
I've updated some misc. Grass Grow stats - summary for 2006 as of July 31st is 2,590,223 webcam images taken, 481 GBytes of bandwidth to serve 285,972 unique IP's, and 842 comments on the grass blog - WOW!!!! At this rate, sometime in 2007, over a million people will have ... uhhhhh ... watched grass grow - someone let Leno/Letterman know! ;-)

844 - (user81.johnharveytoyota.com) wrote at 2006_08_01_09:45:58.098:
Lotta work at the construction site today.

843 - (c-67-162-244-170.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_08_01_00:08:31.732:
Dallas loves the grass!...I'm working on mine but too hot :(

842 - (dial-5.r4.scmcnr.InfoAve.Net) wrote at 2006_07_31_20:53:06.942:
out of curiousity, where is everyone from? South Carolina :) love watchin the grass grow. keep it up :)

841 - (user-0cej5kf.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_07_31_20:30:14.455:
Getting Dark - we need a light on the grass!

840 - (ADijon-153-1-37-18.w83-203.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_07_31_16:54:34.425:
Crane action at Construction site

839 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_31_16:25:02.794:
naps are good. dream of good weather for grass growing....and maybe it will come true! - Kynitekia

838 - (ppp-71-136-107-17.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_31_16:16:50.111:
I meant WGG not WWG,sorry. See, I really do need a nap...H

837 - (ppp-71-136-107-17.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_31_16:14:26.150:
Hello Mr G, Mr CHCD & Mr KY. Just checking in. Sorry, I can't think of anything witty to say today. I'm a little pooped from a exciting weekend of WWG and CHC and need a nap...H

836 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_31_15:53:35.255:
of course! how else do you think that they make new cement? - Kynitekia

835 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_31_14:22:17.172:
does the drivway need water too!?!!

834 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_31_12:51:10.354:
The weather sounds pertty good where your At MR.Grass. Here it is 98 Humidity is 95___... I went through 8 Bottles of water and I have a desk Job :D

833 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_21:44:10.886:
wat poem? o btw, i live in SD - Kynitekia

832 - (ppp-71-136-62-22.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_21:14:12.802:
And I am so thrilled that you liked my poem Mr G. Wow, I made it on the WWG page!! My life is complete!...H

831 - (ppp-71-136-62-22.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_21:03:45.064:
Well thank God Mr K that I live in normal Southern California...H

830 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_21:01:36.100:
its just a typical colorado day. - Kynitekia

829 - (ppp-71-136-62-22.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_21:01:08.457:
OMG!! I used to come here to just relax and watch grass grow. Now there's houses going up, wild animals, rumors of aliens, government coverups. What's going on around here Mr G?...H

828 - (d146-17-17.home1.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_19:11:05.658:
i believe the satellite is for negotiating rent with aliens, and the construction workers are secretly working with the government, trying to build the best house possible for our intergalactic neighbors. but i could be wrong, it could also be used to signal the satellite orbiting earth to drop a 500 megaton nuclear bomb, and kill everyone, and everything on the planet. but who knows... p.s. where is the grass, and the house being built? anthony

827 - (h113n2fls305o1043.telia.com) wrote at 2006_07_30_18:12:31.249:
Wow watching grass grow can surelly stimulate your braincells! I've decided that whenever I'm going to listen to music, I'll listen to it while watching that beautiful grass grow! Also, the construction site camera is funny too watch to when they're actually out there working. It's great with the eight hour timedifference so I can watch them work before I go to bed ___:) - Pierre

826 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_16:50:26.413:
ya know, I had my doubts about the whole "house" part of that building. I believe that the "house" is a government coverup for a large military base. For wat purpose would this be used for? watching tv of course! look at that dish! I wonder how many channels! - Kynitekia

825 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_30_16:35:42.570:
#824- I'm not sure. I've never paid much attention before, but courtesy of Mr. Grass's camera with 10x optical zoom I 'm a bit concerned. That's some satellite dish.

824 - (dialup- wrote at 2006_07_30_15:35:44.325:
re sattellite dish - is the government monitoring your home construction project?

823 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_30_13:20:42.052:
Some time-lapse movies of a construction crane, a nearby active satellite dish, and an entire day have been added to the custom home construction excerpts.
construction crane

satellite dish

822 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_12:40:04.410:
lol that is awesome - Kynitekia

821 - (ppp-71-136-62-22.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_30_08:22:28.294:
I've cancelled my Netflix.. Showtime and HBO... Who needs all that... When you can Watch Grass Grow!...H
Mr. Grass replies at 8:41 - WOW - that says it all - I quoted you on the About WGG page! ;-)

820 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_22:08:15.529:
hey thats pretty slick - Kynitekia

819 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_29_21:58:36.046:
Yea, I dragged the Caterpeg out there - we are going to use it to move the monster pile of dirt out there ... but we ended up watching some great wildlife instead - see that URL for more pictures, but here are a few.
webcam caterpeg



818 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_20:29:22.420:
That Caterpeg sure makes its rounds, it is back on the lawn now! :)

817 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_18:23:19.252:

816 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_18:06:34.952:
maybe he was leaving his house at 600 - Kynitekia

815 - (host-65-126-252-34.dscicorp.com) wrote at 2006_07_29_18:03:43.248:
Haven't seen you out there yet Mr. Grass

814 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_29_17:36:34.225:
Mr. Grass and a couple of kids are going to wander out to the construction site around 6:00 - look for us!

813 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_15:10:42.919:
I dont suppose youll pay airfare from South Dakota to Colorado? lol -Kynitekia

812 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_29_15:06:10.323:
I appreciate the welcome guys. I hope the house cam isn't too big a distraction from watching the grass grow. If you've got dual screens, though, you could always pull them all up at once. And, if it's not too much sensory overload you can check out the Boulder Custom Home Blog where i've got a second camera view on the house (for now you have to hit f5 to refresh the images). I'll let you know when the party will be.

811 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_14:45:34.648:
you bet ill bring the drinks! - Kynitekia

810 - (ppp-71-136-62-85.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_14:31:39.278:
I wasn't finished, please stop interupting. Mr CHCD, looks like you are going to have a beautiful home with an awesome view. I'm really looking forward to the housewarming party. I'll bring the chips, #808 will bring the drinks...H

809 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_29_14:24:03.889:
I dont know what to watch.the grass or the house there both so exciting.Im used to coming on and just watching grass.from the UK

808 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_14:12:38.830:
ill drink to that, welcome Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude and your webcam

807 - (ppp-71-136-62-85.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_14:11:04.533:
By the way, I feel that we have all been rude by not formally welcoming Mr CHCD onboard, so on behalf of myself and all my fellow comment makers, Mr CHCD, we welcome and embrace you...H

806 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_13:41:28.496:
ive been busy workin on another video

805 - (ppp-71-136-62-85.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_29_12:02:09.557:
What's wrong everyone? No comments for almost 4 hours. Are you all as overwhelmed and confused as I am now that there are TWO things to watch at the same time? My head is just spinning!...H

804 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_29_07:58:39.083:
Check out the construction cam this morning. The boom truck is moving around the joists and a steel beem.

803 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_19:30:45.580:
thanks for posting my video, Mr. Grass. I have another large one coming!

802 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_28_19:23:31.830:
#801: I'll have to make sure my wife reads what you wrote! BTW, special thanks to Kynitekia who sent me this video of me mowing the lawn set to music - sweet!

801 - (ppp-71-136-38-55.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_16:47:06.393:
Wow Mr G, I just watched the video of you mowing your grass and I must say, you're looking really buff. Have you been working out?...H

800 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_07_28_16:46:40.232:
And there goes a black one! Okay, that's enough grass for one day for me!

799 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_07_28_16:41:55.654:
A white car just drove past!!!

798 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_28_15:48:52.237:
Mr. Grass was just having some "fun" with Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude by making him think his house was upside down. Gravity has been restored back to normal! Note the guy in the picture who is "holding on to his pants" after being turned upside down ... ;-)
right side up

house upside down

797 - (ip-85-160-236-38.eurotel.cz) wrote at 2006_07_28_15:30:09.649:
That WILD!

796 - (adsl-69-228-207-222.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_15:23:33.122:
Gravity reversed - the contruction site is upside down!!!

795 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_28_14:41:10.681:
Thanks for the "support" #793. WOW, we a had a LOT of lawn mowing today - check out the video ... and Grass Fan Kynitekia is working on a version set to music!

794 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_28_14:24:42.766:
i like the angle on the czmera. offers a nice shot of the grass in conjunction with the neighborhood. i saw a guy on a bike go by for longer than a snipet.

793 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_13:38:00.963:
I appologise for my rude countryman.

792 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:44:28.246:
inappropriate comment there pal

791 - (ip565265e4.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:21:16.962:
I missed it - did he have big man-boobies?

790 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:14:47.539:
wow good job! i saved all the pics and im gonna make a time lapse video

789 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:13:02.005:
you can still see the slip-n-slide marking on the lawn.

788 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:11:57.628:
Good job- But you should've mowed your lawn whilist the big company people were mowing your neighbor's.

787 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:06:07.588:
Heynow! There he is!

786 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_12:04:06.437:
He's supposed to be SHIRTLESS!

785 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:59:26.156:
1 minute to go!

784 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:54:11.670:
Lawl, there was a fly on the construction site camera.

783 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:53:09.907:
it's show time!

782 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_28_11:50:13.288:
Yea, tons of action at the neighbors with their commercial lawn services - maybe those guys heard about the mowing the lawn today at Noon being broadcast live on the Internet? Needless to say, I mow my own using that Toro in my front lawn - going outside in about 10 minutes.
other mowers

781 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:48:05.375:
tons of action in the 'hood! mailman, riding lawnmower across the street... awesome!

780 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:45:37.857:
oh good! they arent!

779 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:44:47.504:
Lots of mowing action out there now!

778 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:43:20.557:
lawn care flub? are they mowing your grass?

777 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:42:42.427:
They're not here to work on Mr Grass' lawn, right?!

776 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:39:11.021:

775 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_11:15:48.243:
no problem about the camera. WOW! Thats a big house! Whats the price range on it?

774 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_28_10:59:39.670:
#772-. It's too big. About 4700 sqft not including the basement. Sorry about the angle on the webcam. I must have knocked it over this morning when I was adding a second camera.

773 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_28_10:46:44.333:
I added an ALTERNATE button on the main page so you can switch views back-n-forth and keep an eye on both the grass and the house.

772 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_10:36:35.922:
mr custom home construction dude, wat is the sq footage on that house?

771 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_10:30:38.649:
uh oh, its gonna be soggy grass!

770 - (adsl-75-4-184-6.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_10:11:53.683:
Nice zoom in on the lawn mower - gotta be a TORO with that spiffy red paint job.

769 - (71-213-68-108.slkc.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_09:59:48.690:
Two hours to go before lawn mowing - gentlemen, start your engines.

768 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_28_09:14:27.102:
wow guys, 101. lets see how many people we can get before he mows the lawn

767 - (igate.guyers.com) wrote at 2006_07_28_08:39:34.938:
Hello from Ernie's - Watching the Grass Grow is Whoop Ass!!!

766 - (c-67-162-244-170.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_23:43:10.879:
I had to come back...to the grass!

765 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_27_21:14:38.403:
We have a light on the job site so you can stay up all night watching-- nothing. But tommorow morning look out for lots of framing action. The wrong TJIs were delivered yesterday, but it looks like the right ones have arrived so the first floor should be framed in the next day or so.

764 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_21:09:33.115:
not any more

763 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_21:05:13.763:
grass cam is frozen

762 - Mr. Custom Home Construction Dude says at 2006_07_27_17:36:06.480:
Mr. Grass has invited me to comment on his Grass Blog. I'm sorry about the Internet connectivity problems the last two days (it is a construction site though) and I think we have those licked. I'll be adding a light so you can get a better view at night. I also welcome any questions about the Custom Home Construction Cam.

761 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_16:37:43.529:
Re: #758 - Mr Grass: Grass growing SHOULD be the default, after all, it's watching-grass-grow.com NOT watching-house-grow.com... While I realize both are equally exciting, folks come to this site to see the novelty of the grass growing. Please keep the grass as the default image. Perhaps place a smaller static image of the current view from the construction site somewhere on the top of the page. I'm not sure how the construction site was able to infiltrate the grass, but it's very displeasing.

760 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_27_15:48:00.264:
I hope those guys you are zoomed in on are delivering materials, not stealing them. -A

759 - (hv.sbgnet.com) wrote at 2006_07_27_15:18:45.058:
YAY! thanx mr g im addicted to the grass!! we just got dumped on in WI, so hoping the sun will come out there! haha

758 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_27_14:31:22.981:
Having Internet connectivity issues at the construction site, so I made the grass growing view the default.

757 - (ppp-71-136-83-125.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_12:51:22.767:
I'm starting to have grass withdrawals....H

756 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_11:57:36.434:
good call #755, i must have missed that on the grass cam

755 - (adsl-070-145-162-114.sip.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_10:04:16.294:
Home construction looks cool - how long will this take? #754 - he already has the update at 3 seconds - see #752.

754 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_08:48:05.581:
Mr Grass, for the lawn mowing on Friday, do you think you could turn it down to three seconds? And then turn it back to five when you are done? (or just leave it at 3! :))

753 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_27_08:02:30.142:
lookin good, thanks mr grass

752 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_27_07:10:39.031:
I've switched the primary image feed over to the custom home construction cam. And since the Internet connection is stable, I've increased the update frequency to every 3 seconds.

751 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_21:00:41.537:
fast? this 5 second thing is slow compared to what us serious grass watchers are used to

750 - (h-67-100-52-23.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_20:39:31.355:
Ive watched for a day but i think you guys update way to fast fro me to actually notice a difference.

749 - (ppp-71-136-86-40.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_17:30:51.071:
Sup Mr G? You know, since I have been watching your grass grow, I've also been watching that nasty crack in your street grow. Some kid on a skateboard could hurt himself on that thing. Time to complain to the Homeowners Association. You, your family and your neighbors safety are my #1 concern...H

748 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_26_17:09:15.314:
I've grabbed a few snapshots and created a time-lapse video from the custom home construction cam - check it out!

747 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_15:30:31.239:
15:30:10 AGAIN! with the huge riding lawn mower

746 - (h-64-105-238-151.chcgilgm.covad.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_14:23:53.585:
streakers run through the yard.

745 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_14:15:10.797:
14:14:45 man drives on street with big riding lawn mower

744 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_13:57:22.296:
Awesome, thanks Mr. Grass. I even took of my afternoon to watch the mow. (and a movie later on)

743 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_26_13:52:01.497:
Grass Cam will still be active/available - I know that you guys realy, really want to watch that ... plus I have to mow it this Friday at Noon as stated on the site.

742 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_13:29:23.769:
if you switch them does that mean no more grass?

741 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_26_13:25:38.294:
Grass cam is still the primary with the home contruction cam the secondary view. But it looks like the Internet connectivity issues are fixed over there, so I may switch 'em pretty soon.

740 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_11:45:40.425:
what happend to the grass cam?

739 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_09:46:46.877:
dang i missed it again!

738 - (adsl-065-013-048-181.sip.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_09:37:03.183:
Garbage truck just came by

737 - (pool-141-157-95-15.balt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_26_08:24:12.760:
What time does garbage truck come by? House under contruction is cool too.

736 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_18:52:04.994:
Starting to rain.

735 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_18:25:24.957:
wow mr grass, how much rain do you get?

734 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_17:08:15.098:
#722,if you want jokes and pitter-patter, go to the Comedy Store. We're SERIOUS grass watchers around here...H

733 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_17:01:51.613:
Hey Mr grass! I just donated 10 dollars to the Celiac research thingy, its not much but it all adds up. Your doin some pretty slick stuff for you kids, keep it up!
Mr. Grass replies at 18:34 - Thank you for your donation to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research - every little bit helps and hopefully they'll find a cure to benefit my kids and other Celiacs. Donate to Celiac Disease Research

732 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:32:26.838:
You really ARE a gentleman!

731 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_25_16:31:01.184:
You are welcome - BTW, both zoomed-in images are of Juniper Bushes.

730 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:30:02.056:
OK, OK, it's a bush. By the way Mr G, I'd like to thank you for being so kind and considerate and such a gentleman by proving the point and putting a stop to this silly argument. And, oh WOW, from this camera angle, it appears that those rocks might be growing too!!.....H

729 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:22:10.891:
oooooooooooo zooom!

728 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:14:59.521:
I was talking about the tree or bush or whatever it is, in the lower left corner, near the house, not the street. Oh, forget it, never mind. I didn't mean to cause such a ruckus. Go back to wacthing the grass grow for goodness sake.

727 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:10:35.102:
that makes sense

726 - (toronto-HSE-ppp4155337.sympatico.ca) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:08:23.916:
Mr. Grass is showing/proving it's a bush!!!

725 - (adsl-6-4-168.tys.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:08:12.321:
What kind of grass is this anyway

724 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_16:02:07.382:
wow. the camera was moved, now we focus on bushes. i wonder wat for

723 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:59:56.139:
Knowledge is power, power corrupts, so study hard and become evil, and while your at it, watch some grass grow

722 - (adsl-6-4-168.tys.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:59:17.345:
Come on someone must have something funny to say.

721 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:57:00.845:

720 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:52:58.541:
its a bush

719 - (ppp-71-136-78-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:51:59.639:
As entertaining as it is watching the grass grow, what I really find mezmorizing is watching the tree in the lower left hand corner grow.

718 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_15:49:59.534:
haha i can imagine, thanks mr grass!

717 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_14:41:29.064:
yay! i love the little caterpeg. couple questions for you mr grass. 1: lawn looks longer, will it be mowed this week? 2: You should put some random things up close to the camera like you did in June, that makes it much more interesting when nothing else is happening
Mr. Grass replies at 15:38 - Yea, it does need a mow - lets shoot for Noon MDT this Friday, July 28th. If the webcam gets wildy popular again (hundreds of viewers), then I'll consider putting more stuff out there - my (great) neighbors kinda wondered about the stuff I had out there in late June/early July.

716 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_25_14:34:59.306:
#709: I think that black spot was just a shadow.
#712/#714: I've never been to the Mountain Mall, but glad you guys/gals enjoy the show - Email me a picture of you guys digging the grass and I'll put it up.
#715: I just put the Caterpeg back out there for 'ya!
We've had some Internet connectivity problems at the Home Construction site that has caused erratic image uploads - hope to have those fixed by tomorrow - stay tuned!

715 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_14:20:16.106:
What happened to the Caterpeg?

714 - (adsl-6-4-168.tys.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_14:03:01.972:
Mr. Grass, All of us at the Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg, TN. Love your grass! Hey to Adam. Get back to work!!! Can we get a massage. With all 36 hands. Hey to Relaxation Oasis

713 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_13:17:07.026:
13:16:36 where are u going mr grass?

712 - (24-158-202-141.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_25_12:57:33.409:
Mr.grass, integrity designs from gatninburg tn. loves your gr ass!!!

711 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_10:03:31.856:
___---___---- misses the 3 seconds. but understands the delay.

710 - (host-180-10-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_25_09:28:25.374:
bummer, the construction cam isnt workin

709 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_25_05:53:26.637:
What is that black spot next to the news papers?

708 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_24_22:30:28.085:
I mentioned on the web site that something very, very cool was coming. Remember the dude with the Hulk Hummer? I loaned him an extra webcam that he has installed at his custom home construction site - read all about on on his blog. Yea, I figured you guys might be tired of Watching Grass Grow (but maybe not?!?) ... so a little change of scenery would be nice. Both Webcams are operational, so you can flip between the two. Keep in mind that being on a construction site, that one can be a bit more erratic, so I changed the update interval to 5 seconds.

707 - (c-67-186-47-110.hsd1.oh.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_22:17:49.107:
NEW WEBCAM - watching a house being built - who cares - I want to see grass grow - LOL!

706 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_18:43:54.514:
btw, i like your neighbors RX-8

705 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_15:49:12.425:
sweet thanks! you should put some of the best pictures or time lapse vids on cds and sell them!

704 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_24_14:14:48.638:
For those that missed it, pictures of the Hulk'in Hummer from Brass Key are online now along with a time-lapse video.
hulk hummer

703 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_13:49:33.799:
what happened to the update every 3 seconds?
Mr. Grass replies at 14:10 - I was starting to fill up my disk (over 2,000,000 images and counting fast) so didn't think it would be too big of deal if I increased the update interval to 5 seconds from 3 ... but OK - I'll crank it back down to 3 so you can catch all the action of the .... uhhhh ... grass growing!

702 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_13:04:51.000:
dang i missed it all!

701 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_12:27:13.058:
Yay!!!!!!! Lookin good, although, I dont know if I would have parked a vehicle of that size on my lawn.. :)

700 - (ip51cd456e.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_24_12:27:11.688:
Watch out! The Hulk is gonna flip that car upside down :)

699 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_12:12:24.571:
too bad we cant get a side shot of it, or can we?

698 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_11:57:15.160:
3 minutes, where is the hummer??

697 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_11:43:33.096:
hulk wasnt there a moment ago!!!! :)
Mr. Grass replies at 11:47 - Here's a picture of the Big Green Guy with the Puny Human Caterpeg
hulk caterpeg

696 - (c-67-161-80-169.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_11:11:55.880:
Looking forward to see the Hummer at noon - can you zoom in to give us a good view of it?

695 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_07:06:42.036:
It looks as though its almost ready for another mow."On your marks," "get set," "go"! Luke.

694 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_24_07:02:22.575:
Hi Alek,Luke here.Very hot still,and I am on my school holidays now :D I have just got a kitten,she is 9weeks old and very cheeky. your grass is looking great today!Luke.

693 - (c-68-85-158-185.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_23_20:52:43.695:
Are those solar lights or elecrical powered ?

692 - (modemcable078.190-56-74.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_07_23_15:12:08.041:
Go kids Go Slide

691 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_23_15:11:30.313:
the neighborhood is alive again!! kids are cute. have fun on the slip and slide!!!

690 - (d14-69-219-0.try.wideopenwest.com) wrote at 2006_07_23_15:03:58.027:
Fire up the slip and slide !

689 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_23_15:01:36.324:
btw i liked it a lot better when it refreshed faster. your kid just disappeared.

688 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_23_14:59:24.504:
aww they're gettin the slp and slide up

687 - (ip68-97-91-49.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_23_14:59:05.359:
that kid just farted

686 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_23_13:29:41.787:
I have to say the grass is looking lovely.still no rain in the UK so our gardens look like Deserts

685 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_23_08:39:54.525:
OK - grass webcam is back up - we were having some "technical difficulties" ... and yes, the slip-n-slide is still out there since we'll fire it up again today. Notice the nice imprint it left in the grass.

684 - (ip68-97-91-49.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_23_08:12:20.719:
you better not have left that slip n' slide out last night, mister!

683 - (66-168-169-018.dhcp.chtn.wv.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_23_05:22:07.335:
What am I supposed to do without watching grass grow today???Actually go outside? Take my chances with the wild animals and crazy bugs??If something happens to me Im blameing you mister grass grower.

682 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_22_22:52:09.005:
Everything (including the grass) looks better when my wonderful wife is around! ;-)

681 - (24-216-132-226.static.stgr.ut.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_22_20:53:41.384:
Your grass doesn't look quite so good when your wife is away, does it? I bet it oerks up a bit when she returns tomorrow.

680 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_22_16:27:10.969:
C'mon, Mr. Grass, you know you want to slide down there too =)

679 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_22_16:19:04.710:
Wow, what a good time for me to visit this website. I open it up, and there you are, setting up what looks like a slip-n-slide.

678 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_22_09:18:22.844:
#675: Try as I might, I can't seem to locate the exact spot. Maybe I just don't recognise it, or maybe I'm just stupid... :(

677 - (cpe-24-209-26-246.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_18:53:43.930:
I would love to watch the sprinklers some more, but MONK is getting ready to come on. I'm wishing my yard had sprinklers as we've had no rain in weeks and my grass is turning brown. I sent this website to my son & nephew. My mid-20's nephew will probably love this___ for Christmas he bought my husand several packs of Sad Weiner Gum...I swear...mfh249-Ohio

676 - (ip565277fa.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_21_18:46:39.398:
Sprinklers are on - scientists say water increases the rate that grass can grow - lets watch closely and see if that is actually true.

675 - (cpe-069-134-161-101.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_16:54:20.664:
Try again [Mr. Grass shows linked image below]
Mr. Grass replies at 21:57 - WOW - great detective work - how did you figure that out?
Greg emailed me with his incredible deductive reasoning:
1) Watched the site for high noon (when the shadows are the shortest). Was able to calculate the ~longitude for where the sun was overhead at that time. It's obvious that the webcam is facing basically north.
2) Measured the length of the shadows at various times (in pixels). Made a guess as to the physical length based on these measurements. Knowing the date and angle for the earth was able to calculate the ~latitude.
3) From the martini picture of the two ladies (looking west, mtns in the background) there is a house and then a street to the left (south). Your street bends slightly northwards past that.
4) Searched around the long/lat on google maps til I found it.
Mr. Grass adds - That Google satellite picture is from Summer/2002 when we had the big draught in Colorado. The guy across the street was selling his house, so he watered the heck out of his lawn to keep it green.
2002 google maps

674 - (cpe-069-134-161-101.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_16:51:16.275:
Here's a slightly different angle LINK DELETED

673 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_21_16:46:08.562:
Someone moved the camera, now its "watch driveway radiate heat"

672 - (dyn-160-39-250-186.dyn.columbia.edu) wrote at 2006_07_21_16:43:24.352:
Monster delivery truck with forklift.
Mr. Grass replies at 18:17 - Had two thousand pound bags of Gravel Rock and 30 bags of Bark delivered as can be seen in the time-lapse video
#670: I could not tell either.
#671: The lights on the right side are metal, so they will evetually start rusting ... but that will take a while since they are painted.

671 - (ppp-71-136-34-52.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_21_15:44:13.071:
Wow, there really is a "Watching Paint". I was joking when I submitted #655. Guess I'm gonna have to get another monitor so I can be spellbound by both at the same time. Is there a "Watching Cars Rust" too?..H

670 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_21_12:46:25.410:
12:45:43 was that a guy on a skateboard with a dog pulling him? Kinda hard to see.

669 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_09:44:32.338:
Its funny how people like to talk smack but they leave there address they are comming from Unresolvable. Hmm

668 - (67-136-58-194.nrp2fair.roc.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_07_21_09:23:39.657:
#667 should attend some anger-management courses ...

667 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_21_09:11:54.722:
all you guys and the webmaster and the website all of you suck ****s like HELL!!!

666 - (71-214-76-9.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_21_09:06:00.705:

665 - (BSN-61-6-50.dial-up.dsl.siol.net) wrote at 2006_07_21_08:55:35.444:
OMG This is ****! :D :D

664 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_05:06:28.415:
Correction Under 644 Mailman Description Sorry

663 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_21_04:59:22.963:
Regarding Comment 643---Could of fooled me, kinda looks like Bill Gates in a mailmans outfit. :)

662 - (catv-50639062.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_21_02:09:15.407:
#644 : maybe #632 is a travel or a holiday. I hope it is not a divorce :) Today I also go for a holiday, so I will miss your grass for 2 weeks. I think a lot of thigs will changew when I come back.
Mr. Grass replies at 07:57 - The animated GIF in #623 is all "good" - no worries. You are quite a fan of watching grass grow per your prolific blog entries and 8+ hours/day of viewing. Enjoy your vacation and maybe you'll see some green stuff on that! ;-)

661 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_20_21:58:44.655:
#646: Enjoyed your "THIS PAGE RULES" compliment - thanks!
#647: Yep - looks like it was a red one per your timestamp.
#651: Glad I could help out.
#657: That's FUNNY ... but you are going to get in BIG trouble ... but do send me the URL when you have it up. BTW, I'm not sure you want more hits - this site pushed over 16 GBytes of grass stuff yesterday alone!
#660: I'm fortunate to live in a great family neighborhood.

660 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_19:42:37.090:
apparently ur kids, both dressed in the same maroon shirt, decided to dump the water out of the caterpeg's bucket. then went inside. it also seems like your neighborhoods activity revolves around your kids. when they were out, people were walking on the other side of the street, on your side, some people were pushing a stroller or two and some people were biking. when the kids went inside, the action abruptly stopped.

659 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_18:48:46.505:
shucks! i saw kids and people!

658 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_17:51:01.455:
lol thats horrible. yet funny

657 - (ppp-71-136-50-21.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_17:50:07.514:
Mr G, you've inspired me! My wife has been putting on a few pounds lately, so I'm going to aim a camera at her and name my blog "Watching Ass Grow". I bet I'll get more hits than you. Whadaya think?

656 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_17:46:35.607:
i thought it was watching paint dry? and does mr grass do that thing too?
Mr. Grass replies at 22:02 - Mr. Paint and I have known each other for a long time - good guy - and he can wield a brush & airgun like you wouldn't believe! ;-)

655 - (ppp-71-136-50-21.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_17:04:18.379:
Wacthing this site is so much more exciting than that boring "Watching Paint Peel" blog.

654 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:54:02.699:
awwww the rain stopped. cool tho cause now we get to see the evaporatio!!

653 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:52:09.143:
pink? wats that

652 - (ppp-71-136-50-21.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:50:41.909:
Oh by the way, which one is Pink?

651 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:34:23.108:
I have to thank you for creating this site. i live in an apartment so i dont have my own front yard. when i look out my window i see kids running amuck on the community property. its nice to have a window into someone's front yard where i can relax and watch th grass grow. a lot of the yard privliges, none of the maintenence.

650 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:15:52.109:
#643: I mow when the grass has grown too much - should I pre-announce the next time I do it? Please! I would love to see that

649 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:11:24.699:
coool its raining again. i need to move there, cali never rains

648 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_16:05:18.309:
oh ah, it's raining again.

647 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_15:54:13.276:
15:53:41 Was that a Ford Fusion?

646 - (y222.ip5.netikka.fi) wrote at 2006_07_20_15:39:54.472:

645 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_15:37:22.155:
lol thats horrible, i could never diss my mailman

644 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_20_15:28:00.043:
#623: Responded to your spot of the "mystery girl with the suitecase leaving at dawn" - as noted below, any idea what this might be?
#625: Total number of viewers (unique IP's) who have .... uhhhh ... Watched Grass Grow is not over a million yet, but is approaching that number - spread the word! ;-)
#643: I mow when the grass has grown too much - should I pre-announce the next time I do it?
WRT Mailman: Here's a picture of him, and while you guys might thing he looks HOT, I think he looks a bit geeky.


643 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_15:04:15.244:
Mr. Grass. how often do you mow?

642 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_20_15:01:45.352:
#603: Since you have me an exact timestamp, I pulled that image from the archive - scroll down to see my reply and picture underneath your comment.
#611: Guess I must have missed a patch of grass - you got amazing eyes!
#617: Take it easy on those mushrooms - I clip 'em with the mower.
#619: There's a lag on the measurement/display of rainfall - as you noted, the realtime webcam view is a quicker indicator
#621: I could not find anything in the image archive showing a group of people walking by with torches - need an exact timestamp.

641 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_14:22:38.383:
haha. wow, thats quite the question

640 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_14:20:33.430:
Hey Grassman - is your mail lady hot ?

639 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_14:00:19.995:
hey a denali

638 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_13:45:43.315:
...rain stopped.

637 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_13:20:51.449:
Seems to be raining now...

636 - (ip503cdd9c.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_20_12:43:53.936:
What was that ? a postman ? nice ass :D

635 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_12:21:00.302:
The Caterpeg moved from the lawn to the driveway! Hopefully, no one will hit it with a vehicle!

634 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_11:59:30.169:
What the heck... Somone with a green? wheel barrow just walked by at 11:57Am 07-20-06..??? hmm wonder where he was goin with that?

633 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_20_11:57:26.710:
Cool Motor bike just flew by

632 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_10:38:03.943:
must be cloudy

631 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_10:22:27.338:
flat bed truck went by, it had to be going fast. slightly illegal on a residential street.

630 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_10:18:24.151:
whens the lawned gonna be mowed again?

629 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_07:31:50.014:
newspapers already collected

628 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_06:28:14.501:
walking two small white dogs on the other side

627 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_05:54:28.883:
and when will they make a schedule about the regular activities of the family and the street...

626 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_05:51:15.855:
and when will fans locate the house...

625 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_20_05:47:09.719:
I wonder how many neighbours know about this webcam and do crazy things to be seen by milions, I mean thousands, euhm hundreds, okay tens of people from all over the world?

624 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_05:33:36.325:
a white car going zig-zag in the street

623 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_05:28:44.493:
A girl pulling a lugagge has left through the driveway
Mr. Grass replies at 15:22 - Ummmmmm ... now THIS is interesting per the time-lapse GIF below - anybody have any idea what this is about? Animated GIF's are huge, so below is a compressed image - click here to see a slightly better quality version, although with the low light, the image quality ain't that great.
lady with suitecase

622 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_20_03:57:44.037:
wow! I wanna see that!

621 - (203-206-117-87.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_07_20_01:53:19.987:
A group of people walked past with torches!

620 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_20:24:15.991:
was that really rain or sprinklers?

619 - (71-84-211-214.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_20:23:28.746:
fyi the weather thing doesnt work right. i watched it rain on your house.

618 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_20:19:50.263:
ya never know

617 - (ppp-71-136-78-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_19:58:00.720:
Thank you. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or perhaps just the mushrooms kicking in.

616 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_19:52:43.033:
i dont believe it is. perhaps it was missed the last time the lawn was mowed

615 - (ppp-71-136-78-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_19:51:12.248:
Stop changing the subject. Is that one blade of grass growing faster than the others or not? And does it really cost two cents to submit a comment? WOW, Mr Grass, you must be getting rich off of this site.

614 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_19:34:34.618:
19:34:16 lady pauses and looks at the house with a stroller

613 - (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_18:34:32.525:
i was watching the driveway dry

612 - (ppp-71-136-78-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_18:20:41.901:
No reply after 45 minutes. I guess maybe most of the people watching this site can't count that high.

611 - (ppp-71-136-78-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_17:31:25.129:
If you go to the far right corner of the lawn and count to the left 107 blades then count back toward the house 324 blades, there is a blade of grass that seems to be growing faster than the rest. Do you see it?

610 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_17:30:25.543:
The door has thankfully been closed as the purple sedan departs with the two boxes. A VERY swift departure! AND WHAT ALMOST was an accident in the street! Unbelieveable action!

609 - (ppp-71-136-78-144.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_17:28:24.991:
Who left the car door open?

608 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_17:28:23.891:
The purple Dodge Intreped from earlier today arrived, and a man in a white t-shirt and shorts removed items from the rear seat of the vehicle, leaving the door open, and loaded a large box moments later, leaving the door open once again...another box loaded into the vehicle, and the door was closed.

607 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_17:17:15.779:
Blue mini van arrived, picked someone up and departed swiftly.

606 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_16:53:22.110:
a scooter in the street

605 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_16:49:12.022:
a man wearing hawaii-stlye shirts turned the Caterpeg. finally we can see the other side of it too :)

604 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_16:47:08.617:
family car arrived, I guess the kids are home

603 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_16:45:00.512:
Earlier a I saw a really strange vehicle. A pickup pulling something, maybe a quad-bike. It happened exactly at 8:50:27 2006/07/19
Mr. Grass replies at 14:58 - Having a timestamp makes it pretty easy to pull from the archives - looks like a pickup carrying some garden equipment.
quad wheel

602 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_14:20:32.210:
empty recycle cans removed

601 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_13:45:58.069:
mail car in the neighbour?

600 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_13:43:49.375:
I hope, that Mr.Grenn will include a pic, os a small comic somewhere in the site ___)

599 - (cpe-66-91-27-181.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_13:41:13.727:
Truck drove up. Man got out. Picked up recycle. Dumped it in truck. Put it back empty on sidewalk. Drove away. It was INCREDIBLE - too bad you missed it.
Mr. Grass replies at 14:11 - That pretty much summarizes what happened per the time-lapse video of the recycle truck
recycle truck

598 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_13:37:25.539:
Oh, I missed it. What was it like?

597 - (cpe-66-91-27-181.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_13:35:45.783:
Recycle pickup

596 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_19_12:56:44.749:
For those that missed it, watch water evaporate in the video replay ... and as a bonus, I was also mowing the front lawn at the same time - too much double excitement! ;-)
water dump

595 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:32:08.259:
Purple Dodge Intrepid departs frantically away from growing grass...

594 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:29:54.386:
Purple car is dramatically distracting my view of the growing grass.

593 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:28:31.094:
purple car in the driveway

592 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:27:37.958:
It looks like its time to get that blower out. There are some grass clippings oon the corner of the driveway and it looks like you have yet another visitor

591 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:13:25.578:
Great ... indeed 15 minutes!!

590 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:12:08.094:
the whole action was awesome!

589 - (exchange01.bladeweb.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:10:03.385:
That is what happened

588 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_12:07:59.468:
I think it is going to be soooo funny, if all it turns out to be is the water got dumped out of the trash can and into the driveway. All this big fuss for that. It would be true comedy :D We will see though

587 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_19_11:59:42.721:
YEP ... and stand by for evaporation demonstration - my guess is it will take about 10-15 minutes!

586 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:58:41.144:
Caterpeg moved, so the SHOW is about begin. We expact 400+ viewers today. Gentleman start your lawnmovers! :)

585 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:56:19.217:
nice comic of the trash :) right now Mr.Grass is washing the inside of the trashcan with a hose

584 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:55:45.364:
fillin the trash can for the water evap, cool!

583 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:54:26.930:
I see that the blue trash can got moved up the driveway.. Funny:) so much attention is directed toward the garbage. :D

582 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_19_11:46:33.422:
Here's the play-by-play on the garbage pickup. I was a bit close with the zoom - will try to do better next time.
#581: So how much are you being paid to watch grass grow?!?

garbage pickup

581 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:36:44.725:
I just thought I'd let you know, I'm being paid to watch grass grow

580 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:23:20.120:
#579 thanks. we don't have such things here is Hungary :(

579 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:21:48.408:
the additional trash appears to be recycling containers, which will be removed by another vehicle later!

578 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:20:34.072:
wow! superclose trash-action! it really worths watching. did they leave the additional trash on the sidewalk? Mr.Grass pulled back the empty trashcan

577 - (ti500710a080-10938.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:19:25.381:
YES! Agree

576 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:18:45.138:
That was AWESOME!

575 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:17:49.729:
we could clearly see that (by the signs) that the trash-containers was pulled _through_ the grass

574 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:15:33.354:
Now the stain is completely out of view. Perhaps it wasn't important. Clearly, the cam operator is anticipating the arrival of a refuse disposal services vehicle. The new camera angle provides the added benift of viewing grass growth in neighboring areas. Fantastic.

573 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:14:02.213:
nice landscape. your grass is the greanest :) trash is waiting

572 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:11:58.832:
I think that is just water. But the picture became completely white for some seconds!

571 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:10:13.502:
Look! Some type of stain left by the mysterious large hose van people. A quick review clearly shows that stain wasn't there before. Is it water? Or something more sinister??

570 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:07:01.617:
Fast and furious - Grass drift :D

569 - (68-122-207-194.ded.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:04:21.992:
Are the caterpeg and the lawnmower about to engage in a DUEL???!? This is thrilling!

568 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_11:01:35.143:
lawnmover parked next to Caterpeg
Mr. Grass replies at 11:04 - YEP - in addition to seeing water evaporate live on the webcam, I'm also going to mow the lawn - two for the price of one - whooopppeeee!
caterpeg and lawn mower

567 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:52:41.432:
Caterpeg zoom x10 :)
Mr. Grass replies at 10:57 - 10X optical zoom is sweet.

566 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_19_10:44:56.836:
Here is a picture of the dudes with the hoses. BTW, I do not have a pool.
dudes with hoses

565 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:39:16.766:
the 3 sec refresh makes it hard to save the images I want. my guess is 'palmium'. I am sure that mr.Grass wil help us find out :)

564 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:37:51.893:
I was trying to zoom in on the logo, but it was not clear enough it may have been premium?

563 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:34:27.168:
yes, I also think that they are leaving. maybe they are _not_ connected to the evaporation anyway. we will see it in 90 minutes. did they have a "Palmuim" logo on the van? we should find out what they do. ___250 visitors :)

562 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:34:15.338:
Van is gone!

561 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:31:14.867:
Around 10:20AM 06/19/06 water is on the driveway the guy shut the doors all but the front door so far and looks like they maybe getting ready to leave??

560 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:27:11.287:
number of viewers growing... it is 170 now, while half ours ago it was just 50. the guys put the big hoses on the grass temporarly

559 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:17:40.173:
the trash-car will also be exciting

558 - (p549E8947.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) wrote at 2006_07_19_10:15:53.445:
This are some big hoses the dude is moving around just now - maybe he is draining his pool and will have the thousands of gallons go into his driveway.

557 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:57:24.929:
maybe they are washing/cleaning the carpets with water and after that they will water the grass too by using the van twice...

556 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:50:39.591:
Hmm there is a guy looking inthe van for somthing, went to the back now going to the side doors, he look like maybe he had some kinda sling shot or somthin. The water evaoration ir about 2 hours from now, it must be pertty big if the van has anything to do with this water evaporation thingy. I like it, it leaves you wondering whats up... 09:50 07/19/06

555 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:42:41.199:
It seems like maybe the van is used for some sort of house cleaning or carpet cleaning

554 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:36:13.950:
zooming in, out and some camera adjustment

553 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:30:53.797:
#552: read #543, #545

552 - (cp542963-a.landg1.lb.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:29:04.111:
What is that wite van doing there????

551 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:21:15.975:
it isn't a simple hose. that's sure

550 - (c-68-48-158-185.hsd1.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:18:43.091:
The evaporation of water at noon must be very complicated - can't wait to see it!

549 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:04:26.341:
lokk = look

548 - (brhm-cache-6.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:02:41.875:
its soo hot in the uk :(

547 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:01:38.255:
the Caterpeg would lokk silly in the swimming pool :)

546 - (brhm-cache-6.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_09:00:12.447:
the guy who owns this house should get a swimming pool be much easier

545 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:59:14.437:
they are installing the watering device maybe

544 - (brhm-cache-6.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:58:04.955:
wot is that guy doing now :P

543 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:56:22.261:
maybe they are preparing for the Water Evaporate at noon

542 - (brhm-cache-6.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:54:18.229:
2 guys near the white van doing something

541 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:51:09.309:
the trash is prepared on the sidewalk

540 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:48:54.881:
there is a big white van parking in the driveway with back doors wide open

539 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_19_08:13:52.520:
Around 8:10AM on 07/19/06 man and women outside van pulls up to drive way trunk opens, guy chatting with people in the van. Women moves the toy back on to the grass.

538 - ( wrote at 2006_07_19_02:43:31.893:
Weedy? Mmm Weed... This is sooo interesting, Highlight of my day really!

537 - (66-168-169-018.dhcp.chtn.wv.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_18_20:13:51.116:
Someone stole your digging thing....CALL THE COPS!

536 - (82-77-102-194.cable-modem.hdsnet.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_19:33:54.514:
i saw a car yet again. this is truly one of the most exciting evenings

535 - (82-77-102-194.cable-modem.hdsnet.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_19:10:02.229:
whoa! was that a ford?

534 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_17:10:00.187:
wow, maybe I saw a silver Mercedes targa

533 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_16:24:43.502:
big black suv

532 - (ca1462-ch01-bl02.ma-cambridg0.sa.earthlink.net) wrote at 2006_07_18_16:01:45.174:
just saw a bird in the driveway & i see the toy has moved,lol

531 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_15:57:53.260:
and a white car

530 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_15:55:42.439:
2 cars in a row :) quite a big traffic today

529 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_15:46:20.167:
a dark green and a light green car

528 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_15:37:50.835:
a big bug in front of the camera!!!
Mr. Grass replies at 15:46 - WOW, what a GREAT spot!!! I've seen birds go by at a distance in the webcam field of view, but have never seen a bug this close - anybody have any idea what kind it is?
bug in webcam

527 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_14:03:21.434:
silver pickup going by

526 - (ti500710a080-10938.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_18_13:56:19.986:
A car passed by

525 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_13:55:46.779:
white car in the street

524 - (68-232-50-152.atlsfl.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_07_18_12:51:48.905:
I want to see someone walk up and steal that tonka truck

523 - (80-192-25-23.stb.ubr05.edin.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_07_18_12:39:13.489:
Great live cam, wish I'd thought of it ___o) Hello from Sunny (today at least) Edinburgh in Scotland. David Thompson

522 - (ca1462-ch01-bl06.ma-cambridg0.sa.earthlink.net) wrote at 2006_07_18_11:58:10.555:
i saw a suv go by.also looks like the grass is almost due for a cut

521 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_18_10:20:37.112:
The Caterpeg moved..

520 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_18_07:38:22.274:
#518/519: I have moved those two sites from Norway to Dutch on the about watching grass grow page. Hat tip to Rik Slagter for the corrections - thank you!

519 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_18_05:58:24.615:
So is Lunaticnews by the way...

518 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_18_05:05:01.668:
By the way, as a sidenote, I would like to add that Flabbergasted is not a Norwegian site, but a Dutch site. Hence flabber.NL. ___)

517 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_04:41:07.478:
paparboy by car!

516 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_18_01:32:03.457:
#515: I don't think so. Plant grow against gravity. Just take a look at a slope.

515 - (24-158-202-141.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_19:37:08.257:
given the right conditions,i wonder if grass could grow upside down?

514 - (adsl-222-80-118.jan.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_17_18:50:10.458:
Gettting darker - clouds coming with rrain maybe?

513 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:55:11.650:
silver SUV arrived home (with the Caterpeg driver, I guess :)) yes! they are already playing with it (4 children)

512 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:52:54.617:
man with black pickup brought a pack

511 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:47:01.087:
it surely does :)

510 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_17_16:45:51.876:
The play-by-play commentary is great ... I never would have guess people would spend all day ... uhhhh ... Watching the Grass Grow!

509 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:38:42.506:
It worhts watching. SUddenly all kinda things can happen. The kid must come home soon...

508 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:28:45.571:
It's finally getting darker after more than 6 hours of watching the grass grow. I am really bored then...

507 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_16:02:25.247:
black car...

506 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_15:34:53.380:
The grass seems greener

505 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_15:28:21.866:
I have been watching the grass grow for 6 hours now.

504 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_15:12:10.531:
silver truck. maybe it is the one, that took the kid in the morning

503 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_14:52:57.069:

502 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_14:45:49.152:
grass grass grassy green grass so green and so er.....grassy!

501 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_14:40:33.097:
oooh a van

500 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_14:20:16.404:
a cyclist in the street

499 - (ti500710a080-10938.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:54:04.198:
Totally agree..

498 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:38:27.405:
I'd like to add that the cam might be turned a bit to the left. We're seeing way to much driveway and too little lawn!

497 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:31:46.863:
the grass will need a lot of water to be beautiful for the viewers

496 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:24:06.001:
It's a little bit colder than yesterday. 29.2___C today. Yesterday the temp was 36___C!

495 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:23:03.490:
big white pickup

494 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_13:20:43.737:
black and white doggiewalk on the other side of the street

493 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:39:47.285:
red car

492 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:33:25.321:
another white car

491 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:30:07.157:
white pickup

490 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:26:07.314:
rollerskater girl

489 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:19:45.873:
This site is err good? Well I am not sure but it entertains me so I guesss so. I don't know why it gets so many veiwers. You can bring a chair to any lawn and watch the grass grow. I guess the site makes the expeirence more exciting or maybe just stupid. Either way it is sucessful because today I saw it reach 128 visitors so we must be bored. Washoing the driveway got alot of viewers.

488 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:15:50.759:
I feel if I am the only one who makes comments now.

487 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:11:42.015:
look at the weather info: it is hot and windy

486 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_12:11:02.659:
the driveway dries fast

485 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:58:10.457:
Wow. I've been watching for 3 hours now.

484 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:56:33.203:
he is washing the driveway

483 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:54:27.263:
I like this site. It is amusing.

482 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:54:22.412:
mr.G is watering

481 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:52:17.621:
silver suv again

480 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:48:13.290:
#479 my record is: 3 cars in a row :)

479 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_17_11:40:43.369:
Oh... my... god..., I saw a car passing by!!! I'm so happy right now. Allright, back to my spaghetti!

478 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_10:08:42.974:
You know what would be kinda intresting...To make a game like, try and locate as many items as you can in the grass and or surronding area.... It may make the time pass by faster for those who are watching the grass grow every minute :)

477 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:27:34.703:

476 - (bzq-88-152-118-129.red.bezeqint.net) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:20:56.452:
the excitement is over... for now...

475 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:19:41.565:
wow, real action! a silver suv took the kid. maybe it was for the kindergarden.

474 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:16:53.828:
now mr.G is talking via the mobile phone

473 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:14:39.547:
it is a real father-and-son moment. a colorful van passed by...

472 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:10:25.623:
now they are playing with the Caterpeg

471 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:08:02.338:
maybe watering the flowers around the garden (next to the sidewalk too)

470 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_08:05:40.367:
father and son in the garden!

469 - (ipd50adcec.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:54:41.464:
d'oh missed it:(

468 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:53:41.335:
it wasn't there earlier, when mr.G collected the newspapers another car pasing by

467 - (ipd50adcec.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:52:14.538:
is'nt that just shadow? from a plant or whatever.?

466 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:51:38.624:
look at that dark line on the right. close to the sidewalk

465 - (ipd50adcec.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:49:33.667:
where?, can't see the tool. 2 peeps walking by

464 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:47:55.543:
is it a garden tool on the right of the driveway?

463 - (ipd50adcec.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:47:16.354:
3 kids rollerskating..

462 - (ipd50adcec.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:43:31.981:
wow, man in white shirt touched the caterpeg WOOT!!!

461 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:43:08.270:
hey, Mr. Grass. What did you do now? I've just missed it

460 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:40:03.217:
white car passing by

459 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:13:15.508:
silver pickup in the street

458 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_07:00:43.705:
a car passing by

457 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_06:58:32.768:
He has just did it and waved for us!!!

456 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_06:56:30.950:
#455 those are newspapars. I wonder when mr.Grass will collect them. And the tractor is called: Caterpeg

455 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_17_06:52:53.895:
Hmm there is a white object..across the street seems to be next to some mailboxes... Wonder what that is? Also notice you go the tractor out..

454 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_06:12:18.997:
2 dogs being walked in the middle of the road. it is dangerous :)

453 - (ti521110a080-10825.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_17_05:55:02.357:
I know that the grass isn't any greener on the other side. That was what I said, right? This grass is the best grass in the world. Did you know that they sell the grass from the soccer-thing where VM was played? Just a little bit of the grass costs alot of money. When this little experiment is ower I think the grass should be sold. Don't make it cheap!

452 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_05:20:43.168:
has the Caterpeg spent the night on the grass?

451 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_05:13:48.590:
and a 3rd one :)

450 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_05:11:42.639:
another flashlight

449 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_05:03:38.244:
big lights from a car!

448 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_17_02:59:16.425:
waiting for the paperboy... :)

447 - (dyn-19-128.myactv.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_21:45:17.749:

446 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_16_21:10:45.645:
Since the pre-announced mowing of the lawn was so popular and we have had a 100°F heatwave, I've decided to have a nifty little "experiment" where I'll allow you to watch water evaporate live on the watching grass grow webcam! Swing by at Noon MDT on Wednesday, July 19th to check it out - I assure you it will be pretty cool ... ;-)

445 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_16_21:07:52:128:
#401: Mr. Grass welcomes all of the Internet surfers from Holland/Norway the last few days.
#405: Yea, some people must think my grass weeds are something else - I assure you they are not, so please do NOT report this website to the DEA! ;-)
#420: You can see for yourself if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence - I think not!
#430/433: Glad you find this as exciting as watching the BBC on the Telly - says something about the value of TV, 'eh?!?

444 - (ti500710a080-10938.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_16_17:29:28.490:
Where is this???

443 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_16:04:47.077:
Just checking before going to bed. Groningen, The Netherlands, checking out!

442 - (bzq-88-154-188-93.red.bezeqint.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_15:56:45.973:

441 - (ip51cc7b55.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_14:27:01.488:
Hey, de gele tractor is terug. Of is het een grasmaaier ?

440 - (ti500710a080-3587.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_16_14:13:08.432:
awsome site lol ! checking in has become a habbit :) norway watchin u closely!

439 - (ip503ddb4a.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_13:36:32.378:
I Love To look The Grass Growing Im From The Netherlands... If Its Here Night Its There 09:00 AM

438 - (dialup- wrote at 2006_07_16_13:05:19.316:
i have been watching grass grow for a couple of days now.i think its very exciting.thanks

437 - (bzq-88-153-242-66.red.bezeqint.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_12:17:17.057:
lol, u guys are sick... =P I watched for about 10 mins, and nothing happenned =( why doesnt anyway drive the caterpeg away?

436 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_16_10:09:08.796:
hehe, it was a man+dog. the dog actually entered the grass

435 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_16_10:06:44.419:
what will happen next? a car or a pedestrian?

434 - (adsl-dc-3580d.adsl.wanadoo.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_09:59:10.498:
heey i think this grass is greener then mine :O

433 - (ti521110a080-3067.bb.online.no) wrote at 2006_07_16_09:54:02.783:
This is the most interesting thing I have ever seen. Almost as good as the BBC-news. Remember: The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

432 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_16_09:51:57.331:
that small toy vehicle is called Caterpeg :) greets from Hungary

431 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_08:30:08.023:
Aaaarrrrrrgh! I missed the paper pick-up again ...also the paper-guy (postman)

430 - (host-80-195-34-28.static.telewest.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_06:16:38.868:
the lads are wtching the golf on the telly, so i'm on this web site and it's about the same really.

429 - (ip-212-32-238-94.access.vinkhuizen.net) wrote at 2006_07_16_05:23:38.781:
The apocalypse is nigh! People watching grass grow on the internet... Where did we go wrong, I ask you.

428 - (ip3e836909.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_02:36:32.695:
lool nice :D hope ur grass grows nice! Greetz from the Netherlands

427 - (cc401732-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_16_02:04:02.290:
didn't see anything at all .... i keep still watching ___-) Grtz. from the Netherlands

426 - (d209-121-202-127.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_07_15_20:21:14.409:
i saw a person walking! i feel accomplished. -peaches

425 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_15:20:27.861:
silver car in the street

424 - (d515232A9.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_15_15:09:20.378:
Thijs, lientje heeft tettn grtz niels

423 - (c-67-162-244-170.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_15_12:31:23.477:
Bikers! I love it

422 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_11:26:07.354:
a cyclist. is it Tour de France in your street? :)

421 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_11:23:58.415:
wow, what a truck!

420 - (ppp-71-136-64-159.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_15_11:14:52.030:
Mr. Grass, since you are the grass expert, maybe you can answer that age old question. Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? Tell me please!

419 - (d515232A9.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_15_10:22:25.561:
kidnapped xD

418 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_10:01:45.891:
another car in the street

417 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_09:52:42.743:
silver SUV arrived home

416 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_09:30:35.986:
two cars in a row

415 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_09:17:01.856:
a UPS car passing by

414 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_08:54:56.397:
a pedestrian

413 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_07:18:50.141:
oops, I missed collecting newspapers

412 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_06:41:26.096:
I figured it out: newpapers :)

411 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_15_06:23:05.069:
what are those white things near the sidewalk?

410 - (c-67-162-244-170.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_22:38:53.214:
LOL..funny...looks like where my brother lives in CO... Riverboat Gamblers!

409 - (ip51cc7b55.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_19:06:32.380:
Green heerscht And so does Flabber because it's green. LINK DELETED

408 - (ip51cc7b55.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_19:03:38.221:
Where is the red car and how the bliep did the grass get so dark Oh yes, I'm dutch and it is three AM here.

407 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_18:54:09.242:
Night all,it's very late here in uk. Luke xx

406 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_18:46:17.332:
You would not believe how brown our grass looks. We are having a real heatwave here in uk. I break up for holidays at the end of this week,six weeks off. I got good grades this year for my subjects. Hope your all ok,Luke.:)

405 - (ppp-71-136-38-241.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_17:48:50.353:
Ok, what's with all the drug references here. All you people talk about is grass and weed and weedy. I feel it's my civic duty to report this site to the DEA.

404 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_14_17:19:36.241:
Wowza, someone just came hooomee

403 - (ppp-71-136-38-241.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_16:19:01.415:
I'm thinking that some of you people are watching the other kind of grass grow!! Don't bogart, pass it over!

402 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_14_16:04:56.508:
this time one man with two dogs

401 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_15:18:31.584:
can we get a translater in here please?!?!1?

400 - (ip5650e642.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_14:14:09.723:
LOL he dude je moet je muil houden :P 3 seconden telang jah zeker wel ga lkkr feesten ofzow

399 - (ipd50a8217.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_14:12:00.883:
ik vind die 3 seconde al veel te lang, een waardeloze besteding van me tijd, ga is wat doen met je kloten.grtz

398 - (ip5650e642.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_13:48:23.661:
it is fun but i hate the 3 seconds

397 - ( wrote at 2006_07_14_13:46:47.961:
lol, nice site ___3

396 - (ip5650e642.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_13:45:32.775:
make it a movie that 3 seconds suck

395 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_14_13:12:30.446:
I am waiting for the automatic showers to start at 14:30 :)

394 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_14_12:21:11.933:
wierd around 12:20PM 07-14-06 Some guy walked by on the side walk pushing somthing what like a lawnmore hmm
Mr. Grass replies at 12:45 - Thanks for the timestamp - I checked the image archive and yea, some dude with a lawn mower was walking by.
lawn mower dude

393 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_14_09:13:13.510:
two dogs being walked again

392 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_14_07:01:18.944:
What is that in the middle of the yard? It looks like a black and white ball of some sort..
Mr. Grass replies at 07:11 - Good eyes - I just zoomed in on - a "Flaming Cauldron" that I tossed out there last night for the Flabbergasted crowd.
flaming cauldron

391 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_06:55:31.719:
I thought I saw a skunk, but then the image died...bummer! :(

390 - (xs4-all.xs4all.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_06:40:39.610:
krijg nou wat

389 - (s5592417f.adsl.wanadoo.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_05:14:04.617:

388 - (f255234.upc-f.chello.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_05:11:09.998:
It's so ****in amazing cool! never seen anything like it .. hoe vet is dit wel niet..

387 - (ip56559361.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_04:26:00.798:

386 - (preatorian.xs4all.nl) wrote at 2006_07_14_03:31:12.518:
you said you were....LINK DELETED flabbergasted by it's success? o_0

385 - (d5153CA79.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_14_03:13:51.260:
Anderlecht wordt zo hard kampioen.

384 - (dyn-83-152-205-187.ppp.tiscali.fr) wrote at 2006_07_14_02:54:27.575:
Regarder le gazon pousser demande bien plus de concentration qu'on ne saurait le penser

383 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_14_01:42:36.744:
**** you all ****es **** YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! All of you suck ****s like hell!

382 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_14_01:05:31.292:
OK, 1:02am central. What was that???? Were you all abducted by aliens or what? Please tell me what that was!!

381 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_13_20:00:55.546:
How many packs of Raleighs didja have to smoke to save up enough coupons to be able to get some patio furniture to get wet? -Tom Waitski

380 - (219-88-68-251.adsl.xtra.co.nz) wrote at 2006_07_13_19:38:13.606:
The sprinklers are getting the red car wet

379 - (f163151.upc-f.chello.nl) wrote at 2006_07_13_18:41:54.503:

378 - (ppp-71-136-118-109.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_13_18:11:41.486:
Your neighbors dog just took a leak on your lawnmover seat.

377 - (42-167.241.81.adsl.skynet.be) wrote at 2006_07_13_17:25:14.423:
hehe nice trick to keep everyone buzzy that they think that a piece of gras is forgotten to mow

376 - (095-225-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl) wrote at 2006_07_13_16:54:41.065:
omg some chick justed flashed in front of the webcam 0_o 2bad she was more nerdy then hot...

375 - (adsl-68-122-220-125.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_13_16:07:03.499:
Why are YOU watching how grass grows?

374 - (ip-81-11-171-97.dsl.scarlet.be) wrote at 2006_07_13_15:59:46.904:
boring site this is, if u ask me! why are you showing us how grass grows?

373 - (adsl-69-108-74-26.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_13_15:18:08.367:
whoopie! a bulldoser in the yard. hope no one steals it!

372 - (ip222-169-59-62.adsl.versatel.nl) wrote at 2006_07_13_15:02:29.531:
nice work!! Greetings from Holland

371 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:54:55.082:
sorry http:// img45.imageshack.us/ my.php?image=currentz5kc.jpg
Mr. Grass replies at 15:12 - That was pretty funny ... I fixed it up a bit more, and here's a picture of the infamous soccer head-butt on my front lawn.
soccer head-butt

370 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:30:34.415:
Caterpeg is being washed :)

369 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:06:32.710:
nice surveillance of pedestrians :)

368 - (ip51-191-173-82.adsl2.versatel.nl) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:06:27.653:
Stupid rednecks

367 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:04:24.899:
unvelievable 10x zoom :)

366 - (d54C3CF4B.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:03:28.554:
da is iet wa y natajsa ni had (btw , this site is great , I wonna have a cam for filming my good frien (kamina) his home..)

365 - (d515232A9.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:01:34.083:
this is soo cool. (niels, lientje heeft tettn)

364 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_14:00:49.245:
tnaks for zooming in :)

363 - (ip68-13-147-250.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_13_13:59:09.338:

362 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_13_13:57:55.103:
That truck is gonna leave tan lines on the grass! Get it off !

361 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_13:57:32.520:
a big yellow toy vehicle on the grass :)

360 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_13_13:52:13.855:
Good spots by various folks of the exciting things that show up on the grass webcam. Yes, those are rocks #358 to the left of the sign ... and it's a totally SFW Webcam #359 ... but I just put a Front-End Loader out there for 'ya. This site got really popular (again) today and I'm FLABBERGASTED by how many people are watching.
front end loader

359 - (cp579112-a.mill1.nb.home.nl) wrote at 2006_07_13_13:51:39.749:
Why aren't there dancing any naked woman on the grass?

358 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_13_13:30:59.881:
are those rocks on the grass to the top left of the sign??!?!

357 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_07:56:00.548:
man and son sat into the car and drove away now :)

356 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_13_07:53:14.906:
two old people was walking their dogs on the sidewalks

355 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_13_07:06:36.805:
It looks like someone went with a Bike trough your front yard.

354 - (24-158-202-141.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_17:31:16.981:
ouuu somebody stop me.

353 - (d137-186-146-232.abhsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_16:42:05.797:
Oooh I see a little bird.

352 - (catv-5063c78c.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_07_12_16:18:07.260:
I saw a black pickup passing by :)

351 - (24-158-202-141.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_16:04:36.155:
there goes that dog again

350 - (d54C56910.access.telenet.be) wrote at 2006_07_12_13:03:11.416:
Great lawn mowing replay - I agree with #337 that the 3rd row cut was the BEST!

349 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_12_12:38:28.928:
WOW - that was a big hit - maybe I'll have to schedule my next lawn mowing in advance - what do you guys think?
I'm not a "bag man" #343, but maybe I'll collect come clippings and put 'em up on eBay!
For those that missed it (#345 had a good excuse since he was in a meeting), see ALL of the pictures and videos of the Toro Lawn Mower here.
toro lawn mower

348 - (DYN_55-123.ADSL.neobee.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:36:34.259:
omg this site rocks! idea is very original

347 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:28:33.583:
You got Mail

346 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:25:57.071:
Where are all the thingamajigs, doohickies and whatchamacallits you had propped up outside?

345 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:21:50.150:
i missed it, can we get a replay?!..i was in a meeting

344 - (71-214-89-41.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:17:41.765:
Whoops. That was a smiley face, but it didn't come out right. You can have this one instead =D

343 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:16:49.168:
Riveting. You should make the clippings available for collectors.

342 - (71-214-89-41.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:15:09.784:
Outstanding job.

341 - (fw05a.fanniemae.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:14:49.347:
Sooooooo exciting! :-p

340 - (82-77-102-194.cable-modem.hdsnet.hu) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:14:32.082:
very well done, m8.

339 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:14:25.274:
Yahooooo!your so fast. Luke.

338 - (ip70-178-155-101.ks.ks.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:13:32.825:
that was most excellent!

337 - (c-68-59-239-159.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:13:09.327:
My favorite part was probably the 3rd row you cut. You bent around the white things in the grass there. Those rocks?

336 - (ip70-178-155-101.ks.ks.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:11:32.621:

335 - (c-68-59-239-159.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_12:01:17.121:
Looks like it's about that time. =)
Mr. Grass replies at 12:02 - "Gentlemen, start your (lawn mower) engines" - heading out in a minute

334 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_11:51:20.816:
i miss the rocks on the right of the driveway

333 - (nv-69-34-173-8.sta.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_11:39:10.757:
Let's Go!!! I can't take the waiting!! Cut Cut Cut! :P

332 - (dialup- wrote at 2006_07_12_10:38:32.477:
A RED lawn mower - yea baby!
Mr. Grass replies at 11:09 - Figured I'd toss it out there early - here are some closeups of my Toro Lawn Mower and I'll be firing it up in less than an hour.
toro lawn mower

331 - (pool-70-109-166-16.man.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_12_08:51:38.295:

330 - (dsl-201-144-17-128.prod-infinitum.com.mx) wrote at 2006_07_12_07:15:49.511:
Newspapers are gone now and I just saw a dog walk by!

329 - (cpe-24-242-101-161.sport.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_12_06:35:52.456:
Your newspapers areout there - go get them.

328 - (12-218-84-233.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_07_11_17:39:12.696:
ooo ebaums world sucks :P they steal everything they can get their hand on. LINK DELETED is a victim :O

327 - (c-68-58-215-88.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_11_15:18:41.014:
ebaums world :)

326 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_11_15:12:20.789:
#323: Yea, that van almost did hit my car!
#324: I usually don't trim the hedges until the Fall
This website is seeing in increase in number of viewers today - did it show up on some sort of Email list?
van almost hit car

325 - (68-70-254-218.ontrca.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_07_11_14:56:42.552:
thsi si the most random site i have ever been to in my life! lol i love it___3

324 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_07_11_14:16:00.032:
When do the hedges get trimmed!? That will be awesome !

323 - (204-83-247-9.yktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) wrote at 2006_07_11_11:53:11.027:
That van almost hit the converible!

322 - (modemcable246.220-201-24.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_07_11_07:32:02.853:
Can't wait to see the lawn get mowed tomorrow and then watch the grass grow back - LOL!

321 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_11_04:45:47.415:
****y website!!!!

320 - (c-68-37-80-185.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_10_21:51:10.207:
I just saw the grass light up - THE ENTIRE PICTURE - don't think it was a car - lightening maybe?
Mr. Grass replies at 11:33 - Yep - there was a bit of lightning tonight - check out the pictures/video from the grass webcam of a Colorado lightning storm - the one below shows it lit up like daytime - note the timestamp on this picture!
lit up like daytime

319 - (adsl-64-173-169-175.dsl.frsn01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_10_14:26:50.796:
Mr. Grass replies at 14:38 - OK - I'll mow the lawn (but not the rocks #318!) this Wednesday (two days from now) starting at Noon MDT - swing back to check out the action! In the meantime, here's a video of an earlier lawn mow! ;-)

318 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_10_14:25:24.510:
if you're the grass man, how come you have rocks on the right side of the driveway??!?!

317 - (71-214-89-41.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_10_11:46:23.213:
=( You didn't say what was on the sign.
Mr. Grass replies at 11:55 - Ooops, yea, forgot to say what that is - the sign is actually an ADT Security sign - maybe I should add that the grass is also monitored by Internet Surfers! ;-)

316 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_10_11:29:31.527:
As you can tell from the webcam, it has been very rainy the last couple of days ... so the grass is growing ... a LOT ... expect me to mow it sometime later this week - should I pre-announce the time?!?
#298: I did some edging this morning, so hope it looks better now
#299: Yea, I miss the pirate too, but he's not designed for outdoor exposure
#300/301: Nice spots!
#302: Glad to help out and you enjoy this "wonderful service" - yea, you gotta watch grass grow to understand!
#305: Allright, I changed the update frequency to 5 seconds to you can get faster updates on the growing grass! ;-)
#306/308/309/315/others: Thanks for the compliments.
#313: Hi to you Luke.
#314: Love the "auto turrents" idea/concept - LOL!!!

315 - (d209-121-202-127.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_07_09_20:05:43.579:
woot. look at that grass grow. i think i'll look at your lawn rather than my own, yours is much more greener. hehe. -peaches

314 - (pool-70-109-167-178.man.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_09_19:57:01.219:
Dude, i think i just saw a dog take a poo on your lawn...I say auto turrets...

313 - (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_07_09_16:21:11.256:
Hey alek,its me Luke again.Whats with the grass growing webcam? You should have done some lights for easter or July 4th. Talk to you soon.Nice to see you had a good time at the parade. From Luke. :D

312 - (cpe-72-177-212-10.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_09_15:51:23.565:
your neighbors really should consider water conservation. watering the grass in the rain? you should have a talk with them. isn't that a code violation? if so please report to the proper authorities = )

311 - (c-71-234-123-161.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_09_12:47:24.970:
BTW, where is your mailbox?

310 - (c-71-234-123-161.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_09_12:43:05.376:
Testimonial: I was bored before I went to this site. Now I'm loaded with adrenalin waiting for the next blade to go! Great job on this novel site...really!

309 - ( wrote at 2006_07_09_12:41:38.076:

308 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_09_00:08:13.224:
lolz, loveing it!

307 - (71-214-94-76.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_08_14:50:54.725:
What's that little white sign say down in those rocks? Over on the lower left corner of the screen? Lemme guess: "Keep off of grass"?

306 - (24-155-113-24.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_07_08_12:36:34.506:

305 - (0x57353288.svgnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_07_08_11:05:21.811:
Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Grass..... Mmmmm... Update every 10 second?!! Oh you horribly man, how can you even think of it! Before it was 3!!! Noooooooooooo!!!

304 - (pool-71-107-6-243.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_08_00:33:03.423:
Dude, why is this more addicting than meth?

303 - (24-241-233-210.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_07_22:39:10.028:
= my new homepage. watching grass grow is awesome!

302 - (c-71-199-92-73.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_20:13:26.993:
Thank you for this wonderful service. People wonder what my fascination is, but they'll never understand if they have to ask.

301 - (71-214-94-76.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_19:04:53.961:
hah that's nothing, I saw a UPS truck, and some kids ride by on bikes. Whoo boy

300 - (88-108-228-67.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_07_07_18:48:17.051:
a car drove past :o

299 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_18:00:23.781:
i miss the pirate.....

298 - (c-67-174-118-108.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_10:16:00.806:
You might do some edging by the lower end of the walk in your spare time___ got some dry spots (or ants underground.)

297 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_07_10:14:59.083:
WOW - I never realized that watching my grass grow could be life altering (#285) and people would want to make it their default home page (#293). Those blue trash bins across the street that #296 commented on are for recycling - guess my neighbors haven't taken 'em back inside yet. If traffic gets really busy, maybe I'll put the props back up to provide even more ... uhhhh .. excitement. Thanks for all the commentary! ;-)

296 - (du233-2041186.dialupat.pennswoods.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_09:29:20.618:
whats with the blue trash on the sidewalk across the street someone should pick that up

295 - (dsl092-091-164.bos1.dsl.speakeasy.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_08:27:32.727:
Just saw a Mini-van, and two walkers... already an exciting day on the lawn. JPG

294 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_07_06:46:03.819:
i love weed

293 - (71-214-94-76.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_07_01:18:34.282:
I would just like you to know that WGG is now my new homepage. Now I will be checking the status of your vegetation whenever I open my web browser!

292 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_06_20:46:48.557:
YESSSS!!! Saw a walker.

291 - (c-68-43-34-11.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_06_18:22:41.109:
andersons 19-19-19

290 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_06_17:21:02.244:
Lawn darts anyone?

289 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_06_15:33:54.723:
grass is looking good.we have no rain and hose pipe ban so my grass is dead.England

288 - ( wrote at 2006_07_06_14:10:46.960:
I think that this family has waaaay too much time on their hands if they are watching own grass grow...GET A LIFE! =)

287 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_06_13:08:07.232:
Maybe you should zoom in on the grass so we can actually watch it grow if you're not going to entertain us with Frosty and Jack Sparrow anymore. :-( sigh

286 - (c-68-45-139-195.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_21:29:53.521:
GRASS - we love 'ya man! P.S. Bring back Frosty and pirate duuuude

285 - (mail.advantagecall.com) wrote at 2006_07_05_20:14:24.154:
You've changed my life, thank you

284 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_19:19:00.073:
I just saw a bug on the lense. Please find some new props ___))

283 - (d-65-175-205-50.metrocast.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_19:03:49.704:
ZOMG GRASS GROWING IT TEH 120____________012!!! YEA GRASS!!!

282 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_05_18:10:15.905:
Sorry grass fans that I had to take the props down, but it was a major bungee job that was very kludgy & temporary. The flaming cauldron had already fallen off the roof once and the skeleton is not designed for the outdoors - it got soaked last night and it's pouring buckets right now. Finally, my wife wanted her wall clock back! ;-)

281 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_17:54:23.885:

280 - (71-214-94-76.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_17:10:33.590:
Noooo the props are all gone! This is terrible now your yard just looks like a yard.

279 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_15:37:36.765:
Why are you losing all of the props?

278 - (adsl-69-109-127-93.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_14:08:04.176:
I see a brown patch in your grass

277 - (pool-72-66-116-165.washdc.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_10:13:11.071:
Someone was just fiddling with the pirate dude - AYYYYY MATEY don't take me down

276 - (80-193-61-124.cable.ubr02.gill.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_07_05_09:18:45.403:
Don't take Frosty down - he hasn't melted yet - LOL! Grass Fan from England.

275 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_05_08:52:06.573:
Glad everyone continues to enjoy watching the grass grow and the 2006 Hulk Parade - here's the webcam video. I'm going to be taking down the "props" later today, so say goodbye to Frosty, Pirate Skeleton, etc. But the webcam will stay online as I don't want to disappoint my grass fans! ;-)
pirate skeleton

274 - (167-101.amazon.com) wrote at 2006_07_05_08:26:13.027:
I find your ideas intruiging and I wish to subscribe to your newaletter.

273 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_05_06:48:44.659:
I cant believe there are 51 of us sitting watching grass growing

272 - (pool-70-111-213-41.nwrk.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_06:40:51.242:
The grass is growing too much - get out the lawn mower!

271 - (adsl-75-17-6-66.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_07_05_05:00:52.398:
Your grass is wonderful, even at night - I'm waiting for sunrise.

270 - (c-69-181-121-48.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_14:13:00.643:
I missed the parade, but enjoyed watching the replay on the movie - GO GRASS!

269 - (17.adsl.snet.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_13:10:33.808:
USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! GOD BLESS AMERICA! AND FREEDOM! Proud to share my country with you and the hulkmobile, I wish you a happy and safe Independence day. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! GRASS!

268 - (host86-140-53-32.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_07_04_12:12:00.100:
Parade ROCKED - can you do a time-lapse video of it?

267 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_04_12:00:15.895:
The staff at CheatCodes.com LOVES watching grass grow! We also dig the Hulk.

266 - (ppp-70-247-58-36.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:56:16.997:
We at the gameing websiste GameFAQs, of the message board Random Insanity would just like to thank you for this awesome webcam. We are helping the number of people watching grass grow and are responsible for the sudden burst of viewers. Also we request that if the numbers hit 500 you get a better webcam.

265 - (69-168-234-69.bflony.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:51:21.175:
Where is the parade? It is currently 20 minutes past the posted time.

264 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:45:55.738:
sigh. will votefromabroad dot com work? surely registering to vote on the forth of july can't be considered spam?

263 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:41:40.783:
LINK DELETED Just a reminder to all Americans living overseas: you can vote! Register to vote at LINK DELETED

262 - (Toronto-HSE-ppp3686418.sympatico.ca) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:14:46.174:
kind of addicting

261 - (ip68-6-147-85.sd.sd.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_11:10:23.886:
There went 83 seconds of my life. Right on guys.

260 - (bas1-kingston08-1167889196.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_07_04_10:52:07.152:
Watching you working on your car before the parade ... all we want is a wave!! some sort of acknoledgment to the Canadians watching! (we're also waiting untill you leave before we stop watching ... peace out eh

259 - (c-67-187-221-196.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_04_10:47:20.979:
less than an hour until the parade - the hulk is HUGE!

258 - (cpe-24-165-93-8.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_04_09:48:26.632:
I wish I had some grass for july 4th but ima have to settlle for fireworks only this year... damn rent and stuff

257 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_04_08:54:08.898:
Yes, their will be a parade today - our neighborhood has lots of families and this is an annual tradition for July 4th ... as is the Hulkmobile to lead it. We should hava a fire engine this year, and the parade route goes right by the house, so the webcam will have a good view - starts at 11:30 AM MDT - i.e. just over 2 1/2 hours from now.

256 - (12-216-206-159.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_07_04_08:24:08.548:
Parade today - cool!

255 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_03_21:07:03.071:
This sure beats editing!! Oops, meta just caught me! - ouch!! the whip, AGAIN!!!

254 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_03_20:44:41.674:
I think I seen that blade, you know the one, lengthen a little..

253 - (adsl-70-231-182-211.dsl.snfc21.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_07_03_20:11:01.005:
What's with the rag-top in the front yard?

252 - (c-24-9-152-153.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_03_17:35:45.108:
for the love of god, dont let the flag burn. God bless america and god bless wathcing grass grow.com .

251 - (mail.mustangcat.com) wrote at 2006_07_03_13:15:27.381:
That's not car washing, it's a rain dance!

250 - (c-71-195-21-81.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_03_13:09:42.955:
Guy is washing-n-waxing that nice set of wheels.

249 - (12-218-84-233.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_07_03_12:58:51.013:
ooooo i saw a guy

248 - (24-196-255-236.dhcp.sffl.va.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_03_09:22:32.868:
Speaking of TV Shows, any Desperate Housewifes on the grass cam?

247 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_03_06:53:41.374:
Love the site Watching grass grow is better than most of the stuff on tv in the UK,England

246 - (dsl.static859911158.ttnet.net.tr) wrote at 2006_07_03_04:30:24.268:
Hey, found your website from Major Geeks. Very amusing stuff :D

245 - (0x50c40262.arcnxx11.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_07_03_04:26:51.319:
My first time here. Amazing stuff. Gonna tell all my friends from Denmark. Can___t wait ___till the sun gets up:))

244 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_03_00:43:30.011:
My wife's a water sign. I'm an earth sign. Together we make mud.

243 - (pool-71-254-192-65.hrbgpa.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_21:49:56.834:
Someone is going to college to learn how to grow grass? WTF it can't be that hard, isn't it just a weed? I doubt you really need to go to college to learn how to grow it. lol

242 - (cpe-69-207-75-204.twcny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_02_20:01:07.245:
I actually go to college for Turf management so yeah i go to class and learn about grass....anytime u need advice just ask...

241 - (dsl093-056-067.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_15:00:58.016:
Will we get to see fireworks on the 4th of July?
Mr. Grass replies at 16:02 - No fireworks planned for our driveway, but you should see a bunch of kids/families on bikes, wagons, strollers, etc. go by starting around 11:30AM MDT on Tuesday, July 4th.

240 - (adsl-65-70-230-3.dsl.fyvlar.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_13:21:08.612:
I assume your neighbors all know what's going on with your "interesting" inward-facing display out front.... ever get any weird looks or complaints?
Mr. Grass replies at 14:11 - I have some great neighbors and they are "used" to my oddball stuff. So several of 'em have asked (basically the same) question: "So what the heck are you doing THIS time?!?"

239 - (dynamic-216-211-49-98.tbaytel.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_10:39:06.254:
Pff, this site sucks compared to Watching Paint Dry
Mr. Grass replies at 11:05 - That is also a cool website! ;-)

238 - (adsl-63-204-72-234.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_10:00:28.513:
I saw you get your papers - send your wife next time though.

237 - (0-2pool121-144.nas5.orlando1.fl.us.da.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_07_02_09:20:56.603:
When are you going to get your newspapers?

236 - (203-214-0-40.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_07_02_03:01:47.291:
How on earth can you guys afford so mch damned bandwidth?!?!

235 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_02_02:30:51.817:

234 - (cpe-24-243-113-230.stx.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_07_02_01:26:00.391:
my brother went to jail last night. i was there but i dont remember any of it. drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk alcohol

233 - (69-168-175-69.clvdoh.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_21:33:19.681:
Frosty the Snowman looks great given that it is July. Pirate Dude looks like he drank one too many Rainier's. Your grass looks great - love the site - LOL!

232 - (adsl-69-228-226-82.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_20:02:54.957:
Love the website, it's the most exciting thing Ive had happen today, I plan to watch your grass grow frequently.

231 - (68-115-32-34.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) wrote at 2006_07_01_18:58:52.940:
Flaming Fire is on - don't burn the grass

230 - (c-67-162-65-92.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_15:46:24.469:
the grass does not grow greener on the other side

229 - (adsl-156-1-187.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_15:33:58.641:
congrats on the beautiful lawn! I think I saw a bo weevil crawling around on blade #234,437! :) I don't understand though...I have been watching your lawn for 12 1/2 hours straight and haven't seen one piece of grass move!? Bill @ Atlanta!

228 - (84-74-251-117.dclient.hispeed.ch) wrote at 2006_07_01_15:26:25.067:
Wind go fast - Wind from 349___ at 19.6 KPH gusting to 33.0 - pirate snowfrosty be OK?

227 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_01_14:41:51.148:
well its good u can do that lol

226 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_01_14:31:10.568:
no we laugh at ur neighborhood obsession of minivans
Mr. Grass replies at 14:39 - Actually, I laugh at that myself too! ;-)

225 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_01_14:12:13.065:
You laughing at my grass?!? ;-)

224 - (c-24-126-96-33.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_13:34:31.461:

223 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_07_01_12:31:51.769:
It's a family neighborhood, so yes, a lot of minivans ... including ours! ;-)

222 - (customer-GDL-133-19.megared.net.mx) wrote at 2006_07_01_12:21:44.478:
I saw another minivan - does everyone in your neighborhood drive one of these.

221 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_07_01_11:59:15.980:
OMG this is so funny that you would make a site for this it is THE best site I have seen in a long time!!

220 - (host86-129-226-191.range86-129.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_07_01_10:27:34.514:
Ooooh a car.

219 - (dsl093-056-067.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_09:44:21.112:
I saw a BMW drive by :D

218 - (c-68-85-55-143.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_08:07:27.550:
when i first came here threr was only 5 people watching this now theres 83 wtf is up wit dat?

217 - (ip68-97-175-211.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_02:26:38.117:
Bummer, I saw the mail man but missed the jogger.

216 - (ool-4577c81f.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_07_01_01:13:11.364:
Can't see the grass dude - LOL on the stuff that is lit up - when does the sun come up?

215 - (d14-69-163-219.try.wideopenwest.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_20:01:09.064:
All of you missed the jogger? It was a while back, a bit after the mailman.

214 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_19:00:54.050:
uhh....head missing....

213 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_17:37:02.804:
LOL! I crack me up!

212 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_17:36:45.259:
Was she selling grass?

211 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_17:30:15.464:
OMG SOME girl just walked up the drive way. FREEZE!!!! IT!!!
Mr. Grass replies at 17:36 - She was a solicitor

210 - (adm86-188.arc.losrios.edu) wrote at 2006_06_30_17:17:46.031:
Pretty fun, I guess the highlight was watching the red car back into the driveway, and the blue van drive past, other than that, nifty...

209 - (pool-71-115-178-243.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_16:06:34.670:
OMG A SHOOTING! O wait nvm that was just grass

208 - (pool-71-115-178-243.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_16:00:53.487:
I can't believe I am watching this. But i can't turn away.

207 - (user-1121l17.dsl.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_15:38:29.157:
This is the most fun i've had all day :P

206 - (126-82.126-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_15:23:12.834:
aww down to under 200 people watching...

205 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_30_15:06:38.081:
Pirate Skeleton is doing OK after the brain surgery - video - just needed a better place for the flag so it can withstand some breezes.
drill skeleton

204 - (rev- wrote at 2006_06_30_15:04:05.130:

203 - (cpe-72-225-169-39.si.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_14:19:56.178:
He sacrificed the skeleton for the good of the flag!

202 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:48:23.701:
mis pantelones es un fuego!

201 - (adsl-71-144-76-233.dsl.okcyok.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:46:05.580:
and my pants!

200 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:45:07.468:
... and the flag!

199 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:37:10.968:

198 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:36:59.163:
is that a different clock?

197 - (spectrumservices.us.59.177.216.in-addr.arpa) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:30:50.452:
I like the snowman. it really brings the yard together.

196 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_13:07:11.841:
i think watering at night conservers moee water.....

195 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:58:27.228:
Now I have to pee...NOT ON THE GRASS!

194 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:55:04.916:
the cement is getting a nice watering...

193 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:47:13.044:
look like its about to rain....bigtime..

192 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:25:47.764:
A pickup just went by with stolen goods in the back.

191 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:21:53.821:
Jeez people dirve fast in your hood.

190 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:19:02.445:
Nope sunny again

189 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:18:44.304:
Nope sunny again

188 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:18:31.767:
Oops, getting cloudy!

187 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:15:10.972:
yay! why do i find this so exciting ...

186 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:14:05.139:
to 184: Me too!

185 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:13:27.950:
Mr. Rainer....you're a strange little man..FUNNY..but strange.

184 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:11:39.920:
i saw a person walking their dog!

183 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_12:11:02.277:
Thw flag is blocking the clock. ___gasps___

182 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:48:19.167:
10 points if you saw the mail man =P
Mr. Grass replies at 11:53 - Nice spot - for those that missed it, here's the mailman! ;-)

181 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:47:40.689:
mail man!!!

180 - (adsl-70-240-236-218.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:47:01.888:
I like the American Flag addition - very patriotic.

179 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:39:04.254:
where's the green mask??

178 - (proxy2.bancofrances.com.ar) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:31:15.428:
Clock is back - I know what time it is again!

177 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:09:24.458:
I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

176 - (proxy2.bancofrances.com.ar) wrote at 2006_06_30_11:04:42.335:
HEY - where did the clock go?

175 - (pool-64-223-180-174.man.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_10:24:45.283:
Friday, June 30th.. 12:23 pm EST Your grass looks a bit brown! Are they rationing water again?? Oh, and the guy across the street is mowing a lawn that doesn't even look lie it needs to be trimmed!!!

174 - (c-68-36-121-183.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_10:20:34.415:
"Well don't just stand there waiting for the grass to grow!" --Stan Shunpike, Knight Bus, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban

173 - (cpe-70-112-185-226.austin.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_09:42:07.246:
I just saw someone ride up the driveway in a bicycle.

172 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:47:48.033:
vai-te fuder filha da puta

171 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:40:19.732:
I hope they are going to IP Ban you...

170 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:36:21.223:
f****k off **** **** hole!

169 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:31:59.746:
163# and up, please dont comment like that, just because you aint very cool your self, like Mr.grass and his family. I posted about this site yet another two places now apart from daspace, vendetta-source.net and gmodcentral.com

168 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:10:00.939:
Kevin spends all day watching grass grow and talking to Kelly. Some people just know how to have fun. If only I was that cool :-(

167 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:08:02.223:
ffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffffhbfffffffffffffffffffff !!SUCK MY ****!!

166 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:05:23.684:
**** YOU!!! THIS GRAS SUCKS!!! NO FLOWERS!! YOU SUCK!!!! **** **** SUCK MY ****!!!!!!GIVE ME YOUR CAR!!!

165 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:05:14.554:
kiss my **** and call me a **** webmaster! Suck my ****!

164 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:02:13.287:
this website sucks ***** like hell it's about the time to close it!!!!!

163 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_30_08:01:00.595:
f****k it webamster you suck **** like hell you ****

162 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_07:27:33.598:
About time you picked up those newspapers in the drive way.

161 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_07:19:10.489:
put some little paper windmills out there or something

160 - (sprint-198-70-2-200.lason.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_07:17:58.387:
Does ANYBODY drive by your place? Not even to watch the grass grow in person?

159 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_07:00:19.606:
Wooh the same car that keeps driving by!!!

158 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_06:57:06.073:
Hi Mr.grass, please go to daspace.net'work again, i created an 'userbar' for you guys, next to do is a wallpaper :)

157 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_30_06:53:45.520:
Looks like another great day to ... uhhhh ... watch grass grow! I'll leave some of the props out for your viewing pleasure including the skeleton and Frosty the Snowman which amazingly has NOT melted - should be 90F° today. And thank everyone who "kept an eye out for Frosty" overnight especially #146.

skeleton closeup


156 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_06:52:27.044:
Has he left for work yet this morning?

155 - (host86-132-240-15.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_06:05:05.305:
The festive July snowman is a nice touch.

154 - (host86-132-240-15.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_06_30_06:03:39.771:
This is suprisingly mesmerising. You have created one of the most addictive things ever out of something so bland. Well done sir, well done.

153 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_05:28:13.480:
HI Slamex, slamex is also a member of the site in upper right corner, you've gotten a fanclub Mr.Grass :)

152 - (proxy-18.swgfl.ifl.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_05:13:44.881:
Please Mr Grass, come to LINK DELETED and comment on how cool you are! -slamex

151 - (c-68-44-218-119.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_05:10:01.752:
Nice job Ravil with the picture. Now I have something to do when I'm bored xD.

150 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_30_05:02:30.146:
Wooh look in upper right corner =D Mr.Grass have you thought about a forum of some kind? It would be nice :)

149 - (proxy-08.swgfl.ifl.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_04:41:28.219:
OH MY GOD ****ing love the site how did you get the idea your geniusis ive never watched grass grow so long

148 - (proxy-18.swgfl.ifl.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_04:41:18.240:
YOU ARE THE SMARTEST PEOPLE EVER! Now I can watch the grass grow aaaalllll day!

147 - (d206-75-175-219.abhsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_30_02:48:31.855:
wow. my friend showed me this site today.. im not guna lie, im addicted. its 3 am, and i cant sleep, and im watching. o_o oh the suspense..

146 - (gateway.arabianhorses.org) wrote at 2006_06_29_23:47:04.910:
Praise Allah and the Almighty Grass Grow Webcam. I will watch the Holiest Frosty the entire evening and use my Blessed mouse and keyword to insure his safe passage to the light of day.

145 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_22:50:25.649:
Over at DIGG, someone asked for Pink Flamingo's. You will have to wait until Christmas to see 'em - here's what they look like in the snow.
P.S. #141: Yea, it's an animal clock with a different one at each hour.
#139 & #143: Thanks for keeping an eye on Frosty the Snowman all night long - he appreciates it.

144 - (adsl-75-24-214-79.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_22:38:14.151:
"Man's gotta grass grow, flap jack." -- Pear Johns

143 - (dslb-084-060-177-134.pools.arcor-ip.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_22:37:13.813:
I'm with number 139 - will be keeping an eye on Frosty ALL night long for you - Mister Pirate Skeleton doesn't make me nervous like he does number 140

142 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_22:26:04.174:
The cauldron took a tumble when I went out there to check on things - quite the BAMM when it fell from the roof onto the driveway - guess those bungee cords weren't too good, eh?!? It had cracked open, but I squeezed it back, and put it back on top of the pirate skeleton with an extra bungee cord that hopefully will prevent that from happening again! ;-)
cauldron 1

cauldron 2

141 - (pool-68-161-80-60.ny325.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_22:19:43.043:
What are those things on the clock? State birds?

140 - (21-14.200-68.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_22:14:59.768:
mr. skeleton is watching me. he is making me uncomfortable. I think he wants to touch me.

139 - (CPE-155-143-225-15.vic.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2006_06_29_22:09:20.080:
The snowman is my friend, I will watch him all night.

138 - (c-69-143-84-78.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:59:30.579:
I HEART GRASS!!11!!1!!!

137 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_21:51:49.770:
Yea, I tossed a few things out there - including Frosty the Snowman - so you guys would have something to see tonight - otherwise, it's pretty dang hard to see the grass growing ... ;-)
frosty the snowman

136 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:39:40.347:
Im done for today, kay Mr.Grass?

135 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:36:16.734:
omg silouhette on teh snowman!

134 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:32:44.022:
Whatzat in the background?

133 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:28:47.974:
Ooh, snow man.

132 - (2015host134.starwoodbroadband.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:16:58.357:
Have you see TexasRainmaker .com?

131 - (2015host134.starwoodbroadband.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:16:38.311:

130 - (2015host134.starwoodbroadband.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:16:18.116:
___tried to href="LINK DELETED gotta see this

129 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:16:13.754:

128 - (cpe-066-057-073-029.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:14:17.284:
1st time watcher here....this is the best website i've seen since the bubble cam in florida...i'm glued to the screen...i think i saw a grubworm! Great job!

127 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:07:37.349:
cleaning up grass man?

126 - (c-24-34-86-8.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_21:00:12.920:

125 - (c-24-9-224-130.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_20:06:12.934:
I wish my grass looked as good as his. My grass is horrible. Gotta love Colorado ... and I live in Morrison!

124 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_20:04:52.928:
Someone do something please mr grass

123 - (c-68-49-71-52.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_19:29:16.683:

122 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_19:23:57.216:
The dude who owns the house just kissed the skeleton.

121 - (129-46-74-241.qualcomm.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_19:10:58.444:
I just saw a NAKED DOG!!!

120 - (cpe-24-166-32-62.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_18:46:52.840:
some naked guy just ran across the top right corner!

119 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_18:29:38.585:
Ravil at daspace.net'work did this scary logo - see that forum thread for more screen grabs.
skeleton grass

118 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:59:01.818:
Mr.grass? Can you sign up at the page i linked a little below and tell us about this exciting thing?

117 - (0x3e42bd76.adsl.cybercity.dk) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:58:15.201:
Red car! White car!

116 - (0x3e42bd76.adsl.cybercity.dk) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:55:55.044:
Skeleton! Skeleton! Woooh!

115 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:55:32.510:
http: // www . das pace.net/forums / index.php?topic=3078.n ew#new remove spaces to see pics

114 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:54:22.492:
i dont think the driveway needs water!??!

113 - (0x50c71839.adsl-fixed.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:54:04.336:
I LOVE IT! Im running a log of screenshots at LINK DELETED check it out to see catching moments :)

112 - (ip70-173-43-232.fv.dl.cox.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:52:21.493:
dang this was a good idea

111 - (wnpgmb09dc1-112-178.dynamic.mts.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:50:22.078:
Grass and Basketball players - cool!

110 - (fl-69-34-8-174.dyn.sprint-hsd.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_17:38:42.471:
Skeleton is looking better now that he has the Sun on him.

109 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_17:21:11.493:
SA'ers: your comments are funny - glad you are enjoying the ... uhhhh ... amazing (!) grass.
#76: I Emailed my wife that someone called me a "sexy dude" as I was getting the mail.
#83: Have not seen any ebaum'ers ... so far.
#101: it's been a hot/dry summer here in Colorado, so yea, grass is hurting a bit.
#108: I do NOT recommend drinking drano.
I just turned the sprinklers on (for real/duration this time) so they'll run for a while.
Finally, someone Emailed me the prestigious "most boring website in the world" award as can be seen below.
WGG Blogo logo

108 - (cpe-72-177-210-158.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:42:34.885:
i can't believe i stopped watching long enough to write this. omg what if i just missed something!?!?!?! i'm gonna drink some liquid drano now

107 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:30:01.528:
where did the car go?

106 - (ip67-153-182-66.z182-153-67.customer.algx.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:29:12.892:
is that the pirate's car or is mommy home??

105 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:23:37.198:
BTW sorry for flooding your webpage earlier. My two sons got on my computer and started messing around in my favorites :/. My 5 year old was the one who wrote BYOB a billion times and my 10 year old wrote a buncha SA propaganda.

104 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:20:21.609:
NO! I can no longer watch paint dry while turning a fan on and off D':. I feel so sad.

103 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_16:11:22.396:
Cool, sprinklers again. Let's watch 'em dry.

102 - (xpress38254.htc.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:21:13.046:
sorry about the link deleted part, but just so it makes sense, i work on a sod farm where we do nothing but grow grass. i'm what you might call an expert.

101 - (xpress38254.htc.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:20:15.406:
just to let you know, your grass is stuggling pretty bad. it has a lot of disease in it from not being watered enough and taking too much off the top from mowing it. i work at LINK DELETED so i kinda know what i'm talking about

100 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:14:31.303:
wow they'll put anything on the internet. . . .

99 - (126-82.126-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:11:40.876:
Wonder who's going to get the 100th comment?

98 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:06:21.265:
sorry, my son got on the computer (who is five0, hes heard the phrase byob but doesnt know what it means. no relationship to SA

97 - (c-24-17-252-169.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_15:02:48.797: You need to shut up. BYOB isn't funny, and neither is your flooding of this guy's website.

96 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:53:33.403:
why am i soo alone?

95 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:44:03.266:
Who took your car!?! And where is s/he going?!? HELP!!!

94 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:39:01.531:
I gotsa idea! How 'bout you get 2 more cameras and aim one only a few inches away from the grass, and another that's looking right from your door. Make the main camera (the one that's on now0 take up half of the screen and have the two others take up quarters? That would make my day.

93 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:36:52.736:
amazing, simply amazing

92 - (cpe-24-58-63-110.twcny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:35:04.197:
Just want to make a shoutout to my good friend, Skeleton, who is chilling up there with the fan and clock.

91 - (c-69-245-36-162.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:30:19.021:

90 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:29:59.513:
Why oh why do you kep ditracting us with skeletons and fans and clocks when we came here to ee grass grow DAMMIT?!?

89 - (cpe-24-161-63-223.hvc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:27:06.358:
Omg! A convertible! Rock on, grass man, rock on!

88 - (126-82.126-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:27:02.512:
Someone should make a widget for the stream

87 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:19:35.665:
jesus christ, I was going to go clean the house today but SO MUCH FOR THAT! This is just too exiting, I can't peel myself away. edit: holy ****, a silver car just drove by!

86 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:18:26.450:
If the skeleton sudnely starts dancing I will **** myself. ...with joy.

85 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:18:05.631:
Damn web-cam needs to be closer to the individual blades of grass, it looks like he has some Tall Fescue going there and it's got me all hot and bothered. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will mow the lawn and I can get finished off properly.

84 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:17:21.367:
Someone should go paint the grass so we can watch it dry.

83 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:16:50.362:
v ebaumsworld dot com

82 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:16:03.308:
Someone should go paint the grass so we can watch it dry. -Come toLINK DELETED 100___ original content!!

81 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:11:14.824:

80 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:10:33.733:

79 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_14:08:02.437:
Noes!! I just got back and i missed it! Wahh!

78 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:55:30.023:
Now that was something! Anyone else catch the neighbor getting his mail?

77 - (pool-72-70-232-253.spfdma.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:50:03.393:
Whats with the stuff in the drive way? I love watching this at work....gripping!!!!

76 - (cpe-24-161-63-223.hvc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:34:51.008:
Who was that sexy dude who walked out and back in?! My apologies if it was female.

75 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:34:17.121:
I saw him get his mail. Sweet!

74 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:31:46.027:
I agree with number 64.

73 - (cpe-72-228-145-77.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:31:30.136:
I agree with number 64.

72 - ( wrote at 2006_06_29_13:23:40.431:
aww skeet skeet

71 - (80-192-56-130.cable.ubr02.linl.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_06_29_13:11:08.532:
Thank you for adding that cooling fan - it was getting kinda warm here - LOL

70 - (c-24-17-252-169.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:42:17.531:
Grass is the best

69 - (c-24-17-252-169.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:41:43.299:
In case you want to know why your bandwidth as suddenly disappeared: LINK DELETED

68 - (pool-138-89-38-246.mad.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:27:13.484:
There goes the mailman ...

67 - (pool-71-125-122-57.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:20:52.295:
Amazing how SA drives up the comment count... and how easily entertained us goons are.

66 - (c-24-62-198-236.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:18:28.268:
lol wtf. probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen

65 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_12:17:03.617:
Welcome Grass Watchers from Earthcam.com which has added this to their site. And if you want a recap, check out the time-lapse video linked on the main page or here.

64 - (65-106-167-30.dia.xo.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:12:48.698:
This site is absolute genius. But it would be cool to have a recap since the beginning in fast forward so as to catch up to the present

63 - (pool-71-125-122-57.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_12:01:18.640:
wtf is a "pirade"?
Mr. Grass replies at 12:06 - pirade is a pirate - thanx and fixed!

62 - (adsl-68-79-96-65.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:56:59.406:

61 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:52:14.627:

60 - (pool-71-125-122-57.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:49:00.865:
OMG... GOON RUSH!!!!!!

59 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:48:40.018:

58 - (pool-71-125-122-57.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:47:48.570:
Maybe I'm just demented, but I keep hoping for a head-on collision in time lapse... :P

57 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:45:53.806:
SA 4LYFE!!11

56 - (CPE081017cb481e-CM001225e00cca.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:28:39.548:
It's not just a skeleton, man... it's so much more than that. It's a PIRATE SKELETON!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

55 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_11:27:19.138:
Per request, I increased the webcam refresh interval to every 3 seconds. Web Server is getting pounded ... but hanging in there ... so far! ;-) And it looks like the Something Awful gang has come by, so I tossed a pirate skeleton out there and his Big Green Buddy.
hulk skeleton

54 - (ip213-185-32-74.static.cust.eunet.fi) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:23:24.179:
what the hell is that skeleton doing there?!

53 - (30.231-201-80.adsl.skynet.be) wrote at 2006_06_29_11:01:05.782:

52 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:57:56.933:
a van drove by!!!!! a van drove by!!!!!

51 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:55:28.785:
cas they wanna have skelehulk babys!

50 - (cpe-24-166-32-62.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:54:06.097:
Why is the hulk humping skeletor?

49 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:53:31.931:
ahhhhhhhhhh the hulk was staring at me!

48 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:52:45.779:
lmao some bird crap landed on the driveway!

47 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:52:07.997:
so does the skeleton make the grass grow faster?

46 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:49:35.222:
wtf were! i think i missed it!

45 - (cpe-24-166-32-62.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:47:37.999:
there's some naked guy in the corner

44 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:47:36.228:
I ___3 grass

43 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:47:08.134:
but dude the guy acctually changed it 2 being updated every 4 secs just cas i asked!

42 - (cache-rtc-ab09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:46:49.423:
The skeleton is staring into my soul

41 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:46:07.070:

40 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:46:03.342:
oh gnoes!!!

39 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:45:24.885:
its moving!

38 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:44:45.231:
Do you guyz have stairs in your houses?

37 - (pool-71-99-14-237.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:43:38.280:
Yes I was totally worried.

36 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:42:50.059:
PHEW its back

35 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:42:18.273:

34 - (cpe-24-166-32-62.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:41:46.183:
I can see this guy across the street. I'm going to streak across his yard in 5 minutes, stay tuned.

33 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:41:42.022:
THX for fixin the skeleton dude hu just came out and fixed it! DID U READ MY POST?!

32 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:38:43.133:

31 - (cpe-24-166-32-62.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:38:20.120:
I can see this guy across the street. I'm going to streak across his yard in 5 minutes, stay tuned.

30 - (d207-6-194-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:36:35.447:
holy this is fun! y not update it every 3 secs instead it would be way cooler

29 - (67-136-58-194.nrp2fair.roc.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:33:56.008:
Skeletor is in the picture now - LOL!

28 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_06_29_10:00:02.554:
damn stupid ****ing website **** all this **** it sucks dicks like hell and you too webmaster!!!

27 - (68-20-135-121.loyalmfg.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_09:33:29.178:
fabulous site...better than sleeping at my desk

26 - (azkaban.eos.ncsu.edu) wrote at 2006_06_29_08:54:56.198:
Will you at least stick a ruler or something in the dirt so we have something to compare to, btw I'm really bored at work and collegehumor.com gave me the link....this looks like something my turfgrass management proffesor would have done.....

25 - (cpe-72-181-0-110.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_29_07:57:29.061:
OMG, someone just took the newspapapers.

24 - (68-66-219-22.ventca.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_06_29_07:42:32.432:
Grass looks good this morning - I plan to watch all day to see how much it grows. BTW, I just saw someone walking their dog which took a Pee in your front yard.

23 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_29_07:25:18.619:
Holy Super-Duper Popular Watching Grass Grow Webcam Batman - CollegeHumor.com says this is:
      "Literally, the most boring website in the world"
Thanks for the ... uhhhhh ... compliment guys!

22 - (ip213-185-32-74.static.cust.eunet.fi) wrote at 2006_06_29_06:52:56.980:

21 - (hosta.sixcontinentshotels.com) wrote at 2006_06_28_23:40:43.551:
Grass ROCKS dude - I can't wait to see it during the daytime!

20 - (cpe-67-10-88-217.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_28_22:58:17.441:

19 - (cpe-24-175-10-61.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_06_28_20:09:15.327:
This is, like, the coolest thing I've ever seen. Although the several-months-worth of time-lapse video almost gave me a seizure.

18 - (ppp-69-211-92-83.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_06_28_11:58:04.876:
I just saw some SWEET looking convertible pulling out!
Mr. Grass replies at 12:18 - Had to run a quick errand as shown in this picture.
convertible picture

17 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_28_11:01:21.980:
For those that missed this morning's excitement, I dug through the image archives and pulled the picture of me taking out the trash and the garbage truck showing up

garbage truck

16 - (ip68-0-86-221.tu.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_06_28_09:35:46.279:
You cant keep watching.... YET U CANT LOOK AWAY!! hey a garbage truck!!

15 - (88-109-97-147.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_06_28_08:07:32.967:
I just saw someone take the trash out - what time does the garbageman come by? Ditto what others said about the time-lapse videos are neat.

14 - (216-194-53-10.ny.ny.metconnect.net) wrote at 2006_06_27_13:52:10.945:
I feel dirty saying I enjoyed this. How interesting can grass be? However, the time lapse stuff was REALLY cool! Nice site.

13 - (200-101-234-76.fnsce7003.e.brasiltelecom.net.br) wrote at 2006_06_26_21:38:05.513:
Cool seeing the seasons with snow plus the sun cycle in the time-lapse videos.

12 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_23_09:20:25.109:
There were a total of five kids (two are mine) having a great time playing in the sprinkers ... plus Mom and Dad make an appearance. Here is the video and a picture
kids sprinklers

11 - (adsl-222-80-118.jan.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_06_22_17:27:05.107:
I count three kids now plus Dad - or is that Mom?

10 - (dsl-81-201-136-66.adsl-direct.co.uk) wrote at 2006_06_22_17:19:24.765:
There's a kid running thru the spinklers!

9 - (0x535da7c6.svgnxx1.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) wrote at 2006_06_21_15:43:33.889:
Ohh I just love grass.. really love yor site.. really!

8 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_20_22:14:06.709:
Bob: It's hard to see the grass at night, but rest assured it is growing - I've read it grows more when it is dark. Glad everyone is enjoying the grass ... even the "jealous" person from California - don't you guys have grass out there?!? ;-)

7 - (adsl-18-20-189.mco.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_06_20_22:03:31.828:
I can't see any grass - where is it? Bob

6 - (smtp.corp.ca.gov) wrote at 2006_06_20_16:18:39.021:
im just jealous really. have a nice summer.

5 - (smtp.corp.ca.gov) wrote at 2006_06_20_16:17:14.416:
this sucks i hate you and your stupid family.

4 - (53.Red-88-17-132.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_06_20_14:58:26.496:
Nice watching it grows!

3 - (modemcable048.191-82-70.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_06_20_13:21:06.184:
This is just awesome :P

2 - (68-235-156-46.miamfl.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_06_20_12:44:26.054:
Grow Grass, GROW!

1 - Mr. Grass says at 2006_06_19_12:16:41.525:
Since people seem to enjoy watching the grass grow, I've turned on this blog so they can also share commentary on how exciting this is!